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O’bros in love with Singhania sister’s episode 26……

Hey guys… How r u??? I don’t know how long is this… But it might be able to compensate with all these 6 months…. Enjoy!! And pls do comment…

Episode: 27

The screen opens showing three pregnant ladies sitting on the couch and chit-chatting.. one is 4 mnths and other one is 5 and other one is 6..yes these r our pregnant and soon mom to be O’bahus… They are chit-chatting whn one of them screams..

An: ah!!

K: Anu.. wht happened..??

Sau: Di.. alright??

An: I am telling u guys.. ur niece or nephew is very notty.. he just kicked me.. (talking to the baby) hey u.. don’t kick me.. (the baby kicks again)… Baby..

K: c’mon Anu.. let me feel it..

The trio keep their hand on her stomach..

An: baby.. do not kick.. (it kicks).. did u feel it..

K&Sa: yes di..

The gentlemen come in to the house.. one asks…

: Wht feel..

An: Shiv.. cm feel.. see our baby kicked..

Shivaay leaves frm thr.. Anika becomes sad… Mahi Ru cm to her..

Mahi: Bhabi.. it’s ok.. he might b angry with u.. but u can’t stay angry with ur baby…

Ru: waise Bhabi.. I want to feel my neice or nephew…

Anika places Mahi and Ru’s hand on her belly and they bth feel it..

Ru: wow Bhabi.. I am telling you this kid is gonna b a footballer… he kicks soo hard..

Sau: ya ya..

An: okay now we sister’s hv to talk.. u bth go to Stone Singh Oberoi..

Mahi and Ru leave.. AniSauKa facetime with Gauri.. This mnth pinky has gone to stay with Gauri..

An: hey doll.. how r u??

G: all going good.. abtak to theek hi ja raha hai..

An: mom ko bulana..

G: choti maa.. here choti maa came..

An: maa u know wht happened??

P: say wht happened…

K: ur grandchild kicked today..

P: whhhhttttt???!!!!! I wish I would hv been thr…

An: maa.. it okay.. next month u cm down ri8..for u kanik is thr na…

P: yes.. u know wht.. this place is just awesome… (Her phone rings.. ) u all continue I’ll leave..

Sau: dii…. It’s soo good ri8.. all the sister’s pregnant together.. I wish u would hv been here..

G: ya.. even I miss u all too..

Om: hey Bhabi’s… Hey choti..

Poc: hey omi…

Om: Bhabi.. I heard the junior Oberoi kicked.. is he troubling u..

An: yes..(the baby kicks) noo noo..

All laugh..

Ka: howz all thr Omi…

Om: all well and fine..

An: got sm work to do.. bye..

They cut the call….

Sau: idea!!!!!

K: wht??

Sau: let’s go to Australia..

An: yes..

A voice cms frm back..

: U think we will allow…

Anika thinks of Shivaay.. they turn it’s MahiRu.

K: plzzzzzz..plzzzzzz.

M: nooooo…

K: she starts crying ( guys remember mood swings)

M: okay… Okay… U cn go..

Saumya hugged Rudra and kanik to Mahi.. Anika gets sad.. she moves..

Ma: okay now go and back ur bags..

All go..

————————————————– Shivika’s bedroom ————————————————–

Anika enters.. Shivaay wasn’t thr… She just roams abt in the room.. reminciseing of the cute little moments.. when they came to know they were pregnant… How they argued for Anika going to SE for working.. but then they slides of wht happened in the past 5 mnths came in front of her.. she felt dizzy.. she sat on the bed with a thud… Due to whichthe baby kicked and it started paining in her stomach..

An: ahh!!!! Ah!!!

She was holding her stomach..

An: Shiv… Mahi… Ru…. Saumyaaaaa… Kanikkkk… badi maaa..

But no one came… a person standing in the corner was seeing her wince in pain.. a lonely tear escaped his eyes…

An: ahh!!!

Due to pain she went unconscious…

A person cms and Calls the doctor… The doctor cms.. she chks Anika

Dr: u shuld take care of her Mr.Oberoi.. this is her 6th month.. she shouldn’t do any work thts vigourous…. It’s not good for bth of them.. and this was because the baby kicked a little harder.. and she is stressed..

Sh: ok doc..

Dr: and remember.. keep the mother happy… If u want the baby healthy… I may take a leave now…..

Shivaay goes to Anika who is under the effect of unconsciousness…he touches the belly.. the baby kicks.. Shivaay’s happiness had no bounds..

Sh: baby.. u did it again.. I love u too…

He turns to Anika..

Sh: u also to this always.. u r always taking stress..

Anika : I am sorry shiv..

Shivaay goes frm thr..

Anika: enough is enough.. he has been doing like this frm the past 3 mnths…  I know it was my mistake.. I even asked forgiveness frm eveyone.. but he’s not at all ready to forgive me.. wht if he is SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI… Iam also ANIKA SINGHANIA SINGH OBEROI.. he’ll  know my importance only if I go away from him.. (she does her signature step.. )

Anika gets up and starts packing her suitecase…

She all ready to goo..

Mahi cms..

An: yes Mahi….

M: Bhabs.. actually the tickets r full.. so the tickets r only after 2 days… Is it okay..

An: Mahi… Wht abt out chartered plane..

Ma: Bhabs.. they are having technical defect. And I hv to go to Mauritius for the hotel project.. and Rudy has sm business meeting… I’ll see if the other two planes are done thn u all can go..

An: ok Mahi..

Mahi goes..

An: whts left more.. ya… Shampoos.. and tummy wrap.. (To the baby) u’ll feel cold ri8…

The baby kicks..

An: baby.. it’s okay if u kick twice or thrice on a day..

She goes..

Everyone was hving lunch.. Anika feels uneasy..Rudy was sitting besides her.. she falls unconsciousness and puts her head on Rudy.. 

Ru: Bhabi.. Bhabi.. wht happened??

Everyone take her to her room .. the doctor cms..

————————————————– Shivika’s bedroom ————————————————–


Dr: plz move out.. i just want one person here.. Mrs.Tanmay.. ri8.. plz stay..

Kanika stays.. rest all go..

Dr: kanika.. did u tell the family memebers about anika health..

Ka: yes. Dr.. only me Jeth ji.. Mahi.. i mean Tanmaay.. rudra.. saumya… only know..

Dr: okay.. is everything okay btwn Anika and Mr.Oberoi..

Ka:hmmmm.. .. actually no doc…

Dr: okay..

She chks anika and the baby..

Everyone cm in..

Dr: whr is Mr.Oberoi..??

Ma: actually.. Dr. He’s not reachable..

Dr: but he was thr whn i cm in the morning..

Everyone: mornging???

Dr: yes.. actually Anika fainted because the baby kicked very hard.. if u dont mind can i talk to the young Oberoi’s for a mintue or two..

Mahi shows her the the way out… they all go to the garden..

Precap: Dr talks about Anika… Big fight between Mahi-Rudra-Omakra with shivaay

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