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Muskaan 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Cops barge into Aarti’s house

Muskaan 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Muskaan learning her friend Priya is ill. She runs out of her room to see Priya. She falls down. Aarti holds her and hugs. She asks her not to run this way. They go and meet Priya. Priya complains about the food. Aarti asks warden can she cook food for the kids, they will be glad. Warden asks her to come. Muskaan and her friends get happy. Aarti talks to her mum on call. Her mum says Jaya has tried to commit suicide, she isn’t happy with the relation, you explain her. Aarti thinks how to tell her that every girl has her future. She says I will talk to her. Muskaan talks to Aarti’s mum and asks her to come to meet her. Aarti’s mum laughs and asks her to take care. Muskaan asks Aarti to feed her by hands. Aarti feeds her. The kids like the food. Muskaan asks Aarti to feed Priya

as well. Aarti smiles when all the kids ask her to feed them. Aarti feeds everyone. Muskaan says my mumma is the best. Aarti hugs her. Muskaan asks about her dad. Aarti tells her that her dad will come soon. Muskaan says I have to meet him, call him.

Aarti sings a lullaby for her and hugs her. She gets sad and puts her to sleep. Some cops enter the house at night. Ghosh gets worried. They ask the matter. Inspector says we have come here to find out the roots of the riots. They check the house. Cops learn that one person is missing. Inspector asks where is Aarti, call her, ask her where is she. Aarti’s mum says she is not here, she maybe stuck somewhere. Aarti recalls Muskaan’s words. She says I can’t make you meet anyone. She goes out and sits crying. Rakhi gives Aarti’s phone number. Inspector dials.

Muskaan wakes up and attends the call. Inspector asks where are you. Aarti comes to room and sees Muskaan on call. She takes the phone and says wrong number, is this any time to call and talk in such a way, you should be ashamed, you scare people, are you police or dacoits, you should give protection to people. He asks was this Aarti’s number. Rakhi says yes. He says I will talk to Aarti when she returns. Aarti says I scolded the policeman for troubling. Rakhi argues with their mum. She says you don’t care for us. Their mum scolds Rakhi. Aarti’s mum calls her and couldn’t connect. Its morning, Aarti asks Muskaan not to show tricks by her leg, else they will be caught. Muskaan says I forgot. Teacher praises Muskaan. Muskaan says my mumma is brave, she scolds policeman like you scold us in class.

Muskaan says everyone should know my mum is so brave, she is with me in school, she stayed today, I will enjoy a lot with her. Aarti and Muskaan enjoy shopping.

Update Credit to: Amena

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