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Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part 19

Mujhe haq hey twinj ff part 19

Twinkle trying hard to find where is kaira. In that process sometimes she forgotten that she have little baby who needs her care and attension kunj asked her many times why she will be lost all time what is bothering her that much but she didn’t said anything she is scared because one time she tryed to say and anitha got that and sge warned her if anyone got this matter before you reach to kaira, ill make sure kaira’s dead body reaches them.

@TWINJ room

Kunj- aww yash trying to stand haan good Twinkle see him…no response from twinkle

Kunj- twinkle…

Kunj- twinkle loudly shaking her

Twinkle- haan haan

Kunj- where you lost haan

Twinkle- no where kunj

Kunj- ok tell me what i just said you now

Twinkle- oh oh…. haan you want coffe right

Kunj- yes i want but i didnt asked you coffe or anything.  I was talking about our little yash see he is trying to stand twinkle looked at him

Twinkle- aww yash trying to stand😍

Yash fell down and started to cry kunj lifted him up

Kunj- champ dont worry again you try ok you will do it. Dont cry for this  ok

Yash- ch..chocky pointing to twinkle side bed

Kunj- where is chocolates there

Yash- haa mum chocky yash gesture kunj to leave him on bed he crawl to twinkle side bed and struggling to move pillow kunj took out pillow and there were some foreign chocolates yash became very happy looking at them

Twinkle- no yash leave them you eat enough chocolates no more yash looked at kunj making puppy face …twinkle takes chocolates saying its not for you yash made cry face

Kunj- arey siyappa queen yash ka chocolates chura ke kaa rahi he chi chi give them back to my baby those are special london chocolates i buyed it for yash

Twinkle- kunj…he eat already his share its not for him

Kunj- his share? We have only one baby then to whom you will give haan oh mahi’s baby meera i already gave her twinkle so this box is also for our yash he took box and started to feed it to yash

Twinkle pov ( we have 2 babies kunj kaira and yash… i dont know when kaira will join to our family…see i cant tell you this also that our first baby is alive and she have grown up now and how i have to tell you I am sharing everything between yash and kaira may i look stupid now telling this sharing chocolates between too i dont know where is she but i love both equal yash getting love and care from everyone but our kaira she is alone somewhere how unlucky I am i couldn’t hear her first cry or anything. She was with me only until she was inside my womb after that i didn’t saw her only. )

Kunj pulls twinkle on bed

Kunj- what you thinking so deeply siyappa queen

Twinkle- nerthing just thinking this you will spoil my yash by your love see he is very notorious now only he is not even year old baby but he is too naughty she pulled yash and kunj cheeks

Kunj – dont do that yash to maid face like kunj and said naa naa

Twinkle- its your xerox copy

Kunj- acha in naughtiness he went on you

Twinkle- acha

Kunj- hmm you are looking so cute today feeling like biting your Apple like cheeks he said naughtiely moving his fingers sensually on her cheeks

Twinkle- kunj ….yash is here only what he will think about us haan leave me

Kunj- champ close your eyes yash node in no twinkle laughing looking at kunj

Kunj- champ you saying no to your papa haan your good baby no listen to papa close your eyes

Yash again node in no and he said something to kunj in loud tone and he kissed on twinkle cheeks

Kunj- you kissed my wife haan what you think only you can kiss and i cant like really wait ill show you now he said and kissed twinkle cheeks yash looked at him and he too kissed again making that part wet and he bite her there using his new small teeths

Twinkle- auch

Kunj- what happened?

Twinkle- he bite me on my cheeks

Kunj- what? Now ill also bite see

Twinkle- kunj shut up she pushed kunj and got up from bed

Kunj- not fair twinkle you allowed him now allow me too

Twinkle- your name should be mr. Shameless sarna huh go and take bath now ill go and prepare breakfast kunj go now only and get ready afterwards dont blame me telling you are late to office because of me.

Kunj- ok ok he took towel and went to washroom Twinkle lifted yash and went downstairs there manohar waiting for baby initially he cries then started to play with bebe and manohar .

Usha- aayiye maharani ji bahuth jaldi aayi aap kya seva karun aapke luye taunting twinkle

Twinkle- sorry oh

Usha- no twinkle why you saying sorry you are queen here and I am servent here to do your work right 😠😠😠 kaishe bahu dey diya baba ji aapne huhu saas sey kaam karvathi hey

Twinkle- ill prepare breakfast mummy ji you sit and take rest

Usha- haan do it fast Twinkle prepared breakfast quickly usha saw kunj coming she started to talk sweetly with with twinkle twinkle got confused and then saw kunj coming she understood now kunj started to talk with usha lightly so usha behaving good with twinkle only infront of him.

Usha- twinkle puttar go and feed food to yash ill serve breakfast to everyone ok

Kunj smiles looking at it

Bebe- good usha rani le isse twinkle

Yash- pa pa k pccchhh kunj took him and started to feed him his baby food along with there breakfast

Usha inside kitchen

Usha- ration items finished and vegetables too do you want me to go out and bring it haan

Twinkle- no mummy ji ill go afterwards

Pallavi who came there listened there talks she went out and called someone gave some car number of twinkle car and told them to cut its break when she stop car middle somewhere and she cut the call and smirked.

Kunj- twinkle come you to have breakfast

Twinkle- ill have afterwards kunj

Kunj- no come here he pulled her chair and made her to sit he started feed her food from his hand usha fakes smile looking at them

Twinkle- yash didn’t completed his food only finished pickle haan she started to feed him his baby food baby making faces looking at kunj while kunj gave him helpless look

Kunj- feed me also

Twinkle – ok wait ill get more paratha for you

Kunj- no

Twinkle- then what ill feed you?

Kunj points to cerelac (baby food)

Twinkle- kunj its baby food cerelac you eat this haan

Kunj- arey taking her hands from this beautiful hands if you feed me poision also ill eat happily

Twinkle- kunj….chup

Kunj – ok ok sorry twinkle feed him baby food while looking at it yash started to cry hitting kunj and twinkle

Kunj- told you know its jealous baby he feed him hos food while yash took his food bowl looking at them angrily twinj smiles looking at him.

Twinkle- kunj see he made your shirt dirty wait ill give you other come they went to room Twinkle gives kunj other set of clothes while yash in cradle playing with his toys

Kunj- acha chaltha hun

Twinkle- kunj wait dont say like that

Kunj- twinkle

Twinkle- ok wait i wanted to tie this raksha dhaga to you

Kunj- i told you i dont want it right you already tie 2 to me now I am getting late bye Twinkle tried to stop him kunj scold her like i dont believe in that all but also Twinkle tied ….abh kush twinkle node in yes yash started to cry suddenly twinkle took him and tried convence but not happening he looked at kunj kunj came to them and lifted yash he became silent

Twinkle- aww look at this little sadu when you will be in office he want only me and  not letting me do other work and when he gets to know papa going out starts to cry

Kunj- mera bacha he kissed on his forehead and said see your mumma getting jealous looking at our bond while yash giggled .

Twinkle- oye my prince now papa have to go for office you have to be with me only no option come to me she tried to take him but he held kunj shirt tightly

Twinkle- aww look at him and kunj if me or anyone in home stop you while you going to office you scold us and now what happened dont you get late for work haan

Kunj- arey my yash baby is more important for me twinkle you know I am so happy that you gave me this best gift he will make my day special everyday with his cute talks snd gestures i just love him. He is my life line

Twinkle- aww me?

Kunj- you are my siyappa queen love of my life

Twinkle- hmm yash come to me now Twinkle took him forcefully yash started to cry and gestures kunj dont go

Kunj- what happened to him today haan ill come soon ok bye

Twinkle too goes to him until car kunj sat in his car and tried to start it not getting started

Twinkle- what happened?

Kunj- not starting dont know what happened? Uffo I am getting late twinkle where is your car?

Twinkle- outside

Kunj- ok ill take it ill call mechanic and tell them to repair this car and do you want your car now or its ok

Twinkle- no you take it ill go in mahi or maa ‘s car

Kunj did bye to yash and twinkle while yash still crying twinkle took him inside twinkle and leela went yo market to get some vegetables and some items and comes back to pallavi saw twinkle and got shocked

Pallavi- you here?

Twinkle- oh hello its my home ok ill be here only and once i get my princes ill throw you out from here

Pallavi- how you brought this all how you went haan

Twinkle- hein  meri pathi ka aeroplane laya tha usse gayi thi why you want that all haan

Manohar- twinkle puttar give me your car key and why our yash is so sad haan

Twinkle- papa ji kunj took my car today and he is sad because he wanted to play with his papa only they talked and left from there pallavi go shocked

Pallavi- i told them to cut the break of car thinking twinkle takes it but kunj have taken that car oh my god no kunj should be safe i should tell them to not to do it sge dialed there num they didn’t received

Next scene

Twinkle- anitha aunty bas i release you from jail now give my daughter back to me

Anita- no till my work finished ill not give you your daughter

Twinkle- what you want haan money jewellery ill give you

Anita- hahaha i dont want anything now I am enjoying now looking at your state now daily kunj ask you what is reason why you listened to me and you will be silent and he will scold you you will cry I am happy when you are sad and waiting for that day when kunj will throw you out of this home

Twinkle- shut up

Anita – give me respect otherwise your daughter haha

Twinkle – no no please 😢😢

Anita goes from there Twinkle crying mahi is shocked who listened there conversation

Mahi- di…

Twinkle- mahi you shocked

Mahi – your first child is alive? Anita aunty blackmailing you so you did all this haan

Twinkle- shh slowly no one should listen if she gets to know she will kill my daughter

Mahi- di dont be scared we will tell this to jiju ok and ill tell abhishek too he will help you in finding kid if she is there

Twinkle- no mahi if we tell she will kill her no i dont want to loose her now please understand my pain

Mahi- di I am also mother i know what you going though now but if you keep doing  everything what she told you to do what is guarantee that she will gave you back your daughter haan she is just scaring you..you just call jiju now and tell him everything…

Twinkle- hmm baba ji please give my daughter back to me

Next scene

Kunj driving the car suddenly some man came and fell on road pretending like kunj hit him by car kunj stopped the car immediately and comes out

Kunj- get up can’t you see and cross road haan its good nerthing happened to you

Man – ahha my leg i got hurt he did my accident some one come here

Some people gathers around kunj

Man 1 – hey he (kunj)didnt do anything its not his mistakes he was driving car correctly other man only come in middle

Man 2 – oye chup haan you are supporting him because ge is rich haan hey you showing money power here haan he held kunj collar

Kunj- oye leave my collar what i did haan see he didn’t got hurt and its not my mistake get it kunj stare him angrily while he left his collar

They started there fight saying kunj did it and kunj convincing no he didn’t do it while some man entered kunj car and did his work as pallavi said and he showed thumb up to others they left from there

Kunj – ok if you got hurt then come ill take you hospital and ill pay bill ok

Man – dobnt want go from here they left from there kunj sat in his car started driving.

Next scene

Kaira and other girl of her age playing ball other girl name is kriti

(imagine kaira as shivika rishi natasha in kasam)

Kaira- kriti

Kriti- haan

Kaira- we will go outside and play come

Kriti – aunty will scold us

Kaira- haan oh moti ki itni himmath haan chalo she opened door also see

They both went out to play

Kaira see in park all small girls and boys playing with there mom and dad

Kaira – who are they haan every little girl come with elder boy and girl and they give them everything and live them

Kriti – you dont know they are mom and dad they love there babies i also have mom dad you dont have what? Always you will be there only with moti aunty

Kaira- haan may be i don’t have i didnt saw them i also want them na kriti i also want m…mom..and ….dady who take my care and love me whenever i see other babies with there mom and dad i feel like i also want them i also want mom who love me so much and dad who takes my care and play with me and save me from this bad people. Now i want them she said sadly

Kriti- ok then you ask it to god he will give you what you ask ok come with me here is temple we go there you ask god there to give you parents  ok.

They both went temple

Kunj car break failed he is trying to stop car not happening

Kunj- now what happened to this?

Twinkle calls kunj kunj kept phone in speaker

Kunj- haan Twinkle

Twinkle- kunj oh na i…i want …t..to tell something

Kunj- what? Tell


Twinkle- yash give me mobile

Yash- naa me paa

Kunj- yash mera sher puttar mumma ko phone do

Kunj – hey side please wha happened to this ahha…loudly

Twinkle panicked

Twinkle- kunj…wha happened? Kunj…

Kunj- twinkle i dont know….a truck coming in his way ….twinkle he screamed loudly and in some how he managed to take his car at side call got disconnected

Twinkle screamed kunj name and got panicked

Kunj tryed to stop car not happening and car hit to tree kunj jumped out from car

Kunj- ahha his head got cut and its bleeding and his hand to got cut he stood up

Kunj- thank god i jumped why suddenly break got failed some mans following kunj who did it hey looking at him kunj saw them and got suspicious when they started to run looking at him he to ran to catch them and he started to hit one man

Man – leave me i dont know anything it wasn’t for you

Kunj- then whom haan tell me

Man – they told now we should kill girl and not you but until then we cut the break

Kunj- what means you planned to kill my wife haan he started to hit him badly

Kunj- tell me who said you to do this tell me?😠😠

Man – ok ill tell leave me he throwed mud in kunj eyes snd escaped

Kunj- ahha wait ill not leave you tell me who told you to do this? He couldn’t open eyes and its paining him lot ahha..ahha he winced in pain

Kaira came put of mandir and saw some one rubbing eyes and they got cut on forehead and on hands and ge wincing in pain its kunj she went near him

Kaira- what happened?

Kunj- pppani

Kaira- ok she brought glass of water from temple and helped him kunj washed his face and looks at cute little girl looking at him worriedly

Kaira- who are you? Haan did you falled down while playing did friend pushed you?

Kunj- meri maa mujko bhi bholne dey avo idhar

Kaira- why ill come to you haan you only come to me

Kunj raised one eyebrow looking at her kaira too did same like him kunj looked at her in surprised way looking at her attitude in same time she is looking innocent he matches his height to her sitting down on his knee he pulled her to himself

Kunj – you are pretty

Kaira- i know that I am beautiful little girl in whole world say me something new

Kunj – in self obsession she is more than my twinkle he murmurs

Kaira- what you told haan?

Kunj- what you heard haan

Kaira- twinkle..you said twinkle right? You are singing rhyme haan Twinkle twinkle

Kunj- no leave it what is your name?

Kaira- name?

Kunj- haan tera naam?

Kaira- hmm my name is princess and doll and beauty queen and barbie and

Kunj- bass you have this much name haan i think you only kept this to you

Kaira- hahaha yes

Kunj- where is your mom dad?

Kaira- mom dad mom dad? Who are they?

Kunj- what? You dont know ok with whom you came here

Kaira- my friend told god will give us everything whatever we ask him so i said him to give me mom dad

Kunj was about to talk while his phone rang which is falled there he went to pick it up while kaira goes from there with her friend

Kunj saw twinkle call

Kunj – she got tensed may be ill call her now mobile got switch off kunj looked at car state

Twinkle goes to anitha thinking she did it mean while pallavi told her about mess she created

Anita- han yes i did it because you were going to tell him that your daughter with me right so its your punishment didn’t i warned you haan

Twinkle- please dont do anything to my kunj please anita aunty please i got him after so many years now please dont take him away from me please i beg you she breaks down crying only kunj scream echoing in her ears sge closed her ears

Kunj looks at kaira but she have gon already kunj booked cab and went back to home to see twinkle as he know she will be tensed now and crying

Anita saw kunj coming

Anita- ill give you chance this time go and meet your husband of again you try tobsay anything to anyone then ill kill your daughter got it she warned her twinkle looked at kunj and ran to him crying

Twinkle- kunj…she just hugged

Twinkle- thum teek hona ye kya haan koon chalo hospital chalthe hey

Kunj- break lo siyappa queen see I am perfectly alright I am not dead see I am alive

Twinkle- kunj 😠😠 how many times i should tell you to not talk about death haan marey teri dushman avo thum mey dressing karthi hun she did dressing

Kunj and yash sitting on bed kunj thinking about kaira he thought if his princess will be alive she will be same like that little girl who is naughty also and innocent too . Her talking style and self obsession is same like twinkle he thinks while yash came to kunj and sat on his lap then started to climb on his chest making noise kunj hold him and started playing with him while mahi’s daughter meera came she loves to play with kunj and kunj love her like his own daughter and love her so much.

Kunj- oye meri meera kunj lifted her and made her to sit on his lap he started to talk to her while yash dont like her much because he feel jealous of her

Yash- oyeeeee ccccchal and trying to push her from kunj lap

Kunj- champ no she is your sister right yash node in no and pulled her hair meera started her cry

Meera – chachu😢😢😢

Kunj- dont cry baby yash!! He said sternly thinking yash will listen to him but yash scream on him only and cursed him in his baby language and got successful in his mission of meera bhagavo she ran from there complaining twinkle about yash.yash coveres kunj lap fully sleeping there and still cursing kunj only

Kunj- yash chup

Yash- ooo pa ma oyeee kkkkk kuuuu tiiitl hhhhhh

Kunj- you should not do like that baby she is your sister you should not hurt her twinkle came inside holding beetroot juice in her hand .

Twinkle- yash you pulled meera hair haan baby node in no hiding behind kunj

Twinkle placed juice tray on bed lifed yash in her arms kissed his forehead

Twinkle- you are good boy no so you should not trouble others ok kunj see i made special beetroot juice for you cone on drink it kunj made faces

Kunj- what??? Beetroot juice haan no i dont want it

Twinkle- kunj you are not well if you drink it you will feel good baba finish it now

Kunj node in no twinkle sat on bed took juice glass in her hand kunj drink it ma baby please

Kunj- no baby

Twinkle- mere chikna peelo na mere pathi deva she said cutely and took it near his mouth and made him drink kunj stop in middle

Kunj- other half is for my half shirt now

Twinkle- nay

Kunj made twinkle to drink it while yash giggled looking at his parents

Twinkle- oye chota sadu i brought for you also kunj held him and made him lye on his lap twinkle put dome drops in his mouth too while he made funny faces twinj laughed looking at him they had some family moments together twinkle resting her head on kunj shoulder kunj hand on her waist like hugging her and yasg sitting between them

Kunj- my perfect happy family

Twinkle – not yet completed our family not yet completed

Kunj- what?

Twinkle- haan? Oh

Kunj- why not completed twinkle you me and our yash our family right its completed why you said not yet haan?

Twinkle- i mean bebe papa ji mummy ji maa

Kunj- oh!!!!

Twinkle pov (our kaira kunj if she join us then our family completed)

Days going on like this twinkle started to follow anita and pallavi secretly to find where is her daughter and trying all way to find her in this she forgetting little yash sometimes Kunj was also upset looking at twinkle careless behaviour now she is not taking care of her also and babies too always she will be out and baby crying in room alone mahi taking it and usha using this things to fill kunj ears telling that twinkle also becoming like nikki now a days kunj didn’t beleaved her bu somewhere he is angry on twinkle because of her secret

Bebe leela planned to do pooja on yash name before he completes 1 year they all went to temple they called twinkle she didnt received calls kunj said her before only but also she didnt came he told her not to go outside alone as he remembered someone trying to do attack on her he told her this also but she not listening him it making him more angry.

They all reached temple

Twinkle already in that mandir making pooja on name of kaira

Kunj- twinkle good you came i called you many times yiu didnt received leave it now where you going come

Twinkle- kunj oh no you all go and do pooja i got some important work i have to go

Kunj- it will not be important thanbour baby na twinkle

Twinkle- kunj please  (pov i got some clue about my child i have to reach there thats more important now understand kunj please)

Kunj- you and your important work now days huh ok go he said in bit angry voice yash gesture twinkle to take him but kunj stopped him saying leave bacha she dont have time for us now huh he said and left from there Twinkle looked at them and left from there

She reached some place as she got clue that may be kaira is there she searched everywhere but didnt got her and there comes cherry and smirked at her

Cherry- babhi ji aap kiise dund rahi ho vo yaha nahi hey ji

Twinkle- you? Means you also involved in it haan

Cherry – haan ji

Twinkle begs him to give her daughter back cherry laughs on her twinkle says atleast show her photo he says next time when you give me some big amount them possible and left from there

Twinkle taking some money from wardrobe

Twinkle made yash sleep on bed when she was above to go outside yash woke up and started crying looking at her

Twinkle- please yash i have to ho ok ill bring your sister back ok

He held her dupatta twinkle lifted him

Twinkle- you have everyone with yoi yash papa nani nana dada dadi bebe chachi everyone with you but no one with my kaira cherry told she is not well it seems so i can’t stop myself now baby ill come soon ok ill give him money so he can taje her to doctor and if i got chance ill bring my daughter here only ok bye she placed him on bed and left he was silent sometime and then started to cry mahi came there and took him to taneja mansion

Kunj comes back to home didnt find twinkle nor baby

Usha smirks and starts her drama

Usha- see she didn’t informed anyone in home and left yash also alone in room he was crying like hell may be he was scared there she can go out no problem but didn’t informed anyone and she also know yash dont become calm easily when he is crying he want you or twinkle that poor baby crying still from here also his crying voice we can hear see beta not complaining about twinkle but she have to take his care now he is so small now

Kunj went to taneja mansion heard baby cry from mahi room he went there and saw mahi making him calm

Kunj- mahi

Mahi- jiju aap aayiye andhar

Kunj- haan he lifted yash in his arms and made him calm then he made him drink his milk from feeding bottle then he slept in kunj arms he placed him on bed

Kunj- where is twinkle 😠😠😠

Mahi- oh (pov – if ibsay she didn’t informed me them he will be angry on di ill say some lie)

Mahi- she informed that she went to meet Chinki

Kunj- if you dont know how to tell lie better you should not lie mahi

Mahi- no jiju

Kunj- shut up ….uff why I am shouting on you I am sorry and chinki is in mumbai so twinkle went there to meet her haan?

Mahi- oh

Kunj- dont cover her mistake now dont know what happened to her behaving strange now days

Kunj- tell me what is that secret mahi I am sure you know it

Mahi- secret? What secret?

Kunj- you also like her haan ok keep secret you both are hiding something i know it

Mahi- jiju oh oh…

Kunj – haan i know may be twinkle took promise from you to not to disclose it ok remember one thing if something bad happene then twinkle and you are responsible and telling youbif something happened to my twinkle then tell her ill also die

Mahi- jiju please

Kunj- no mahi I am fed up from her behaviour from past few months she behaving so weird snd its effecting our relationship also huh see I am sorry but i have to tell this first she prayed to every god to get baby then she got him after so many difficulties our baby comes to us now she don’t have time to look after him i know its my duty also and I am doing it i want her also to give some time to baby.

Before somedays i took somedays holiday so ill take her and baby out for sometime to enjoy suddenly she cancelled it telling lame excuse let it be she dont have time to spend with us i want to spend each time with them now but she dont have time i want to make each moment of us with baby to be special but she dont have time. My son stood on his leg i wanted to share it with her but no maam dont have time always lost in some thoughts.

Mahi- jiju she also love him so much

Kunj lifted sleeping yash in his arms

Kunj- i know that leave it and inform your di that now baby dont want her his father is enough to take care of him. Ill do this only now ill not give yash in her hand she is too busy right ok let her be busy in that only baby is fine with me if she dont want him now ok fine I am here take his care tell her to be away from my baby she is not mother of yash now he saud angrily whatever comes in his mouth and left from there to SM mahi was shocked

Twinkle comes home late mahi stops her and tell her what kunj told twinkle runs to twinj room where kunj sitting angrily…..

To be continued…..

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