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Mere Sai 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sultan’s Wife Instigates Him Against Saleem

Mere Sai 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Saleem talks to Sultan and asks what we shall grow our fields. Sultan says we shall grow Bajra or jowar. Saleem says we shall get fertilizer when I go to sell blankets in city. Sultan says then we can get Aslam’s marriage grandly. Saleem says if I have some money left, then I will use it for my business expansion. Sultan’s wife thinks she was right about Rehana and Saleem. Jhipri, Ali, Bheema and Others are with Sai. Sai makes the peacock feather fine and asks them to keep it one by one and keep it safely. He says our relations are delicate like this feathers and says if we behave harshly then it will break. Ali and Bheema feel bad and tell that mistake was his. Jhipri thanks Sai for returning back. Sai says just like kids unite easily, then why can’t we? Sultan’s wife gives him food and says I went

to Saleem’s house, but stopped at the door. She tells that she heard Rehana giving work to Sulbha. Sultan asks did you ask Rehana what is the work she gave to Sulbha? He says you are wrong about Saleem. She argues with him and tries to prove him against Saleem. Sultan gets angry and says I don’t trust you. Rehana tells Saleem that nobody has bought blanket from them. Saleem says we have to help bhaijaan for Aslam’s marriage and we need fertilizer for the farm. Sai comes there and hears their problem. He asks them to give discount and asks them to stand there. Rehana thinks Sai don’t tell anything uselessly. Ratnakar and Kulkarni laugh. Ratnakar says I didn’t know that there were so many farmers here in Shirdi. Kulkarni says your plan will be successful and asks about the farmers name. Nand lal shows him list. Kulkarni checks it and says Appa Patel didn’t get his name register. Ratnakar says Appa patel is not important to me, and says majority of farmers is here. Kulkarni thinks he will earn 1000 Rs.

Saleem and Rehana are leaving. Someone comes and says they are going to tetra in winter. Rehana says you will need blankets for that and offers 20 percent discount. Woman buys 20 blankets. Saleem says we have 10 now and will give you 10 more. Rehana and Saleem get happy and thankful to Sai. Saleem says now I can buy fertilizer and take part in the competition. Kulkarni asks Ratnakar if he can take part in the competition. Ratnakar thinks you can take part, but the final decision is in my hands. He asks him to take part. They laugh.

Sai tells Jhipri about the 13th month, Purushottam Maas or Adhik Maas. Jhipri says just like you helped me. Rukmini gives watermelon to Kulkarni. Chivu comes there and looks at it. Kulkarni asks Rukmini to give small watermelon to Chivu. He asks Chivu to eat. He tells everything good will happen in adhik maas. Chivu asks him to give gift. Kulkarni says it is sent to your sasural. Chivu refuses and asks if Rukmini had stayed in her mayka then her family wouldn’t give any gift. Rukmini gets emotional. Someone comes and tells Sultan that his wife bought 20 blankets from him. His wife instigates Sultan against him. Sultan comes in her talks and says he will do his farming business alone.

A woman comes to Sai and asks him to give Vibhuti, and tells that she is mentally harassed and financially weak. She asks him to give vibhuti and says she will send it to your mayka as a gift. Sai asks her to help him make tokris. Woman asks if he will pay her money? Sai says he don’t have money. Woman agrees to help him.

Kids sees villagers fighting at different places.

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