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LOVE IS IN THE AIR – Episode 1



Insode the mansion Pragya is shown serving choclate milkshake and cookies to kiara..

Kiara is looking at her mom cutiely giving and innocent look.

By her look Pragya understood that she is up to something or she wants something…

Pragya : Kya hua Kiara. why are you looking at me like this..

Kiara : Kuch nahi mumma . Aaj aap bahut khubsoorat lag rahi ho..

Pragya : Kiara .. don’t play games with me. bahtao kya chahiye tumhe..

Kiara : Woh.. mumma

Pragya understands kiara was about to say. Just then she sees abhi sitting in the living room

Pragya : Vaisae, I feel if you want something you have to get your papa’s permission..

Kiara runs to her papa

kiara : Papa .. i need something.

Abhi : Princess, tell papa what you want..

Kiara : Promise???

Abhi : pakka wala promise princess

kiara : Papa… i want you to come to school to drop me..

Abhi : That’s not possible

Kiara : Oh.. comeon papa..

Pragya gets coffee for Abhi..

Kiara : Mummaa papa se kaho.. that he jas to come

Pragya : Leav it kiara. Your dad have only visited your school for once. That to on your first day.. after that..

Abhi : Aare .. i have forgot. Kal i have to pic Durga from Airport..

Kiara : When will Durga come???

Pragya : Kiara .. she is your Bua..

Kiara : Opps.. sorry.. when will Bua come…

Abhi takes her up..

Abhi : Bua toh kal aayegi.. first finish your breakfast..




Three youngster’s are shown sitting in the outdoor area

A waitet comes there to take order

Waiter : What would you like to have..

Girl (among the youngsters) : One cappuccino and two cold coffe

The waiter brings the order and the trio enjoy it

Lucky : Kal… phir se college , Lecture ; Assaignment , project .. oh my god..

Sam : Comeon, lucky no won will give you works on the first day..

Naira : Lucky. think of your stupid girlfriend.. you will feel better..

Lucky : Ummm.. girlfriend se yaad aaya. We will have juniors this year.. it will be fun to tease them

sam : Grow up.. we won’t do anything like that.

Naira takes a sip of her cold coffee..

Naira : We will do . if you wanna stand with us you can.. if not walk away… and when our seniors didn’t gave us any consideration. Our juniors also doesn’t dserve one..

Sam was about to say something .. but Lucky holds his hand and singals ‘no’ . They both see Naira’s angry face..



Inside the house a large Prayer room is shown

A women (Jhanvi)is shown sitting in the couch having juice..

Jhanvi(thinks) : Kya karu Maya ka.. na woh apni past bhool payi.. Aaj bhi usko yaad karkar apni future bhi waste kar rahi hoo.. Bhaghvan please make her tge old Maya

..On upstairs of the house a halfopened room is shown

Maya is sitting at the corner of room crying

Maya(to herself) : Why did you do th..this t..to me.. You knew.. that.. i ca..can’t live with out.. you bu..but you… you only thought of yourself.. why… ( she cries for few mintues)

Just then Maya’s Phone rings..

Maya wipes her tears and a takes a deep breath..

Otherside : Hello.. Maya ma’am

Maya : Yes.. sherin ..why did you call me..

Sherin : Maya ..ma’am ..we have a crisis in office and we need you

Maya :Did you forget its his birthday..

Sherin : Whose birthday ma’am???

Maya : Kuch nahi.. i will be their in 20  min.

Maya cutts the phone  and changes her self into the bold maya. and walksout of her room with full attitude

Jhanvi notices Maya..

Jhanvi : Why are you in a hurry

Maya : I have a problem in office..



Its night about 8 pm

Swara is shown entering her house . Just then her dadi calls her..

Dadi : Swara..

She looks at her Dadi who is staring her

Swara : Hi.. dadi..

Dadi : Yeh.. hai yai  tu apni pass rak le.. Kahan di itne time thak..

Swara : Its my first day at college tomarrow.. so i had some shopping..

Dadi : Itne time tak koi achae ghar ki ladki shopping nahi karthi.. tum Ragini se kuch seek kyun nahi leti.. tum dono ek hi umar ki ho na..

Swara : If i ws exactly like ragini .. then what should be the fun..

Ragini comes their laughing

Ragini : yeh.. baat toh Swara ne sahi kaha dadimaa..

Dadi : kuch seek ragini se kal unska bhi college mein phele din hai.. but she is not shopping like you with your friends..instead she is helping me

Swara : Toh .. i went with my friends.. thats your problem.. i should have gone with my brother.. but you are the one who send bhai with Maa and baba to some relatives wedding..

Dadi : Haa.. toh mein..

Ragini : Dadimaa.. leave it na.. its too late and humae subha hi jana hai. toh good night..

Dadi : Giid night ladoo.. Swara tum bhi javo..

Swara : Good night hitler dadi..

she runs with ragini..

Dadi : Kitni baar kaha hai don’t call me that..


Ragini : Why do you fight with dadi..

Swara : Cause its fun..

She lays to her bed and falls asleep hugging her pillow . Ragini coverse her and she also goes to sleep..


Precap : Swara – Naira’s fight.

                Ragini in laksh’s arm


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