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Krishna Chali London 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna puts forth her condition

Krishna Chali London 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Saajan asking Radhe to use mouth freshener, as he would be kissing his would be wife. Radhe asks him not to do it. Saajan insists. Radhe goes and meets Krishna. He asks her if she wanted to meet him. She says get engaged to me, you want to marry me, I m ready, everyone will recognize me as your wife, I don’t have any issue, I just have one request, give me five years of my life, I want to study and fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor, I want to keep my promise to mum. He says I have been weak in studies, why are you testing fine. She says I want five years for marriage, ask your dad not to get baraat, else I m not sure of what will happen next. She goes. He looks on. Saajan comes to Radhe and asks what happened. Radhe says she said she will get engaged, but she will

marry after five years, what’s going on in my life. Saajan says I don’t understand. Radhe says she looked furious, shall I agree to her. Saajan says enough of respect, tell me do you want her or not. Radhe says I want her. Saajan says then topic ends, baraat will leave in 3 days.

Radhe prepares a speech and rehearses to tell Shukla about Krishna’s dreams. He says postpone the marriage for five years. He gets sad and says I love you Krishna ji. Matuk gets wedding cards and reads the invitation. He gets upset that his name is not mentioned, its his big insult, he won’t stay now, he will go. Shukla stops him and says you won’t go anywhere. He scolds his son for the mistake. Matuk creates a scene. Radhe’s mum asks Radhe to refuse for marriage, can’t he see what’s happening here. She says Radhe wants to say something. Radhe says I won’t marry if you don’t come, you are the most imp person in my family, I respect a lot, please agree. Matuk agrees to stay back. He says you are my beloved brother in law, I will write my name on every card. Radhe greets Shukla. He sees the family happy and hugs his mum.

Radhe and Saajan reach the temple. Saajan asks him what’s the matter. Radhe says I couldn’t talk to dad. Saajan jokes on him. Dubey welcomes Shukla family. Shukla taunts him. Dubey goes to check the food. Radhe greets Shukla again and says all is well. Shukla asks did you consume bhaang, open your mouth, you don’t smell of it, what’s the matter. Dubey asks them to come and have food. Shukla says I have paid Dubey for expenses. Dubey says we shall fulfill tilak rasam first. Dubey does the tilak rasam. Radhe smiles. Krishna comes there.

Krishna asks Radhe did he talk to his family. He runs. She runs after him. Radhe’s mum asks Dubey to come Kanpur right away. He worries.

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