At night ishana had a nightmare of her mom mona and pappa

Adika were there to take care of her so they made her relax

Next day

Ishana- so who will be the heir di or bhaisa

Anika- i think aditya bhaisa will be good choice

Aditya- anika you know i wont do that why dont you become it

Vikram- good choice

Dadasa- nobody asked your opinion vikram

Adika- we were joking we know that humari ishana hi yuvrani banegi yeh uska adhikaar hai

Ishana- what

Dadasa- yes it is true

Ishana- i cant understand

Dadisa- tumhare nakshatra mein likha hua hai ki hume tumhe yuvrani banana chahiye aur tum hi is raajya ki maharani banogi

Ishana- but mere pehle papa is there then bhaisa then di

Dadisa- hum nakshatro ke hisaab se apne maharaj /maharani ya phir yuvrajyuvrani ko chunte hai aur tumhare nakshatra ke hisaab se tum humare raajya ki yuvraani banogi

Ishana- but

Dadisa- i hv already told media kal ka muhurat nikla hai shaam 6 baje ka

Dadasa- thank you rajeshwari

Next morning

All have breakfast and ishana goes to her room and someone knocks her out with a vase and kidnaps her

Secluded area:
Ishana is tied to a chair

Raj comes and grabs her hair

Raj – today i will become the yuvraaj and you will go to your mom

Ishana- no i wont let you

Raj leaves and reaches palace

Here everyone is finding ishana

Om- dammit she left her phone

Shivaay- you are detectives hiw are you not able to find her

Ranveer- commissioner sir i want full force to search ishana

Aditya – i will try another group of detectives

And calls

Maahi roars on his phone- listen to me you good for nothing filthy detective if i dont get my sister safe i will destroy you you get that

Raj was amused

Dadasa- what are you doing here

Raj- you are going to announce your heir so i had to come media will be there dad so…

Dadasa dadisa- get out of our sight

At 5:55pm

Dadasa- aditya anika pls can one of you can sit in ishana’s place

Adika- we cant its ishana’s right

Dadasa- vikram

Vikram- i cant i’m sorry

Raj- i can sit there

Dadasa(hesitatingly)- ok

Aarti is started

Raj sits on the throne

Dadasa moves towards him with the crown with anger disgust and what not

Dadisa was not seen anywhere

And someone shouts- RUKO

Dadisa- iss mukut ki asli haqdaar yaha hai , ISHANA

All smile

Raj fumes

Even vikram smiles


(Her hair was open and had soft eyeshadow not smokey but at some places family could see that she was hiding scars)

(Her hair was open and had soft eyeshadow not smokey but at some places family could see that she was hiding scars)

Raj gets up and stands on the other side feeling insulted while ishana rajendra rajeshwari smirk

Rajendra makes ishana wear her diamond crown she holds the royal stick and sits on throne like a queen and all throw flowerpetals  on her adika are overjoyed

Then media clicks a famy picture with ishana sitting on the throne in the centre

Dadasa- now we have the ball dance according to the tradition

Ishana smiles at om who doesnt return it back

Ishana is confused

At the ball


(Her hair was in side swept high bun with few hairs coming out from the sides making her look more beautiful)

(Her hair was in side swept high bun with few hairs coming out from the sides making her look more beautiful)

Her diamond necklace

Anika in her rose pink saree shivaay in a pink suit and om in pink suit matching ishana rest you can imagine

Anika in her rose pink saree shivaay in a pink suit and om in pink suit matching ishana rest you can imagine

Ishana wanted to do her first dance with om but a friend came and asked she saw that om wasnt making an effort to dance or talk to her then all the couples joined and when partners exchange ishkara danced together and she took om

When they reach in garden om jerks her hand away

Ishana- what has happened to you omkaraji did i do some thing wrong

Om- why are you asking me ask yourself na what you did

Ishana- what do you mean

Om- you killed you mom!!!

Ishana slapped him hard

Ishana stepped back tears formed and she composed herself

Om- slapping me wont change the truth ishana uncle told me everything you were alone with her and knife was next to you

Ishana- get out of my sight

Om- and now you want me to get out because i told you the truth


Om goes away

Ishana holds a bench sits on it and cries remembering the day which changed every rathores lives

Precap: flashback to the unfaithful day



Rathores were a happy family and raj was caring towards adikana and  vikram and ishika but he was a spoilt brat.  vikram treated ishana like a glass doll always took care of her she was the apple of everyones eyes as she was the youngest one in the family one day rajendra told that he will divide the property and vikram would get 75%  and raj would get 25%

Aditya was 13
Anika was 11
Ishana was 10

Raj – how can you do this papa

Rajendra- you are not responsible enough how can i trust you i almost lost a deal which could have led to losses

Raj- so i wont get anymore

Rajendra- no

Raj fumes and looks at vikram and ishika and the kids

From that he starts planning on how to destroy them

Ishika and ishana got suspicious they tried telling vikram but he brushed it off saying that raj wouldnt do any such thing

When rajendra announced ishana as his heir he got mad

He drugged ishana but could not kidnap her

Ishana (10 years )

Ishana (10 years )


On the throning day ishana wore this

On the throning day ishana wore this

All were in white as theme was white

All were in white as theme was white

Ishana wasnt able to stand properly and vikram helped till the ceremony completed later he kidnap all three siblings ishana somehow managed to call vikram and ishika and informed them about their whereabouts but she could not wait so she somehow made adika run away but she got stuck as raj caught her , vikram rescued adika and ishika went inside

Raj – sign these papers and take your daughter

Ishika signed but

Raj- i cant let you live as you have caught me now you have to go to… Heaven

Ishana- cried chachasa pls let her go

Raj- sorry but no thanks

and stabs ishika in front of ishana and runs away

Ishika- ishu listen to me promise that you will protect your family from this man and pls let vikram know about his true intentions pls keep your dadasa and dadisa happy and proud adika should not feel bad about me i’m sorry beta i’m leaving you like this pls forgive me and remember one thing i love you…

And she died

Ishana was shocked

She just sat there near ishika’s body

Raj came and kept the knife near ishana that it looked like she killed ishika

Vikram came and raj filled his ears against ishana

Vikram was enraged

After all rituals for ishika’s soul he threw her in an orphanage and decided that he will relocate to USA with adika

Anika ran away to bring ishana back and she was going to but on the way raj’s goon attacked them leading to their separation and anika’s memory loss pappa and mumma adopted ishana and took her out of depression and after a month mr chaturvedi their neighbour adopted anika ishana learned that anika lost her memory and cried a lot after sometime mona was born and after a lot of years sahil was born anika treated ishana as her own

End of flashback

Prinku saw her crying and ishana told her everything

Prinku- no one should even an enemy like him

They go to eat dinner

Ishana sat and om was opposite to her

Ishana took her food and got up

Dadasa- what happened ishu

Ishana- i dont eat with drug addicters

All were shocked

Om- even i dont eat with con people

Shivaay- calm down both of you what happened you were so friendly

Ishana- exactly jiju but only till ykur wedding now again he is a nobody for me

Om- and you are a nobody for me too ishana

Ishana- who’s talking to you

Shivaay- what happened ishana


Shivaay – will you tell me what happened

Ishana- he dared to say that thing which nobody except my father said to me all these 14 years that i’m a blo*dy murderer of my mother

Dadasa- what the hell how dare you omkara

Om- uncle told me , earlier she was a con girl , now a murderer so…

Dadasa- ENOUGH

Ishana – its ok dadasa as i said earlier he will keep on saying ki WOH HAMESHA SACH KA SAATH DENGE BUT INHE PATA HI NAHI KI AADHA SACH PURE JHOOTH SE BHI KADWA HOTA HAI


After entering their room and changing they go and lie down and cry silently


Om was in his maroon kurta

Om was in his maroon kurta

Kaise btaayein kyun tujhko chahe yaara btaa na paaye
Baatein dilo ki dekho jo baagi aankhein tujhe samjhaye
Tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na

(Ishkara remember their moments)

Milke bhi hum na mile tum se na jaane kyun
Meelon ke hai faasle Tum se na jaane kyun
Anjaane hai silsale Tum se na jaane kyun
Sapne hai Palkon tale tum se na jaane kyun…

(They remember their first kiss the trekking their admitting of love for each other their moments during shadi)

Kaise btaayein kyun tujhko chahe yaara btaa na paaye
Baatein dilo ki dekho jo baagi aankhein tujhe samjhaye
Tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na

(They remember how they used to sneak into each others room to spend time with each other)

Nigahon mein dekho meri jo hai bas gaya
Woh hai milta tumse hubahu
Ooo jaane teri aankhein thi ya baatein ki waja

(They cry)

Huea tum jo dil ki aarzoo
Tum paas ho ke bhi tum aas ho ke bhi

(They both remember how ishana left om after their confrontation and how they missed each other in their memories)

Ehsaas ho ke bhi apne nahi aise hain
Humko gile tumse na jaane kyun

(Their shouting on each other and om’s accusation on ishana today)

Meelon ke hain faasle tum se na jaane kyun
Tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na… tu jaane na

Tooo jaane na jaane na jaane na… aaa tu jaane na…

They cry and sleep

All are worried for them because they knew they were bffs but little did they know that they were more than bffs and that they were husband and wife

Precap: all back to mumbai and ishkara participate in a play due to a friend


All ran to ishana’s room . it was aditya who woke up maahi priveer stating that ishana was crying hard in her sleep and just wont stop hearing the commotion dadasa dadisa vikram shivika rumya om tejvi dadi shanky all came out

Maahi- prinku get her the injection

Prinku- bhaiya injections are finished i just have the syringe

Maahi- wait i will check

Ranveer- i will check if by chance i hv it

Adika ran to console ishana

Ishana was crying hard in her sleep she was calling out her mom , mumma ,pappa ,mona

Except for vikram and om all were disheartened to see what a strong girl like ishana was going through

Maahi- i got it prinku inject her

Prinku injects her

She finally calms down

And opens her eyes not realising everyone

She felt wet on her cheeks

She touched and realized that she cried again

Ishana- phir se

And turned to see everyone around her

Quickly wipes her tears

Ishana- what happened why are you all here

Aditya- chutki actually

Vikram- actually you were overacting in your sleep it proves you just want attention

Ishana- papa i..

Dadasa- its ok ishu you dont have to prove anything to anyone here you sleep everyone back to there rooms

Dadisa- maahi priyanka ranveer thank you very much

Maahi priveer- its ok dadisa she is our sister

Dadasa- vikram om come out i need to talk to you

Maahi- bittu come on i will make you sleep

Aditya- can i join too i used to make her sleep when she was a child

Maahi- sure you dont have to ask for it aditya she is your sister before being my sister

Aditya- thank you so much maahi anf one more thing

Maahi- yeah

Aditya- call me adi everyone who are like my friends and family call me adi

Maahi- ok adi

Ishana- chalo i thought clash of titans hone wala tha

Maahi adi – bittu/ chutki

Ishana- sorry

Maahi – lets make you sleep

Outside ishana’s room

Mahi and adi make her sleep

And join dadasa

Dadasa- vikram and om from now on you both are going to stay away from her you reminded her the worst thing prinku told me already that she is showing signs of bipolar disorder do you even know what that is

Vikram- no i dont and i dont intend to

Maahi- i will tell you it means that she is suffering from severe depression for a long time that means

Aditya- from her childhood

Maahi- so uncleji i dont want tears in her eyes because of you

Aditya dadasa- and omkara you better stay away from her

Next day shivika reception in rakasthani style only royal families




Rest you can imagine

Rest you can imagine

They all danced

And om invited riddhima shocking ishana

Then varun ishana’s bff from childhood entered making om jealous

Shivika spoke to many people

And party ends

Next day

Ishana was jogging and aditya was watching her as instructed by priyanka as she said ishana has to be monitored

Ishana started increasing her speed and now she was running like anything

Aditya saw this and was beside him

Aditya ran down

And stopped ishana

She calmed down

Then she went cycling

Om followed her on other bicycle

She stopped bear a tree and stayed for a little longer aditya came and saw her staring at the tree

Adi- you can cry chutki

And ishana breaks down

Priyanka gets a call from adi and she rushes

Prinku- shana cry your heart out you will make aunty and yourself guilt free

Ishana touched the tree and remembers ishika

At night

Ishana again remembers ishika om saw her as his room was next to ishana and both were in balcony she had her diary in which she used to write shayaris

Kabhi yaadon mein aaun
Kabhi khwabon mein aaun
Teri palkon ke saaye
Mein aakar jhilmilau
Main wo khushbu nahi jo
Hawa mein kho jaun

(Ishana remembers how ishika taught her painting , shayari to take out pain)

Hawa bhi chal rahi hai
Magar tu hi nahi hai
Fiza rangeen bani hai
Kahani keh rahi hai
Mujhe jitna bhulaao
Main utna yaad aau

(Ishana cries remembering ishika and their moments)

Next day
All were ready to go for mumbai

Anika- chutki are you not coming on flight with us

Ishana- no di i hv a phobia of height i will die if i see down i will come by train

Dadasa- what you are yuvrani and you will travel by train

Ishana- dadasa if you want to really see me alive then pls let me

Maahi- i will accompany her

Ishana gets a call and talks

Ishana- ok thank you so much

Radhika- what happened shana why so happy

Ishana- arre maahi bhaiya mera muh mittha karwao radhika meri hone waali bhabhi banne wali hai !!!

Maahi- yeah i will , wait what

Ishana- yes

Radhika- how i mean

Maahi- uncle wasn’t agreeing

Ishana- your sister has some tricks

Maahi – i love you bittu this is the best gift

Radhika- you are really my bff shana

Ishana- chalo everyone get ready for mumbai

Dadasa- we will join you there for shivika ‘s third reception

They all leave


After some days dadasa and dadisa come there for anika’s emotional bidaayi

Next day

In the office

In the office

She cracked a difficult deal and all (including oberois ) congratulated her except om and vikram

She got a call

Ishana- yeah see you tomorrow

Next day

She went to a play auditorium

She went to a play auditorium

Ishana- karan i’m here

Karan- ishu meet my friend omkara

Ishkara shocked

Ishkara- i will not act in the play

Karan- you have to tumhe meri dosti ki kasam

Ishkara obliged

Precap: the play

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