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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan falls in danger

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khoji giving the news of terrorists entering Ulta Pradesh. He asks the public to be careful of unclaimed things on the roads. Puttan asks the family not to worry, party workers are helping people and giving them tips. He wants to alert the people. Janta hears a blast and runs. He asks someone did anything blast. The man says no. Janta gets relieved. Chaitu says don’t worry, it was an ordinary blast. He gives the news bytes to Khoji. Puttan goes between the people and ask them not to talk to strangers, don’t help anyone, don’t trust anyone. Janta says this will stop our friendship. Puttan asks them not to help any woman. Janta asks whom will we catch. Puttan says I got a bomb with me, you can see me and identify, you should be careful of it, this bomb can

be filled in any box, then it blasts with a big sound. People run away. Puttan also hides under the bench. A woman asks him to hold her veg bag and goes. Janta reminds Puttan his words and asks him why did he help a woman. Puttan says don’t touch on everyone. He checks the veg bag and asks them to find the woman. He calls out Chaitu for help.

Chaitu comes home. Imli wards off the bad sight. He asks her not to worry. They see a news of Puttan’s life in danger, a woman has handed over the bomb to Puttan. Janta asks Khoji not to go ahead, Puttan has a bomb in hand. He sees Puttan and shows him on tv. Imli says that man will be big fool. Khoji says that man is Puttan Lal. They get shocked seeing Puttan in danger. Puttan asks Khoji to call the police, he can’t drop the bag else the bomb will blast. Imli cries. Party men say the police isn’t come. Puttan asks Imli to wake up Chaitu and save her. Jha comes and asks Chaitu did he hear. Chaitu says yes.

Jha says Kamla has handed over the bomb to Puttan. Puttan asks Imli to come to him. Everyone runs to see Puttan. Chaitu asks Jha to call bomb defusing team. Everyone comes to meet Puttan. Puttan asks Chaitu to come to him. Chaitu gets scared. Puttan takes his blessings. Malai and Imli cry seeing this. Chaitu asks Puttan not to cry. Reporters comment. Jha comes with police. Puttan says the bomb is in this bag. The bomb detection squad check for the bomb. They don’t find the bomb. They check all the vegs. He says we will get our dogs and find the bomb. Puttan says give me blessings. Jha asks the men to get any dog and find the bomb. Janta taunts them.

Puttan makes the party men hold the veg bag and goes to washroom. He comes back and takes the bag back. Chaitu and Imli ask Puttan why did he take the bomb back. Puttan says someone has to hold it. A dog comes and checks the bag. The dog runs to bite Puttan. Puttan runs and throws the bag. Everyone gets scared and sit. They look for Puttan. Puttan is on the top of the tree. He says I have come. Inspector says there is no bomb, there are just vegs. Puttan says I didn’t say that, Janta told this. Chaitu asks who gave the bag. Puttan says that woman was a noble man. Janta says many people die in bomb blasts, their families wait for them. Everyone gets sad. Janta says there would be some way to stop bomb blasts, just think and then you can do something.

Jha asks Chaitu to clean his name. Chaitu says I will not give tickets to women. Jha says its stop mindset, women are big vote bank, you have to change thinking. Chaitu refuses. Jha says you will be responsible for this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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