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Finding the seeds to grow the happy family tree — omika omkara singh oberoi

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name: omika omkara singh oberoi

nicknames: munni, mini stylist, bubbly and omi

age: 4

description: sweet and innocent. like gauri, she is a fangirl of salman khan and she is too cute to say no to. like om, hates lies and dreamer. like rudy she is the comedian in the house as of her innocent yet cheeky ways and is full of life. she loves acting and she can memorise lines from either movies or TV serials in seconds. unlike kids her age, she prefers grown up drama such as ikyawann and kya haal mr Panchal to cartoons. though she does have a like for English cartoons but prefers indian ones.

she is also a mini stylist as of gauri’s job. she styles her ishu’s chachmi (half chachi and half mami) hair and Mariam didi’s hair. sometimes her parents hair. another thing she has inherited from her mother is her passion for dancing. when gauri and ishu are free, she dances with them and sometimes with rikara didi. she loves her dance class.

because she is funny, talented and very sweet, this leads to her being very popular in her nursery. everyone adores her. she has a boyfriend called karan unfortunately that annoys om and Ayaan. gauri and ishu thinks it’s adorable though.

she is a blackmailing champion and knows how to get what she wants.

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