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Finding the seeds to grow the happy family tree — mariam omkara singh oberoi

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name: mariam omkara singh oberoi

nicknames: ri, choti chiraya and pallu

age: 8

descriptions: complete replica of gauri with the looks and personality. a strong-willed, smart, sharp,devoted and caring girl with a great sense of humour. she is really good in academics. she is a fangirl of aamir khan, salman khan, arjun kapoor, shahrukh khan and akshay Kumar. she uses internet chachi time to time. of course, like om she is a dreamer, hates lies and great listener. like her aunt ishana, brilliant at reading people’s minds. like rudy, much rather think of good stuffs than all the complicated stuff.

she loves fashion — especially indian attires. as gauri is a fashion designer and model, she helps make the clothes and sometimes even model in them for a photoshoot. she wants to make it big in the world of fashion. like her father, she loves photography. she takes photos of nature mostly. her room is filled of sketchbooks, paints and photos of her designs she made.

art is her main subject. as she loves fashion and photography, art is a big part of her life. hates sports to the fullest. she considers sports a waste of time. has a brilliant imagination.

loves teasing her brother riom and ishaan. Very close to her sister pari and cousin Ishita.

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