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Finding the seeds to grow the happy family tree — krishna ayaan singh oberoi

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name: Krishna Ayaan singh oberoi

nicknames: krishy, kristy, choti ishu and sweety

age: 18

description: she is the eldest daughter of Ayaan and ishana (ishay). she is high in academies despite being mild dyslexic. she is ishu’s replica; a lie is good time to time, good at reading people’s mind, childish time to time, a little bit immature, loves dancing highly influenced by bollywood and has a clean heart. like Ayaan, believes taking part is important and loves engineering. like anika, is independent, free-spirited and hard-working by nature. like om, she loves art a lot. like all the girls in her family, loves salman khan.

she wants to make it big in the engineering field like her father did hence why she works really really hard. in her spare time, paints or dances. she also loves to shop A LOT!! weekends are her favourite because then she can shop all she wants. she loves fashion a lot and makeup. she prefers modern clothing but time to time does wear traditional indian clothing. she loves applying makeup. doesn’t apply too much but on parties and functions she applies a reasonable amount.

she was the one who taught rikara makeup hence both are really close. she is very popular in her college because of her makeup and fashion choices. she also loves sports. she does running, basketball, netball, swimming, cricket, badminton, gymnastics, yoga, dancing, volleyball and tennis.

very close to her mother and rikara.

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