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Entangled Love (intro and prolouge)

Heyy how are you guys.. see who is back. Well your 1 n only horrible writer Priyanshi.
In my OS only I gave you choice and you guys liked both but I couldn’t cook any story on that so didn’t write. Well now I’m here with an ff with different story. After writing 25 articles in total including fs, ts and os I’m going to start my 1st ff 🙈🙈 . I don’t know how to give intros n prolouge but still tried.

Pls ignore grammatical and typing errors

Here we go…..

CHARACTERS: (not in accordance with the show, purely fictional)

Saanchi Mishra – A brilliant ,cute, bubbly , silly and fun loving 19 years old girl. Daughter of Sunil Mishra and Jaya Mishra. Jaya died when she was only 5. She has a carefree attitude towards everything. She’s notorious and never leaves any chance to make everyone laugh with her silly nautanki… a little dramebaaz. She believes in living life to the fullest. Born with silver spoon but a very kind hearted girl. Everyone adores her a lot. All Professors like her due to kind and helpfull nature. Perfect example of chota packet bada dhamaka.

Kabir Kapoor – He is one in a million, 19 year old. Son of Kailash kapoor and kusum Kapoor. He has a charming personality but he loves to stay with his gf (Shocked 😲…. well u will get to know ). He loves to spend time with his khadoospanti. He’s a nerd. He has very limited friends and he talks very less. He loves reading books. Most of the times he can be found in ocean of books aka library . Girls are easily attracted towards him because of his wonderful physique and charming looks but he never pays any heed. Perfect example of obedient and brilliant student.

Isha, priya , sanket – Friends of Saanchi

Pragya, Veer – Friends of kabir

Anand Malhotra – Principal of college and father of Veer.

Sunil Mishra – A rich businessman and father of Saanchi. Loves his daughter a lot. Always treats her like a princess and can do anything for her.

Jaya Mishra – mother of Saanchi. Died when Saanchi was only 5 years.

Kailash kapoor – middle class businessman and father of kabir. Strict in nature , positive mind with modern thoughts.

Kusum Kapoor – mother of kabir and a housewife. Happy in her own small family and treats kabir’s best friend Pragya and Veer like her children.

Mishra family (Sunil n Saanchi ) .This is the richest family as Sunil is very successful businessman …. They possess a lot of respect and status…

Kapoor family is middle class but live a standard life and possess their own home in a lavish building and kailash try his best to give each and every happiness to his family

Saanchi and Kabir study in same college and in same class. It has been 1 year since they are studying together but never talked with each other and the reason is…. Kabir’s limit of hitlerpanti (kabhi to chod diya karo kabir 🙏)

After a year n half in dim light a boy is shown crying in his room holding a photo . I know i have hurt u a lot but now I realised I love u. I know I have done a mistake no no infact a sin but please give me a chance I want to rectify it. I love you… I love youuuu….
Other side a girl is seen crying. It was not our love it was your revenge. What was my mistake in that , you destroyed my life. I hate myself for loving you. I hate you , I hate you….

Both cries….

Again a 5 year leap.
A girl is shown attending a conference. After the conference everyone present there appreciates her for her achievements. She just walks out from there and cries in her Cabin. After some days …..Dad I want to marry him. But how could you my Princess. I won’t let your future destroy. Dad I don’t know anything and this is my final decision otherwise you will see my corpse.
Pheww done with this. I hope I didn’t disappointed you all and if you feel something is missing or any loophole it’s a kind request please please pleaseeee do tell me without any hesitation.

Will they ever meet ?
If they meet what will be their story ?
What’s the reason behind revengeful love ?
What turn their story will take place?
Will they ever become one ?

N many more twists n turns. To know the answer of these keep supporting ☺☺

Guys I have a very busy schedule as I’m in 12th so won’t be able to give regular updates but if you guys are interested in this story then please do comment. And yaa don’t forgetto press like and unlike button.

In show kabir has turned totally pshyco obsessed for mahan Saanchi Mata. Don’t know what cvs is trying to show. Being a girl I don’t support any bad against a girl but here Saanchi is also not Sati savitri. I want kabir to avenge her but in a fair way. I want him to make everyone realise that you can live with rejection but not with humiliation for what you never did. And being a Vikram die hard fan I don’t want to see him doing such bad things but he’s an actor and we will have to accept it. He’s giving his best n I can say no one could have justified d character of Dr.kabir which Vikram sir is Perfectly portraying. This is just my view and I’m sorry if anyone find anything offensive in this.

And whatever happens in the show that will never affect on our love for kaanchi. We will keep them alive always through our fanfictions. Am I right 😅😅

Don’t forgetto leave comments n press like n unlike.

Lots of love
Priyanshi 💛

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