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Chandrashekhar 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra meets Bismil

Chandrashekhar 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chandra meeting Bismil. Police pushes down Bismil. Chandra gets angry and gets a gun. Ashfaque shouts calm down, there is still time, let the police do their work. Chandra and Ashfaque do shayari and communicate. Police takes Hra members ahead. Chandra sees their wounds on their bodies. John and cops keep an eye on everyone. Bhagat tells everyone that his marriage is already done. His mum asks did you go mad.

Bhagat says I m married to this country’s soil, I have to save the country from britishers, I have chosen the path of revolution, police can arrest me anytime, I can sacrifice my life for the country, I may need to hide at places and live away from family, I can do this marriage, but still my focus will be on my first wife, this country, if you still agree, then

I have no objection. The man argues with Bhagat’s dad Kishan. He asks his daughter Harleen to come. Harleen and her parents leave. Harleen sees Bhagat. Bhagat says I could be happy if I married that girl, but I will get real happiness by making the country free, my family has shown me this dream, how can you forget the sacrifices of your brothers. They cry. Kishan sits sad.

Bhagat’s mum asks Bhagat to get quiet now. Bismil and others are taken to the court. Judge asks Bismil if he has to say anything in defense. Bismil says Britishers have done the wrong things, we are not thieves. He passes a message to Azad indirectly. He asks Azad to think who is he and what he can do. He says I will always be with you, get more men in to the group and walk on the path to freedom. John says I know what you are up to, you can’t fool this court. Azad says I will take them from right under your nose. John hears him and turns to see. He doesn’t see Azad. He runs to catch Azad. Cops look on. John asks did you see any old Sardar going. Veer says he went that way. John shoots in the air. Everyone runs and creates chaos. John says he is here, find him. Chandra looks at him. Veer sees Chandra running and follows.

Chandra sees the cops coming. He apologizes to a man for pushing him. He goes. The man says Sardar ji has gone in the train. Veer says this rail is leaving, I have to find out where is he. John says he was Azad, I don’t want to hear anything, he was in front of me, I couldn’t identify. Cops say its possible Azad didn’t come there and got scared. John says that man isn’t caught till now, Banwari told us about him. Bismil and others are in jail. They aren’t served the water. They all chant Vande mataram. A man is brought to the cell. The man Roshan tells Bismil that Britishers just arrest anyone they want. Bismil smiles and asks are you not scared seeing our state.

Roshan says I m scared that they can leave me to keep me as evidence. Bismil says they don’t love you so much. Roshan says they should keep hatred well, I m not scared. Chandra makes a plan. He says we need many young men. Rudra makes a painting. Chandra says we have to free the men soon. Shiv Verma comes and says we need weapons too. Rudra says don’t worry, Shiv Verma is close to Bismil. Chandra lights a candle. Rudra says its not imp that first try succeeds, you have to keep trying till you succeed. Chandra gets some idea. He says I have to meet Bismil, just he knows about the treasure. Shiv Verma says its risky for you to go there, and Bismil won’t say the truth to anyone else. Chandra says we shall go to Shah jahanpur, Bismil told me a lot about that place.

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