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Riansh (ishq mein marjawan 2) a different love story episode 14

The episode starts with:

Riddhima and vansh both were not able to sleep at night. They were thinking about each other.

Next morning VR college:

Riddhima goes to sit with Aanchal. Aanchal notices her ring.

Aanchal: VR???

Riddhima blushes.

Riddhima: you know vansh sir proposed me yesterday. And it is the ring he gave. V means vansh and R means Riddhima.

Aanchal: whatt (shock)

Riddhima nods. Some boys hear their talks and it spreads in the whole class. All the girls fell heartbroken. Vansh comes in the class and sees everyone gossiping.

Ritika: sir see this cheap girl.. she she was saying to Aanchal that she is in a relationship with you. It’s good that we listened otherwise she would fooled Aanchal very easily.

Vansh: shut up Aanchal.. don’t you dare call her cheap.. she is saying truth.. I proposed her yesterday. Now she is in a relationship with me.

Ritika feels heartbroken. She sits down. Riddhima smiles.

Sejal: jiju..I mean sir..let Riddhima sit with me now..please.

Vansh: ok.

Riddhima goes to sit with Sejal. Vansh starts teaching.

Sejal: why are you studying so nicely now also? Now he will not punish you.

Riddhima: I don’t think so. He is strict in college. He is mu boyfriend after the college.

Sejal: oh god.

Vansh: any doubts.

Whole class: no sir.

Vansh: ok. You (pointing towards a boy) come here and solve this question on the board.

The boy comes and he didn’t know how to solve it. Vansh became very much angry. He slapped the boy very hard that he fell. Riddhima was shocked to see his behaviour.

Riddhima (thinking): it was not a big deal that he slapped him so hard. What is happening to vansh.

The boy goes. The bell rings.

Vansh: Riddhima meet me in lunch period.

Riddhima: ok.

She attends more lectures and in lunch period she goes to vansh’s cabin.

Vansh: come.

She sits down.

Riddhima: vansh why did you slap him so hard? It was not a big mistake.

Vansh: I don’t know riddhu. I just can’t control my anger. I lose my temper.

Riddhima: whenever you feel like this take a deep breath and drink water. Then your anger will go away.

Vansh: I will definitely practice this from next time.

She nods. They talk and have their lunch. Vansh feeds Riddhima and she feeds him. Lunch gets over and Riddhima leaves. She attends more lectures and leaves for vansh’s cabin. While she was going someone placed a hanky on her mouth. She tried to shout but could not. She got fainted and that person took her.

At unknown place:

Riddhima was tied with ropes. She was feeling pain in her hands and legs. She found her phone. She got it with much difficulty and called vansh.

Riddhima: vansh vansh..please save me..someone kidnapped me.

Vansh: don’t worry sweetheart I am coming.

The call cuts.

Vansh: angre let’s go.

Angre: yes boss.

Riddhima’s hands were tied very tightly. It was paining her hands very badly. She wanted water. She then saw a person coming in the room. She could not see his face due to dark.

Riddhima: who who..are you..

The person: you will come to know soon..boss is coming..

Suddenly one more man comes.

Another man: I kidnapped you..

Riddhima: who are you.. what I did to you.. why you kidnapped me..

Another man: shh shh..so many questions..

He shows his face. Riddhima was shocked to see.

Riddhima: vansh..you….

Hehe sorry guys🙈😂😂. Hope you like it.

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