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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi on Bed’s gunpoint

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 31st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ved pointing gun at Pallavi, Raghav says leave her or else I will shoot you, Ved says I have gun too, drop your gun ir Pallavi is dead, you started this game and I will end….

Sometime back..

Raghav finds Lion is no one else but Ved, he is here to kill me, which is his only motto but Pallavi is alone with him, Raghav picks his gun and runs out and sees Ved pointing Gun on Pallavi’s head, Pallavi says Abhijeet stop it what are you doing, Ved says The Raghav Rao, I am impressed you are still smart you recognised me, Ved removes his fake moustache and beard, Pallavi in shock, Ved says Pallavi you talk a lot shut up now, Raghav says leave her alone she is not part of all this, Ved says she is I couldn’t come here without her, Raghav says I will shoot you, Ved says I have gun too, if you shoot me I will shoot her.

Ved asks Raghav to drop his gun and slide it away, Raghav does it, and asks him to leave Pallavi, Ved says no, and your time is finished you sent me jail, spoiled my life wasted my 6 years and now it is your turn, Raghav steps back, Ved Pallavi follow him and reach dining, Raghav sees colors on dining table, Raghav signs Pallavi, and picks color, Pallavi steps on Veda foot, Raghav throws color on him and both run away.

Ved blindly starts shooting, Veds man switches off light and locks the door, Raghav and Pallavi trying to escape, Ved says your security is unconscious, and all doors and windows are locked, this is your last night and also Pallavi, Pallavi scared, Raghav holds her, Ved trying to look for Raghav, Raghav under the table beside Ved, Raghav asks Pallavi to stay and hits Ved, Pallavi hides behind a column, Raghav and Ved start fighting, Raghav starts hitting his weak leg and says you started illegal business and you used my Jayanti Jewel business name for that the name is my Amma and Appa. Harish walks in with police, Ved confused, Raghav says you thought I will never get you, I knew your leg scratching habit and had sent my man police station and if I dont call every year he has to come, Ved says I will come back for sure, Raghav says next time attack man to man and not from behind get out.

Raghav makes him self a drink, Pallavi says tell me truth dont you have any other work, you have so much action in your life always planning plotting, Raghav asks her about Ved and says be careful, Pallavi says I have my competition but he and his life, I am going, Raghav says okay, Pallavi says who will Thank me, Raghav says today I saved you, Pallavi says I am going to lose tomorrow because of you, Raghav says driver will leave you, Pallavi says my favour still stands and leaves.

Harish tells Raghav that Amma and Kirti are safe, Farhad will stay another day with them and come back, staff is fine too. Raghav asks and Pallavi, Harish asks is she family too, Raghav says shut up.
Raghav thinking about Pallavi, and says she is not my family nor staff, she supported me today and saved me too and calls driver and asks did he drop Pallavi safe, Harish walks to Raghav with saree and says found it beneath Sofa, Raghav says keep and go. Raghav says if she is not worried why will I call her.

Pre cap: Pallavi sleep talking that no one can throw her out of her shop or Hyderabad, Raghav calls her, Pallavi by mistake picks it and keeps sleep talking.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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