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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita gets disturbed

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ishita moving Roshni back and asking what are you wearing. Roshni says its Mata rani locket which you gave me. Shagun asks Ishita to relax. Raman sends Ishita and says she is fine, I have booked a castle to romance my wife, but when vanar sena is here, come and join us. Roshni says sorry, I have work. Adi asks don’t you get weekly off, lets go. Roshni says yes I do, okay. Adi says the man is trying to call you, we will check out from hotel and switch off phone. Romi says yes, and switches off the phone. The lady comes home and shouts for Mihika. Mihika asks what happened Bhavna. Bhavna says Ishita is in deep trouble, I have sensed this, just call and warn her. Mihika says I can’t get through. She tries again. Bhavna says just keep trying. She goes. Mihika says I will

message Ishita to urgently call me back.

Raman and everyone reach the castle. Raman says a warrior has built this castle, he was so obsessed that his family left him, he lived alone here and one day he died mysteriously, no one know what happened. He asks them to come for a selfie. Shagun asks what happened Ishita, are you fine. Ishita says yes, can we talk later. Shagun says okay. Raman asks them to come. Romi says this is so pretty. Roshni says this castle is affordable by just rich people, but thanks to Raman, we will live here. Raman says yes, my honeymoon changed to family holiday. Ishita says I heard spirits also live here. Shagun says I don’t believe you are saying this. Raman says I heard the same, we can find out, come sit.

He shows the planchette and says this will help us know if there is a spirit here. They smile. Ishita says please find it quickly. Shagun says I m not playing this stupid game. They insist. Raman explains them and asks does anyone have a coin. He asks them to touch the board. Raman says I m going to ask something now, if there is a spirit, it will answer. He asks is there any spirit here. They see the coin moving to yes. They get shocked. He asks what is your name. The coin moves to alphabets. They read Ishita…. and get shocked.

Romi asks what kind of joke is this. He gets scared. Raman laughs and says you all are fools, I was moving the coin with a magnet. Ishita says everything is a joke for you. She gets upset and goes to room. Romi asks Raman to convince Ishita. The coin moves to yes again. Ishita screams seeing a woman inside the bathroom. The woman holds her neck. Ishita asks Raman to open the door, she is here. Ishita gets scared seeing her. Raman and everyone come and don’t have any keys. Ishita gets scared seeing her. Raman asks Ishita not to worry, they are here itself, open the door. Ishita gets some newspapers. She reads a news about a 24 year old Indian girl Sonakshi Gupta committed suicide. She gets shocked seeing the pic. The girl disappears. Ishita says she is dead, why is she visible to me. Raman and everyone come in.

Ishita says I saw the same girl, she was asking the same, when will I go home, she is dead, she was trying to suffocate me, look at the marks on my neck. Raman says there is no one, there are no marks, how can you see her, I planned so much for you, you ruined everything, you are imagining. Ishita asks I can see her everywhere, how, I didn’t meet her before. Shagun says calm down, we trust you. Adi gets water. Roshni gives mild sleeping tablets and says she needs rest. Shagun sees the newspaper. She thinks of Ishita’s words. She asks Raman how is Ishita, I think I know Sonakshi, her parents came to our NGO as she was missing, then they disappeared, something is fishy, you have to support her. He says I don’t understand anything. She says she is very disturbed, she is going through a tough time. Ishita is sleeping. She wakes up and finds herself tied by chains. She gets shocked.

Raman sings Tum se hi…… and dances for Ishita. Ishita sees the spirit. She gets shocked and falls back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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