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Two hearts with one beat epi 24… ragsan

Hai everyone …Surprised to see me so soon..Well my exams are still a week away and I am scared If I study more I will forget what I have studied so far…A break from studies..Also I almost forgot this story…My mind is reeling around my side story and my watty ka ff..Lets resume this story…Hope no one forgot this story..And yes you guys want that Awara away from this story but as I already said she is the main villain of this story and she is a must character and important as well..waise without vamp its not at all fun….So here goes..


Here finally janki makes sanskar agree to marry swara ..Even though she knows her son is not at all happy ,she cant risk one life for his dream..Moreover she is not sure if the dream girl really exist

Sanskar was broken ..He was staring at the anklet of ragini which he found in the temple.

Sanskar’s POV

Look angel my only support my mom is also not believing me now. Its all because of you..Why don’t you come to me..Atleast show me your face..I will fight with whole world for you.I just need a proof to tell that my dream girl is for real..Why cant anyone understand that I am just breathing…and that my life is existing with just one belief that your are there and I will meet you..this heart beats for you ..The thought of losing you is killing me angel….Please come to me..I have few days now to search you..and after that…

He closes his eyes painfully and a tear rolls down his cheek.Here ragini feels a tears in her eyes..Her friend pooja pats her shoulder..She was sitting with pooja and yuvi..

Pooja: What happened ragu..

Ragini: don’t know yaar..suddenly my heart is feeling heavy as if some thing bad is going to happen…As if someone close to my heart is in pain..

Yuvi: bacha whole family is worried about swara na .so even you are worried.

Pooja: but I cant believe she loves him so much.I mean suicide..

Ragini looks at her thoughtfully ..

Ragini: I know pooja..I was always teasing her but she must really love sanskar but ..

Yuvi: even you love him na..

Ragini: more than myself bhai..I don’t know what is going to happen..

Yuvi: look here..(he cups her face)your love is true and I know my bacha has never done wrong with anyone and god will definitely help you..Just be strong doll..

Ragini hugs him..

Yuvi: lets go inside..

She, pooja and yuvi go inside the room where swara is admitted..As they enter the room Ragini’s heart sank..Janki was placing sanskar hand in swara’s .Sanskar’s face had no expression as if he was just a corpse and swara looked at ragini and gave a smirky smile..

Janki : come ragini..We have decided sanskar and swara’s wedding..I am so happy.

Ragini was shocked …she did not know how to react..yuvi and pooja are too stunned to speak.

Swara: I am sure ragini is also very happy mami …Afterall sanskar is her best friend..

Ragini gives a weak smile although her heart was breaking every minute….She gives an excuse and goes from there..

Swara and mahi were happy to see ragini broken and dadi,pooja and yuvi did not know how to tell everyone about ragini..

After 2 days swara was discharged and everyone was in Maheshwari house.Swara and sanskar were sitting next to each other.Sanskar was uncomfortable but it did not matter as he already decided he was no more than a dead person .and swara was holding his arm while she sat next to him ..She was least bothered that he felt disgusted sitting next to her.

Here ragini sitting opposite to sanskar ..Her eyes were trained on him both had the same pain but the only difference was she knew that he was her love and he doesn’t know this.

Shekar: jaanu Actually I was thinking about this..wo a good proposal came for ragini ..I was thinking lets get ragini also married .

Sanskar felt weird..Ragini was emotionless..

Arjun: how can you decide this..Let princess think about it.

Ragini: no addu its okay..tiger will think only best for me.

Everyone becomes happy..(except yuvi and dadi because they know that ragini loves sanskar)

Shekar: so decided ragini and sanskar will get married on same day

Swara gets angry ..She clenches her fist ..She was about to say something.

But mahi holds her hand..

Mahiwhispers so that no one hears..

Mahi : shut up and come with me…

She drags swara from there..Swara’s friend also follows them


In swara’s room.

Swara: why did you stop me..that shekar was saying ragini sanskar ki shaadi …I would have given him right answer

Mahi: go give answer and then mom will cancel your marriage ..You know right mom loves shekar mama a lot.and by the way he meant two different weddings bhai and ragini …

Swara: still I cant bear sanskar name with anyone specially ragini ..You know she is his dream girl.If sanskar finds this secret before marriage I promised mami to leave sanskar..

Mahi: that’s what I am telling you..See everyone including gadodias have sympathy on you right now..Dont spoil it with your anger… Remember your tears are your weapon now..Just emotionally blackmail everyone…As far as possible make it look like u r a bechari..


Swara nods thoughtfully..

Mahi goes from there…

Swara’s friend: I think mahi has point..but swara yours is true love don’t worry..You were ready to die for sanskar..

Swara laughs evilly.

Her friend gets confused..

Swara: Me, die for sanskar..You think swara bose is mad..I love sanskar but not this much that I will kill myself..I am not stupid.

Friend: then this suicide drama..

Swara: I saw mahi coming to my room..I purposefully did this drama..You think I am a fool to die ..What will happen if I die..they will cry for 2 days and then sanskar will marry ragini ….what will I gain..Hence I did this drama..Even mahi doesn’t know this..I love sanskar so much that I want him at any cost..I cant see him with anyone else..

A voice: I knew it…

Swara and mahi turn to face angry ragini..

Ragini was passing by there when she heard swara ‘s conversation. ..

Ragini: how cheap of you..I will bring face infront of everyone.

Swara: Please go….(She points to her wound)My suicide was drama but this wound is not a drama..No one will believe you..You will need proof…

Ragini: sanskar jaanu and addu will believe me ..

Swara: you think so…My plan was was so strong that willingly also no one will believe you..

Ragini: how can you stoop so low..

Swara: everything is fair in love and war…You challenged me right..Hmmm Now you are getting married and even Sanskar and me are getting married..What will you do now.

Ragini: Don’t worry about that..My love is not cunning like you …I trust my love Sanskar will never be yours..I will save my sanskar from you…Wait and watch..

Swaragini glare each other

Epi ends


New entry for ragini..and their wedding preparations….


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