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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 31st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya’s Cunning Plan

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 31st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma apologizes god for fooling Meera, but he has to do this to save Kanak. Aditya sees Kanak walking in living room and with his usual sheepish smile and thinks pendulum bro/Uma and chipkali/Kanak will be caught in his net. He throws net on Kanak. Kanak tries to entangle it. Uma rushes hearing her shout and gets into net to free it. Aditya clicks their pics hiding. She slips and he holds her. Aditya clicks even that pic and with sheepish smile thinks good job. Meera returns home and walks in hurriedly. Uma frees net from Kanak. Aditya captures video and hides. Kanak thinks why did she go so close to Uma, she wanted to ask about herbal tea, why she is bothered about him, due to humanity, she should not be worried about Uma. Uma wears his shirt and folds net. Meera walks in

and asks what is Kanak doing inside house, why did not he inform her about his illness. Uma says he is a doctor and can take care of himself, why she is getting too jealous, it is not his problem, she hired Kanak instead as a teacher, if she does not want Kanak here, she should cancel Kanak’s resignation and apologize and then keep her busy in project, because of her their business is suffering.

Aditya shows Uma and Kanak’s video to Meera. Meera slaps him. Servant packs Kanak’s bag. Kanak asks why she is packing her bag. Servant says Meera madam ordered her. Meera walks in and apologizing Kanak says she is canceling her resignation, for her Uma and family are most important, so she can rejoin her govt job and get back to work. Shiv comes and asks Kanak if she will not teach her. Meera says he can get Kanak’s tuition and meet her if he wants. Shiv gets happy. Uma apologizes her for whatever happened. Kanak says she did not want to hurt Uma or his family at all and just wanted to teach Meera a lesson, for her her family is utmost important. Meera thinks Kanak forced her to apologize, she wants Kanak to be insulted in front of everyone.

Kanak returns home and hugging Bhabhi says she will stay back with family for a long time now. Bhabho says she will find a compatible match and get her married soon. Bhabho goes to pray at home temple. Meera walks in. Bhabho says if she has come to apologize, she ddoes not need her apology and can go away. Meera asks if she knows why she sent Kanak from her house, Kanak was eyeing on her husband and shows Uma and Kanak’s intimate pics. Bhabho is shocked seeing them. Meera says Kanak wants to get back into Uma’s life and break their marriage, she will not tolerate that, if Bhabho does not send Kanak far away, she will spread these pics in media, then she can imagine what will happen to Kanak. She throws pics in air and walks away thinking nobody can defeat her.

Bhabho picks photos and walks home. Kanak is praying at home temple before leaving for press conference. Bhabho says she has selected a boy for her, she can give her opinion. Kanak says she is getting late for press conference and gets a call to come soon. Bhabho stops her and says she got Sooraj married within 15 days, she is asking Kanak’s opinion only. Kanak says something is wrong, what happened. Bhabho does not reply. Kanak goes to shop and asks Sooraj and Sandhya’s portrait what happened to Bhabho, what is she hiding. Bhabho comes and shows pics. Kanak is shocked seeing them.

Precap: Reports wait for Kanak during press conference and asks when will she come. Uma says she is punctual always, don’t know what happened. Meera smirks at Aditya.

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