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SWASAN – FATE (Chapter 13)

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Haiiiii…. I’m back with another long chapter…. I’m so happy my dear friends…. Today is the day where two years ago I decide to write a story….. I started with one shot stories, now I started to write ff and this is my second ff…. Thank you for always encouraging me to write more….. 🙂


After all had their breakfast, Nandhini suggest go for a shopping.

Cabir: wow!!! “What a fantastic idea!!”

Nandhini: Cabir, is that you? You didn’t like shopping right…

Swara: Nandhini, he doesn’t like it… He just teases you…

Nandhini throw a cushion on Cabir’s face which he escaped in the span of second and rolling on the floor while laugh out loudly join by others. Nandhini punch Manik’s arm to stop him laughing.

“I hate you cabu!!! Nandhini told Cabir with a pout and folded hand. Cabir hold his ears and apologize from Nandhini with a cute puppy look. “Sorry, Nandu!!!”

Nandhini heart melts looking at him so, she hugs him and said I’m not angry with you but you need to buy me ice cream as punishment. While others just admiring their bond. Manik went to Swara and put his arms around her shoulder and “Swara, don’t you think they should be awarded with their acting skills?”

“yes, Manik bhai!!” These both should award with the title of drama king and drama queen! Said Swara.

Cabir: heyyyyy… you both don’t jealous of us both…. We know we both are born talented so there is no need of so much of praises… which Nandhini just nod her head.

Swara couldn’t control herself she lough out loud holding her stomach…. “omg!!!hahahaha!!! Cabir, why are so cute!!!”

Sanskar: Swara, are you lost your mind! He and cute! No way!!!!

Cabir: Hhahahaah!!! The great Sanskar Maheswari jealous of me… hahaha…

Sanskar: what the!!! When I’m jealous of you??….

Cabir: it’s happen once in while!!…. Don’t worry…I won’t tell anyone….

Swara just keep smiling and ignore his comments…..

“Ok…. Now enough of talking… Let’s go change and shopping…. Yeahhhh….. shopping time…. Shop… shoppp… shopping time…..” while singing, Nandhini drag Swara with her.”

Cabir: “Manik, dude your wife getting more crazy day by day!”

Manik: She is normal when I meet her once I introduce her to you, she become same as you…. Mad…

Sanskar just laughing at their craziness…. Cabir look at him and wrap his arm around Sanskar’s shoulder…..

“Don’t worry!! Everything will be alright soon…. And you better no need jealous of me…. She is a best friend cum little sister of mine………, Said Cabir”.

“I know Cabir still I feel a bit jealous when she didn’t be this happy when she is with me…… So, I get jealous of you…. Sorry and thank you for making her happy….”, said Sanskar with a dejected face.

“No thank you and sorry in friendship, idiot! If you are my best friend, she is my sister…. So, it’s my responsibility to make her happy…”

Manik went to the other side of Sanskar and side hug him…. “Don’t worry…. Give her some time….. She will be the happiest person with you other than us… till than stay by her side and win her love……”

All reached XYZ shopping mall for shopping….. It’s a biggest shopping mall in there which had all kind of branded stores.

Nandhini and Swara went to the boutique followed by the guys even when they hate shopping. Nandhini shop a lot of dress for herself while Manik give her suggestions. Cabir also went to gents section for shopping. Swara just go through the dresses and Sanskar’s eyes on her movement.

Sanskar gets fed up when she didn’t choose anything for herself and just skip the clothes after look at prices. He made his way to her and hug her waist while resting his chin on Swara’s shoulder.

Swara gasp out of shock with his sudden action… “San…. Sans…. Sanskar… What are you doing?? Let me go…. What will people think?” She said while flushing red when a saleswoman who attends her literally ran from there when he hugs her.

“I don’t care what people think!!!” said Sanskar like an adamant child and kiss her neck.

“San… Sanskar… please….”, Swara stammering a bit with his closeness…

He loses his hug but caught her hand and intertwined their hands. She tries to come out from his hold but he holds her more firm. So, she gives up her fight and let him do whatever he want. Even deep inside that’s what she want… Warm hands who hold her and make her feel safe, secure and loveable.

He chooses a lot of dress, saree, suit and so on for her which she keep deny but he just bought all…. There is a red maroon dress which designed beautifully…. She keeps looking it which didn’t go unnoticed by him…

“Swara, you just go try this dress!” said Sanskar while holding the same dress.

“No!!!” she denies him.

“If you didn’t go now…. I will drag you to the changing room and will help you to try this dress…” said Sanskar.

Her eyes almost come out due to shock. Without waiting for a second she quickly snatch the dress from his hand and run to changing room. Sanskar laugh watching her antics and mentally patted himself from his cleverness.

He made his way to the changing room behind her. He tries to knock the door but before that he notice the room didn’t locked. Swara also calling the saleswomen to zip her dress… Sanskar looks around found no saleswomen…. So, he just enters the changing room.

Swara was facing her back while admiring her dress standing in front of the mirror. Sanskar stood freeze in his place and he couldn’t take of his eyes from her. Swara look straight to the mirror when she heard door locked sound….. she stood rooted in her place watching Sanskar there.

Sanskar hold her waist and pull her till her back plastered to his front. Swara closed her eye tightly and her breathing getting erratic with his proximity and a sudden shiver run down her spine .Sanskar brush back of his hand on her back slowly….. She clutches her dress tightly…. He trails a kiss on her back while zip her dress slowly. Her hear beat getting wild with his sweet torture.

He turns her to face him. “Open your eyes, Swara!”

She denied opening her eyes… He went near her…. He stands so close to her till his breathing fanning her face…. He blows air on her face. She opens her eyes to the sudden chill. Without waiting a second, he smacked his lips onto hers giving her an open mouth kiss. She held him tightly close. He broke the kiss…. Both of them breathing heavily…. He leaned down a peck her lips again and said “I love you”. With a peck on her forehead, he moves out from the trail room.

She stared at the door for a minute before smiling slightly and blushing hardly.









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