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Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 13)

Hello frnds… Thx a lot for liking my ff

Swara in jail.

The news spread in the palace like fire. Swara is in jail is no less than a nightmare for the people. Swara won heart of the palace. Even the guards who were guarding her were completely shocked.
Kaveri was sitting beside adarsh. He was having a bandage in his head. He was smirking.
Kaveri: is it paining!
Adarsh: no..
Kaveri: you have done a great job…
Adarsh smirked again.

Sanskar was sitting in his room. He was still sitting on the couch. He was continuously looking at the bed where swara used to sleep. His eyes were moist. He got betrayed by his love. The innocence was fake. The eyes that took away his heart were cunning. How can she do this.

He stood up from the couch. He looked at the moon shining brightly. He looked at the stars and tried to find his brother. He was feeling all alone.

On the other side swara was sitting lifelessly on the bench. Her tears were dried up. She had wrapped her dupatta around her. She saw the marks of assault on her hand. She saw her broken bangles. She didn’t understand the reason of behaviour of sanskar. How was he unable to see all these things. Suddenly she felt someone entering the cellar. She looked and saw ragini. Ragini almost ran towards her.

Ragini: swara…
This was enough to melt swaraa’s emotions. Tears escaped her eyes. Her emotions were no longer in her control. She hugged ragini tightly and let her emotions set free.
Swara: ragini didi… Please believe me… I have not done anything…
Ragini patted her back.
Ragini: don’t worry… I have understood everything.
Swara looked at her. Tears were twinkling in her beautiful eyes. Swara folded her hands.
Ragini looked at her with sadness.
Ragini: have u eaten something?
Swara : no didi… Nor i want to eat..
Ragini tried to say something. Swara stopped her in middle.

Swara: didi… My character has been in question. My character has been falsely maligned. It is equivalent to death for me. And dead people don’t eat.
Ragini felt her heart being punched hard. Each tear of swara was piercing dagger in her heart.
Ragini: swara…. This adarsh has now crossed his limits. I will not leave him. First lakshya and then you.
Swara: didi…
Ragini: don’t stop me… Today sanskar Bhaiya has to answer me…

“I AM HERE TO GIVE YOU ALL ANSWERS” a voice echoed in the cellar.
Ragini looked at the door and found sanskar standing there. He was looking coldly towards swara.
Sanskar: ragini… You don’t know anything… You take rest…
Ragini: i know… I know….
Sanskar : yeah… Okay… We will talk tomorrow on this matter..ok..
Ragini: sanskar Bhaiya please…

Sanskar: chliye ragini… I ll drop you in your room… Chaliye…
Something struck in ragini’s mind. Sanskar would not take her seriously. Everyone in the palace think her as insane.
Sanskar: ragini… Chaliye… You are waiting for lakshya na… Chaliye… See he has sent a message for you…
Ragini : sanskar Bhaiya please… You are taking swara wrong…
Sanskar looked at swara…

Sanskar: so… How cunning you can be… Ha swara….
Swara didn’t even give a glance to him. She didn’t want to fall weak in front of him.
Sanskar: pretending to be innocent is not easy you know.
Swara again didn’t look at him.
Sanskar: not able to even look at me… You talk a lot na… Why are you quite then. Talk some big things… So that again i fall in your words.

Swara was trying hard to control her tears.
Sanskar came closer to her.
Sanskar: i have never seen a girl like you. You know what swara i spit on that day when i came in your words. I should have understood this thing from day one that you are good at pretending.
Swara again tried hard to control her tears. She didn’t want to say anything. But her silence was making sanskar desperate. He wanted her to say something…to fight with him.
Sanskar: this was what your sumi ma has taught you….
This was it for swara… This was her limit… She looked at sanskar with such a rage that for a second sanskar felt the heat of her anger.

Swara folded her hands in front of him.
Swara: i respect you… You don’t consider me your wife but i consider you and accept you as my husband. You are the prince and heir of this kingdom. I respect you a lot. For that sake i was silent till now. But don’t utter a single word against my sumi ma.

Sanskar looked at swara. He felt a great guilt for his words. Swaraa’s tears seemed genuine to him.
Swara looked down again. Sanskar was no longer able to keep himself there. He stormed out of there. Swara fell down on the floor. She was broken.. completely torn.

@ragini’s room
Ragini : send this to rani ma as soon as possible.
Ragini gave a letter to a servant. Another servant came.
Servant: no news is there.
Ragini nodded. With her each heartbeat her tension waa increasing. She was fearing for swaraa’s safety.

Night passed. With the first ray of sun ragini came out of her room. She started moving towards the prison. At the prison door two guards blocked her way.
Guard: i beg your pardon but prince has ordered us to forbid you from going inside.
Ragini was shocked. She knew whatever sanskar was doing was for her concerns only. She stepped back. She didn’t want to disobey him. But her heart was there in the prison only.
Ragini came inside her room. Her mind was working fast. She was confused at sanskar behaviour. She had herself seen the love in his eyes. Eyes can’t lie. But suddenly what happened that forced him not to listen swara even for a second. This only Happens when there is extreme hate. But extreme hate only happens if someone betrays.
Something struck her mind. She called a servant.

@sanskar’s room
Sanskar was not able to eat anything. Hunger has left his side. He was extremely uneasy. His heart was still saying to listen to swara. His heartbeats were sensing something wrong.

@ragini’s room
It was late afternoon. Ragini was sitting in her room. A servant came.
Servant: one of the servants who earlier worked for Kaveri ji and then started to work for princess has left the job yesterday.
Ragini nodded. Servant went away. Another servant came running. She said something in her ears. Ragini stood up with a shock.

Adarsh assaults swara…

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