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Swabhiman- do behno ki pyaar (chapter 4)

Hi, so I wasn’t able to make a long chapter but don’t worry I should post more regularly for the next two weeks as it is the holidays for me.

Everyone looked on as Naina left and went in to the house. After two minutes Naina returned with an arti plate in her hands.
Karan: Naina where did you go
He then realised the arti plate which was in her hands. She went to the entrance where the whole Chauhan family were standing. She started doing their arti. Dadaji smiled seeing this.

Dadaji POV:
Naina beta is in such pain but she is still doing our arti and welcoming us nicely. It shows that the values which Sharda gave her, she has not forgot. God please be with her.

Back to the scene:
Naina suddenly stopped in the middle, she had flashbacks about what happened. She remembered the slap and leaving the house. Everyone looked on. Naina realised that someone was standing to her right and she was continuing to do the arti. She looked to her right and saw Karan who was also holding the arti plate. She smiled at him and both of them did the arti.

Naina POV:
If not anyone else we should at least take dadaji blessing.

She indicated to Karan to take dadaji blessings. They both bend down and took his blessings.
Dadaji: God bless you

Naina: andaar aye (come inside)
Everyone came inside the gate and Naina went to keep the arti plate on the table kept outside. She was in deep thoughts while walking to the table. As she was walking she didn’t realise the rock on the floor, she stepped on it and started loosing her balance. She was going to drop the arti plate and fall frontwards. But then someone came and held her shoulders and stopped the arti plate from falling.

Naina: thank you Karan you…
She lifted her head and realised it was Meghna who saved her. She looked away.
Naina: thank you di
She left from there.
Naina came outside , she was still confused and lots of questions were popping in her mind.

Naina POV:
Why did everyone come today? They didn’t want us to stay in the house and father in law came as well. Whose plan was it in the first place.

Naina was thinking all this, when Nirmala came up to her. She but her hand on her shoulder. Naina turned around and saw that it was Nirmala.
Naina: maa apko kuch chaye (mother in law do you want anything)
Nirmala: nai me apki beti ko dekni ayaho. Tumhare chehere par muskarat chaligai ti kab hum ai. Tumko bata he Meghna aur Kunal ki plan ti idaar aneka. Meghna tumko buhaat yaad karti hai, tum tumhare di ko nai maaf karongi ( no I came to see my daughter. The smile on your face faded away when we entered. Do you know, it was Meghna and Kunal’s idea to come here. Meghna remembers you a lot, won’t you forgive your sister?)

Naina: maa me di ko nai… (mother in law I can’t for…)
Nirmala: tikhe me tumko vakt de tiho suchni kilye. But mujhe bata he tum tumhare meghu di ki bina nai ji powki (ok I give you time to think about it. But I know you won’t be able to live without your meghu di)

Naina POV:
Di was the one who wanted to come. But why? She was the reason for why I left that house. She wouldn’t have forgotten so easily. But on the other hand it could be she took that step only because of her anger. Maybe maa is right, I should forgive her. No I can’t do that, me and Karan have moved on in life. I won’t be able to forget that slap.

While Naina was thinking this, Karan came and put his hand on her shoulder. Naina jumped and then turned back. She saw it was Karan.
Naina: Karan
Karan: Naina are you okay?
Naina nodded.
Karan: ok then we should get on with the puja. There’s now much time left.
Naina: oh yeah, I forgot about that. Do one thing you go and call the family, we will have to do it with them now. And I will go and get some preparations done.
Karan: ok

Naina walked to the outside temple which was kept for holi. It was all decorated like the one inside the house.There was a medium sized idol kept there(sorry I didn’t know what to call it). She was about to step on but then she took her foot back. She took her duppata and placed it on top of her head and then entered. She started getting everything prepared.

Sharda and Meghna were watching this from a distance.
Sharda: dekha Meghna wo uski mumma ki saath baath nai karihe but uski mumma ki dihue sanskaar nai boli hai (Didyou see Meghna? She for sure is speaking to her mum but she hasn’t forgotten the values which her mum has taught her.)
Meghna nodded
Meghna: don’t worry mum, Naina won’t be able to stay angry with us for too long. But we did a really bad job, I was a really bad sister. I thought she tried to kill me.

After a while everyone came to the temple. The pandit was there as well.
Pandit ji: Naina beta who is doing this puja
Naina: pandit ji me aur meri pati Karan humare parivaar ki saath kare he (me and my husband Karan are doing it with our family)
Pandit ji: ok then. You both will start the arti and then all the other couples will do it.

Naina and Karan did the arti and then handed it to NK and Nirmala. They then gave the arti plate to Meghna and Kunal who gave it to Vishal and Kyathi. After they were done Kyathi gave the arti plate back to Naina.
Pandit ji: Now Naina beta give prasad to everyone. I will take my leave.

Naina went with the plate to dadaji who took the prasad. They both took his blessings. They did the same with Nirmala. Naina moved onto NK, she gave him the prasad. Karan was about to go but then Naina held his arm and shaked her head.
Nirmala: Karan aren’t you going to take your dad’s blessings.
They both took his blessing.

Naina gave the prasad to Sharda and was about to move on but then dadaji spoke.
Dadaji: Naina beta aren’t you going to take your mum’s blessings.
Karan indicated to take it. Both of them took her blessings. Karan left from there to get the rang ready. Naina gave the prasad to Meghna it as she was about to leave Meghna stopped her. Meghna got the prasad and made Naina eat it. Meghna thought that Naina will do the same but she moved on. After Naina gave everyone the prasad, she kept the arti plate back on the table. Everyone left from there except Sharda and Meghna.

When Naina turned back she saw Sharda with both her hands out. Meghna high fives on of her hands. Sharda indicated Naina to come. Naina slowly started walking towards them. Sharda and Meghna smiled.

Precap- Meghna kept her hand on Naina’s. She jumped up. Naina reaves everything which she has been keeping in her heart for the last 5 months

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