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Suya – A special relationship (Part 2)


Susheel thinks to go on a walk instead of driving.Later Sejal forces Saumya to drive Susheel’s car.Saumya thinks that if she drives this car then she will meet with an accident and everything will be a flop.Susheel buys few clothes for Satya,Saumya and Shivam. Saumya blabbers something to Sejal and gets escaped.Sejal feels that something is fishy.Then Satya confesses to Saumya that he likes her( as per the episodes running).Hearing to this Susheel leaves the house.She sadly goes to her house where Dadaji asks her not to enter the house as the complete mistake was hers and tells “She should have been a modest and feminine women”.Susheel gets angry and leaves the house.On the road,She sits on one side of the road and thinks about the moments spent with Satya.

She feels betrayed.She gets hungry.She sees a roadside shop. She goes to the shop and asks for some food and also tells that she doesn’t have any money to pay.

Satya proposes to Saumya.Satya goes to his room.He opens the cupboard to get a towel for getting freshed up.He takes a saree.Later he gets the flashback of Susheel teasing him for taking a saree instead of taking a towel.He feels guilty for sending Susheel out.He remembers Susheel.He gets sad.Saumya enters the room and asks Sorry for not taking permission.Satya asks her not to overact as it is her room also

Precap:-Suya meet under a rainy background.Susheel confesses her love to him.

Next part soon.

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