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Saath pheron se bandhe – Diya Yash FF (Intro)

hey guys its me shilpa with an ff of diya and yash..

I dont know y.. seeing their bonding I feel they would have made a great couple..

btw r their any other diya yash fans .. let me know through the comments..

So guys.. basically this story starts from diya and abhay betraying diya ..

In my story it wont be ratan who marries diya .. It will be yash..

This story will be describing their bonding.. how yash continues to support diya through thick and thin before and after marriage.

Btw diyash fans comment and lemme know if you want this story or not.

For all rishta likhenge hum naya fans…


So here is the prologue

The kesar mahal is shown which is fully decorated like a bride..

After all it was diya’s marriage ..
For twelve long years she had sacrificed her life in the name of the promise she had given to maan singh.

And now finally after fulfilling her duties she is about start her own life with abhay..

Talking about abhay diya was and is not sure about her feelings for him..
She knew he always wanted that eighteen year old diya who would be shy and timid..
But right now she was not that girl. She was a brave heart .. She felt abhay never understood her and her emotions..

Even now he treats her as that eighteen year old being cheesy md sugar which she finds very uncomfortable..

She feels abhay is faking himself in front of her.. She cant see true love in his eyes.. She cant be comfortable with him.. She cant share her feelings with him.. then how can she lead a life with him..

But still she knew one thing somewhere she had dreamt of a married life like every girl and she was excited for it..
She hoped her dreams of being a effect wife comes true..

She knew by her age every woman usually dreams of becoming a mother.. But here she is dreaming of becoming a wife..

She left every thing to destiny..

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