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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein- chapter-19



Vikram : Maya ..are you going to talk to vansh

Maya : Yes dad i have called him..he said he will meet me at hevan resturant..

Viraj : Bhaisaab lets gi we are getring late..

Abhi : Where are you two going ..i mean its too early

Vikram : Aaj ek important meeting hai..

Vikram and viraj leaves..As naira was asleep she was confused so Payal tells het everything and she was quite happy

Maya also leaves to meet vansh..As abhi was concerned about her he follows her .And maya was unaware that Abhi is following her


Maya : Hi vansh..

Vansh : Hai maya ..

Maya : Vansh i am here to tell you something

Vansh : oh comeon baby tell me.

Maya : Vansh I am breaking this marriage

Vansh : Why??

Maya : because..because..i love someone else..

Vansh : What are you …our engagement have happened and now

Maya : Vansh ..its just an engagement it was not our marriage

Vansh : Yeah .you are right..but  still now you can give me what i want

Maya : excuse me..

Vansh : I am okay that you don’t want to marry me….but i want some thing from you..i mean a favour

Maya : What favour??

Vansh : I just need one night with you..

Maya atood up angryly and waes about to go..but vansh holds her hand and pulls her close to him..just then abimanyu comes there and punches him..Abhi warns vansh to stay away from maya…and goes..Vansh smirks at them..


Ashwin : Haven’t arjun woke uptill now..

Jhanvi : Nahi..

Ashwin : What..you are looking worried

Jhanvi : Can we talk to Rathores about arjun and maya

Ashwin : Are you out of your mind her marriage is fixed..haa if he had known this earlier we could have done something..

Jhanvi calls s servant and tells hr to keep lemonejuice in arjun’s room instead of Coffee

Ragini comes down

Ashwin ; Ragini ..when did you came to know that Arjun loves maya

Ragini : A day before Maya di’s engagement..

Just then doorbell rings jhanvi opens the door and seez Vikram and viraj

Jhanvi : Aap sab..come in

Vikram : Actually we are here to talk about Arjun…

Ashwin : I know..it was my son’s fault to fall in love with a girl whose marraige is fixed already..

Vikram : I don’t know what happened to both of them..i just know that my daughter is happy with arjun..so we are here to talk about there marriage

Jhanvi : But the khuranas

Viraj : We have talked to them..if you guys agree we can discuss about their marriage..

Ashwin gets up and hugs Viraj..indicating that they are ready for Arjun and Maya’s marriage

Just then arjun comes downstairs..holding his head and Arjun is shocked at the same confused thinking why they are here..Vikram goes to arjun and taps on his shoulder and turns to Ashwin

Vikram : We will do this officially..so todays dinner is with us

Ashwin : Done.. I just want to do this as soon as possible..

Vikram : We too. So I think we ahould take leave..

They bids bye from Mrhrotra mansion..and arjun was still shocked

Ragini : Congragulations  bhai

Arjun : Kyun??

Ragini : Maya di ko Maya bhabi bana ne ke liye

Arjun : What??

Jhanvi : They were here to talk about your and maya’s marriage..

After saying this jhanvi goes to kitchen

Arjun : But vansh..

Ashwini : They have talked to vansh and his family..

Arjun becomes happy and hugs ashwin and ragini

Ashwin: Arjun do you remember .what you did yestarday

Arjun : I am sorry dad..i was out of my mind

Ashwin : You don’t have to aplogies to me..you should apologies to her(jhanvi)

Arjun goes to her had apologies to jhanvi and also promises that he will never ever drink again..Jhanvi and arjun hugs and Ragini also joins them..Ashwin watches the trio

Precap : Mehrotras in Rathore mansion


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