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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-17)

Ragini : Geethu di..did you talk to Maya..bhabi

Geethu : Ha..I have ..

Ragini : Then why is she there..she should be with my bhai..

Geethu : Ragini..woh

Ragini : Don’t tell me she doesn’t like my brother

Geethu : Of cours not..yaar she lobes Arjun so much but she can’t accept this for of her families respect..

The pandit announces the to be bride and groom to exchange rings…Vansh makes Maya wear the ting of his name…and it was maya’s turn..her hands were shaking her eyes wearing red and filled with tears..she looks to arjun..but arjun is also heartbroken..he looks away..

Abhimanyu was noticing all those things qhich were happening around him..

Maya was confused what to do..then vansh holded her hand and made her wear the tings on his hand also..

Abhimanyu drags geethanjali to side of the hall

Geethu : What are you doing abhimanyu??

Abhi : What is going on

Geethu : Matlab??

Abhi : I have heard and ragini were talking

Geethu : What!!

The pushes Geethu towards the wall and holded her more tightly..Her eyes were filled with tears..

Abhi : Is all that you both were talking ture..

Geethu :

He loosens his tight

Abhi : Sorry..but tell me does maya and arjun like eachother

Geethu : Yes..its all true.

Abhi : Then why didn’t maya tell anyone

Geethu : Cause she thought that me and arjun loves eachother..and arjun was quite because he thought ..she is happy with this marriage..

Abhi : How could she…I have to talk to her

Abhi and geethu  went to the hall ..At the same time the pandit announces that Maya and vansh’s wedding will happen after one month..Abhi and geethu are shocked..hearing this

Arjun also gets angry hearing this and leaves from there..Ragini goes to stop him..He pull ragini way and walksout

Precap : Abhimanyu slaps Maya

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