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RagSan – Sanskaar’s Love Ragini’s Hate. (CH-4)


Ragini runs away from park. She cries. Now even her tears have dried up. She comes to Baadi. Here she sees a lady sitting with Sharmishtha and Dadi. They were talking happily.

Dadi – Laado, You came. See who is here.

The Lady turns to Ragini.

Ragini -Urvashi Mashi.

Urvashi smiles at her. She stretches both her hands towards Ragini.

Ragini runs towards Urvashi and hugs her tightly in a bone crushing hug.

Urvashi smiles.

Urvashi – Merra Baccha, kaisa hai.

Ragini who was already broken, she wanted someone for support. She breaks down infront of Urvashi. She started crying like a baby.

Urvashi -Raggu, she breaks the hug. She touches her cheeks. What happened baccha. Dadi & Sharmishta were shocked seeing Ragini like this.

Ragini falls on her feet.

Urvashi- Ragini. She hugs her. Her heart was paining seeing Ragini in such condition.

Ragini faints.

Urvashi- Raggu, bacche….

Sharmishta calls Shekher and asks him to bring doctor.

Here Sanskaar was in his room. Someone knocks on his doors. It was Sujata and Ram.

Sanskaar – Mom, Dad. What happened.

They come inside.

Sujata- Sanskaar we want you too move in life. We want you to marry.

Sanskaar – What Marriage?

Ram- Yes Marriage, See Sanskaar every parents dream of there child marriage and we too have that.

Sanskaar- But Papa. He turns to other side. He closes his eyes. He gets the flashback of Ragini.

Ram keeps his hands on Sanskaar’s shoulders.

Ram- Beta , me & your mom have selected a girl for you, but if u are looking at someone else you can tell us.

Sanskaar- No papa, there is nothing like that. But who is the girl.

She is the girl we have selected for you, Sujata says showing him pic of Ragini.

Sanskaar – Ragini.

Sujata – Yes, She is perfect for you. And i have seen love for you in her eyes. You are happy na.

Sanskaar- Yes Mom, but i think we should ask her once.

Sujata- Dont worry, i know she will say Yes. You be ready tommorow we will go to baadi for asking Ragini’s hand.

She & Ram leaves from his room. Sanskaar closes his room’s door.

Here in Baadi, Doctor was checking Ragini. No one was able to understand what happened to Ragini. Urvashi was just looking at Ragini’s pale face. She somewhere knew that something very bad has happened. Thou she was not with Ragini, but they were very close. They always were in contact.

Urvashi- Doctor, what happened. Why did Ragini suddenly fainted.

Doctor – May be she was tensed and due to high blood pressure.

He leaves. Urvashi calls someone and ask them to book two flight tickets to Mumbai.

As she turns Dadi was standing behind her.

Dadi – Urvashi u are going back.

Urvashi – Not just me, but i am taking Ragini too.

Dadi – What??? But Urvashi.

Urvashi – No plz.. And after seeing her situation i am not let gonna leave her here.

Shekher comes there.

Shekher – Maa, i think Urvashi jii is right. We dont know what happened with Ragini, may be if she will go with her, she will be in a different & changed environment.

All nods in positive.

Here in his room Sanskaar was thinking about Ragini. He got flashbacks of all there moments.

He looks at the smiling face of Ragini in pic. Then he remembers what he did with her & his harsh words. He remembers her tearful face.

Just then he sees his reflection in mirror which had a mocking smile on his face.

Reflection to Sanskaar – What are you thinking Sanskaar. How you destroyed that innocent soul. How you snatched her smile from her face. She loved you, trusted you and what you did. You broke her. You are heartless Sanskaar , you are heartless.

Sanskaar closes his ears and shouts- Enough, No, I am not heartless. I am not heartless. He cries.

Here in Baadi, Ragini opens her eyes and sees Urvashi sitting beside her.

Ragini- Mashi…

Urvashi- Merra baccha.

Just then Sharmishtha comes and says that she has packed Ragini’s clothes.

Ragini looks at Urvashi.

Urvashi- Tu merre saath Mumbai chhal rahi hai. Chale gii naa.

Ragini nods in positive.

Shekher comes and informs them that he has booked cab for airport. Urvashi and Ragini leaves for airport.

Here in Sanskaar’s room Sanskaar was regretting for what he did with Ragini. He hugs Ragini’s pic and says- I am sorry Ragini, i am sorry. He cries hard. Just then someone wipes his tears. Sanskaar looks up. He sees Ragini infront of him,smiling at him. Sanskaar holds her hands.

Sanskaar- I am sorry Ragini, i was blind by my revenge. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you Ragini, Yes I love you.

Ragini was just smiling at him. She get up and starts walking back. Sanskaar looks at her.

Sanskaar – Ragini, where are you going, plz dont go, Ragini. But Ragini just vanished into air.

Here Ragini and Urvashi reaches airport. They check in an sits in flight.

Here Sanskaar shouts Ragini’s name. There Ragini feels something in her heart. Urvashi asks her.

Ragini nods in negative & smiles a little. Plane takes off to Mumbai.

Here Sanskaar sleeps thinking about Ragini.

Screen Freezes on Ragini and Sanskaar faces.

*New entry —

Shilpa Shinde in as Urvashi Singhaniyaa – Ragini’s Mashi. Loves her alot. Lives in Mumbai.

Precap– Ragini in Mumbai, Urvashi’s family. 1 year leap. A strong Ragini. Regreting Sanskaar.

So how is this update……..

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