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Ragsan — Cross Connection (Part 8)

It was the best day for Nikhil, he was getting married. Ragini could clearly see the excitement in his eyes as she saw him sit in between the ladies who pampered him to no end. Some ladies were talking weirdly to him,  where as some were just pushing big ladoo’s in his mouth, which god knows how he managed to swallow.

Nikhil wore a cream coloured sherwani which had slight tints of gold and maroon embroidery on it. He wrapped a maroon coloured scarf around his neck, making him look just perfect. Kabir had met Ragini the night before, slightly getting a hint about Sanskar’s words when he met her and indeed Sanskar had a great choice, she was nice, beautiful,pleasant, well he said that because he didn’t see her anger yet.

Ragini wore a green lehenga with purple bead work, she wore a silver and purple mixed with green set to match with it and left her hair open with curls at the ends.

Being the smaller sister of the groom, Ragini put the sehra on Nikhil and then the barat took off towards the wedding hall where Uttara and her family with other guests waited.

Everything was in havoc in the hall , Sanskar was ordering the waiters to do there jobs correctly, he wore a black kurta with sleek work of silver. Adrash being the big brother looked after the surroundings and checked everything was alright, whereas Suji and Ram were making sure everything was set at the mandap.

Pari who was dressed in a turquoise and bronze lehnga went into Uttara’s room to see if she was ready, she stood behind Uttara praising her “You look beautiful”

“Bhabi” she whined shyly

“Why are you blushing now” she teased “blush when Nikhil–”

She was cut off “that’s enough bhabi”

Pari hit her head slightly “I’m going to miss you”

“me too” Uttara replied as she hugged Pari

Uttara wore a maroon lehnga with golden border ,heavily beaded and embroidered. Uttara’s hair was back combed and tied into a bun, she added heavy Golden and maroon jewellery, wearing dark make up to compliment her.

Soon Nisha came running into the room, she was dressed in blue lahenga with her hair left open with curls mixed within. “the baraat is here” she beamed

“Oh my god” Uttara muttered “I’m nervous”

“nothing will go wrong” Pari assured “when I got married even I was nervous, its natural”

“bhabi, just make sure I don’t fall” she panicked

“oh come on Uttara di” Nisha sighed dramatically

“shut up Nisha and help me”

“sorry I can’t” and she pulled Pari’s hand “come on bhabi”

“where are you going?” Uttara screamed

“To welcome your to be husband” she shouted and ran out with, pari whilst Uttara blushed furiously.

Pari stood at the doorstep infront of Nikhil. Sanskar and Nishs and the rest of the family stood beside her.

Ragini stood beside Nikhil with her siblings and her maasi, whilst the rest of the family stood behind them.

Pari picked up the pooja thali and rounded it in front of Nikhil, she put a red mark on his forehead. Nikhil was just about to step inside when Pari stopped him. “not yet” she informed

“why?” he asked confused

“Let me tell you” she said and pulled his nose. He moaned and looked at her confused “sorry but you can’t take Uttara that easily, can you?” she winked at him  and gave him way to enter. One by one everyone entered the hall.

Nikhil was standing around some men, whilst Ragini was busy with some people. Soon Ragini went towards the stairs to  see Uttara when Sanskar stopped her.

“move” she ordered


“Sanskar please. I’m in a good mood, don’t destroy it”

“destroy it” he wondered “I never do”

“whatever, now move” she said moving to go up the stairs


“Sanskar” she glared at him

“Ok, I’ll let you go today, your looking” he paused “hilarious” he laughed

“Thankyou” then she realized what he said “what?” she asked stunned “I hate you” she growled

“I love you too”he replied with a grin

Ragini stuck her tongue out at him and pushed him aside, quickly rushing up the stairs.

“god I love her” he mumbled as he watched her run up the stairs in the greenish material drifting him to dreamland.

Ragini entered Uttara’s room and said “hey, your looking great”

“thanks” she mumbled

“nervous?” Ragini asked, holding her shoulders. She nodded “no need, I’m sure bhai doesn’t bite” Ragini added mischievously “or does he?”

“Ragini” she whined

“fine, I won’t tease” she looked at her through the mirror “settle your nerves, your coming down in a few minutes”

“oh my god, please hold me, I can’t do this” she mumbled highly nervous.

“sure you can” Ragini reassured

“I’m scared”

“come on, don’t worry, everything will be fine” she promised and left.

Soon Nikhil sat in the small mandir and the priest blabbered something as Nikhil impatiently awaited for his bride. Ragini stood behind Nikhil, whilst Sanskar stood besides her annoying her in some way or the other. Nisha stood a little behind with her eyes stuck on Nikhil’s shoes, whereas Kabir stood by the shoes safeguarding them.

Pari bought Uttara down, Nikhil’s eyes were stuck on her. how could she look so good he thought and how could she carry the burden of that dress. Uttara was nervous, she thought she would collapse any minute.

Uttara was brought beside Nikhil and she sat on a stool next ot him, letting the weddign rituals start. Nisha’s eyes were still stuck on Nikhil’s shoes but she had to get Kabir out of the way”pari bhabi” she whispered

“what is it? stay quiet, the wedding rituals are going on”

“the shoes”

“Oh, go and get them”

“we have to get that man out of the way”

“hmm, let me see if I can do something” She walked towards him and tapped his shoulder.

“yes” he replied looking back.

“you have a phone call at the reception”

“for me?” he asked confused

“umm, well I was told to call you”

“Oh, ok, thank you” and he left to receive his call. There was no phone call, he quickly returned to find the shoes missing “Oh shit” he muttered looking around.

Meanwhile, Nikhil placed the mangalsutra around Uttara’s neck and filled her upper forehead with sindoor, then they were told to stand for the seven rounds of the fire. Ragini tied the knot for them and they took the rounds becoming man and wife.

Nikhil couldn’t find his shoes, he needed to step out of the mandir but his shoes were no where in sight. He called for Kabir. “where are my shoes?”

“I can’t find them?”

“I’ve got them” Nisha said walking from a distance

Kabir turned around immediately “you’ve got them” he said with a glare.

“no, my neighbour has” she joked sarcastically


“so, now give them back” Nikhil ordered

“no, first give me my share of money then I’ll give you your shoes”

“money?” Kabir asked confused

“how much?” Nikhil asked

“not much, just about Rs. 10,000

“no way” kabir shouted”

“well, if you want the shoes then pay, otherwise, tough luck”

“first give the shoes then we’ll pay” Kabir concluded

“no way, I’m not stupid top loose the money coming in my hands”

“we’ll pay”

“no, it never happens, its old trick” and they continued arguing. After a lot of argument Nisha got her demanded money and Uttara departured with her new family after crying in the arms of her maternal family.

Uttara was taken to her new room, settled in a bridal attire, waiting for her groom to complete her. Nikhil was soon sent upstairs but again was stopped, this time by Ragini. “now what is it”? he asked irritataed

“If you want to see Uttara, pay us”

“Why do I have to pay for everything, when there mine”

“Bhai, are you giving me or not”

“ok, tell me how much you want?” he asked, with his hands in his pockets

“umm, Rs 15,000”

He quickly handed her the money without argument “Bhai, aren’t you impatient”

“shut up Ragini, now can I go in”

“of course” she moved out of the way “and good luck” she added with a grin.

Nikhil entered his room to find Uttara waiting for him in her veil. He turned and locked the door and then walking forward, he sat beside her. He slowly lifted her veil and kissed her forehead “you look great” he whispered

“thanks” she whispered back, her eyes still lowered

He slowly lay her down in between the puffy pillows, caressing her, making her sigh in pleasure. His mouth bellowed to hers and possessed hers. Soon he was on the quest of removing her jewellery, touching his lips to where the jewellery once lay and the night went on, both loving each other, possessing each other, becoming one soul in two bodies.

Ragini stood in front of the mirror getting dressed, she made sure her bag had everything and placed it on her shoulder. she stepped downstairs where everyone just stared at her dumbfounded.

Janki went to Ragini and slightly holding her face said “Ragini, don’t tell me your going to the school”

“mom, if you know then why are you asking”

“Ragini, it hasn’t even been a day to the wedding and your goign to work. Tonight Uttara’s family is coming, you should stay home”

“Mom, I’ve already missed a week and I feel so bad, I’m not missing another week. I’m going and I’m not the one who’s married so I don’t have to stay home”

“when you get married, god knows what your husband will do. All you want to do is work, work and work” she complained

“mom please” she pleaded “I’m going, I’ll be back early”

“Go, its not like your going to listen to me” she said turning away

“mama” Ragini flung her arms around her mother “mom, don’t get angry, I’ll be back early”

“Ok, go and come back early”

“bye mama” Ragini pecked Janki’s cheek and set off for school.

Ragini entered the staff room where maya and Sanskar sat recalling the wedding. Ragini placed her things to a side and took a seat next to maya “dadi I missed you” she said embracing her

“me too” she replied affectionately “but shouldn’t you be at home today”

“dadi please don’t start, I was bored sitting at home and bhai got married not me”

“then why don’t you get married” Sanskar replied cheekily

“ha ha ha” she said sarcastically “did anyone ask for your advice?”

“well, my advice has helped many” he answered with a smirk


“before you two start arguing” she turned towards Ragini”you are going to masoori, with some of the school kids”

“masoori?” her face lit up

“yes, there’s a dance competition, so your going with them” she touched her cheek with a smile, whilst she watched Ragini’s face lighten up.

“masoori” Ragini repeated again “I missed it so much”

“yeah” Maya smiled at Ragini “Sanskar’s going with you”

“Sanskar” her face fell, her curve turning into a frown.

Sanskar smirked, displaying his gleaming teeth “really. I’d love to see masoori” he added

“but what will he do there?” she protested

“Ragini, no fighting. Sanskar’s the music teacher, so the music and song will be organized by him and we can’t send one teacher, there has to be at least two, Sanskar was the best choice, accordingly”


“no complaints” Maya warned as Ragini frowned.

“when are we going for this exciting trip?”Sanskar asked. Ragini gave Sanskar a glare where as Sanskar just grinned back.

“since Ragini is back so early, it will be this Friday”

“ok, so we have four days” Ragini calculated


“where’s the accommodation?”

“that hasn’t been organized yet, but the principle will manage it”

“Dadi, I have a house in masoori. I’ll take them to my house”

“but Ragini”

“please dadi, I don’t mind at all”

“ok, I’ll talk to the principle then inform you”

“thank you dadi” she replied giving her a side hug

“your welcome” Maya smiled “The list of students participating is in my cabinet, take it. I’ll go and talk to the principle”

“ok dadi” Sanskar replied as he watched her depart. Once she left Sanskar turned toward Ragini with a grin “so, excited?” he asked

“excited my foot” she pushed him “move out of my way”

“very bad Ragini, are you going to behave like this in front of the kids”

“Sanskar you know what–”

She was cut off “I know, I’m hot”

“shut up and give me the list” Sanskar handed Ragini the list. She skimmed the list, whilst calculating.

“so?” she heard Sanskar say

“what so?” she retorted

“nothing, lets go, we have to announce the trip, I’ve got a free lesson  in the afternoon so lets do it then”

“good thinking Mr. khanna” she replied, walking out of the staff room

“thank you Mrs. khanna”

She turned and stopped “who are you calling Mrs. khanna?”

“Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Khanna”

“Sanskar, what kind of joke is this?” she asked following him

“joke, trust me it’s no joke” he looked back at her “I’ll make you Mrs. khanna within a few months”

“Sanskar be serious this is not a joke”

“come on Ragini, I know you like me”

“what?” she replied, tying to act shocked “Oh please, keep dreaming Mr. khanna” she replied walking ahead

“my dream will be reality soon”

“whatever” she retorted and walked into her classroom.

Later that day, Ragini and Sanskar stood together in the classroom, with the children continuously screaming and shouting about, ignoring there presence, whilst they tried to settle the hyper kids down.

“be quite kids” Ragini shouted again “quieten down” they still didn’t listen “I’ll call the head teacher”

The kids continued roaring there noise, having no intention to stop. “angad what shall I do?”

“let me try something” he turned to towards the kids “Sit down kids, we have an announcement and then some chocolates and ice cream to distribute”

When the kids heard chocalate and icescream they immediately settled down

“Sanskar, you’re spoiling them, they’ll come asking for choclates and ice cream everytime, its a bad influence”

“Ragini this is my style”

“yeah yeah, now start with the announcement”

“ok kids, twelve of you are going to masoori for a week for a dance competition. Me and Miss sharma will be with you on the trip”

The children again erupted with cheers, excited for the trip. Ragini smiled.”there’s going to be six boys and six girls, understood” the kids watched her eager;y, wanting to know who was going. I’ll announce your names, girls, come on stand beside me and boys stand beside Mr khanna, ok”

“Yes miss sharma” the kids said in unison.

Hey guys! Thanks for your love and support. Hope u guys enjoyed this part. Are u guys ready to see Ragsan’s adventurous trip. I’ll try to update next part on Monday.

Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay loved, stay blessed, keep shining, keep smiling & you’re beautiful the way you are…. be yourself!!!!

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