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Raglak : One heart two souls – Character Sketch

Hello, I am a  new writer here, I am user43880950 in wattpad.i am publishing my story here.hope you’ll like this .please share your views through comments.


Character sketch


Laksh  : studying , a lovely boy , very caring towards his family.loves his mother the most. hates shekhar. A very good artist.

A.p : mother of laksh loves him to the core. Married d.p. loves her brother, shekhar and waiting to get his love back.takes care of the maheshwari Ltd.

D.p : father of laksh caring and loving.he went missing in laksh’s childhood.

R.p : younger brother of d.p,father of uttara.selfish but good

Sujatha : wife of r.p,mother of uttara.selfish but good.

Uttara :  daughter of r.p and Sujatha. Princess of the house.loves her childhood friend swara a lot.

Sharmishta : sister of d.p ,dead.

Mohan : husband of sharmishta, dead.

Swara : daughter of sharmishta and mohan. Studying in London soon will return to india.loves laksh.


Ragini : eye of the family. Love her sister a lot.respects her father a lot.studying traditional.

Shekhar : father of ragini and parineeta . Strict . Caring and loving but don’t show it out.hates maheshwari family. Lawyer ,Head in his town.all the people respects his decision.

Janaki : mother of ragini and parineeta. Caring and loving . want to see both the gadodia’s and maheshwari’s together.

Parineeta : sister of ragini,loves ragini a lot. Silent . Respect ‘ s shekhar a lot . traditional

Bala tripura sundari : mother of shekhar and a.p. loves ragini a lot. Funny and crazy partner of ragini.

Other characters :


They will be introduced slowly with the story.

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