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Raglak – His Sins and her sacrifices part 2

Ap was shocked..

That evening ,all the family members had come home after work ..
They were having coffee…

Laksh was in his room as he never sits with His family..

Ap went to his room

” laksh ..  aaj mujhe tumse kuch khaas bath karni hai .. neeche ajao pls.. “

” maa aap janti hai ki im not interested in any of the family matters now.  Pls. Leave me alone. Im a sinner.. I cant make you guys impure by my presence.  “

” I know Laksh.. even we all have done wrong doings.  But today something I tell .. I know you are gonna feel miserable after that … But as a mother . I have to guide you in the right way.  “

After a lot of pleading Laksh finally came down where the whole family was present..
They all were shocked.. As it was after a long time that Laksh had com to the family..

” wo..  I wanted to talk something very important… ” ap started..

” kya hua ap.. what is the matter.. “

” ji.. the thing what im gonna tell you is gonna shock all of us.  And Laksh I dont know how you will handle yourself.. “

” jiji ..  ab kya hua.. “

” listen to me sujatha… we all were worried that our maheshwari khandan doesnt have a heir right… I think our worried are ending.. ” said ap .. not knowing whether to laugh or to cry..

She handed the envelop to Laksh..
” laksh .. I was arranging your cupboard this morning and i found this.. ” she said..

Laksh took the envelop from ap’s hand and read what was written on top of it..


He was shocked reading it..

” maa.. ” he said in choked voice.. guessing what might be inside it

” open it and see Laksh..  ” she said..

He immediately tore off the cover of the envelop.. The paper inside was folded.
He did not have the courage to open it.. if his assumptions are true then he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself.  He would die if guilt .. He would never be able to face Ragini..

With trembling hands he unfolded the paper and hit tears flowed from his eyes.. seeing the pregnancy report of his love..

” kya hai chora.. tell us something.  We are getting tensed. ” Sujatha asks Laksh..

” Wo.. chachi ji.. ra..Ragini.  wwas pregnant when i.. I.  Married kavya and kicked..” He couldn’t completes words.  He was cursing himself for doing all that to that innocent life who did nothing but love him unconditionally….

He was the luckiest because she loved him. He was the unluckiest because she might be hating him now.  He had kicked his child out with her.. how cursed dad was he..
He prayed that no other father or no other husband should face his condition..

” laksh. You should search for my bahu and bring her back with my potha ya pothi .. ” dp said..

” par papa .. I cant face Ragini after what all I have done to her..  I dont have the courage to stand I. Front of her ..  And i dont deserve her.. Im so sorry i can’t bring her back.. its a punishment for me.  I wil have to live each moment in my life wanting to see the love of my life. And my child.. But then I wouldn’t be able to.. I should live each and every second of my life with guilt.  I should crave for their love.. Im sorry papa.  ” he said and left to his room..

The whole family was sad .. even they were guilt stricken.. Swara was too guilty as she knew this all happened because of her in one way. If she wasn’t keen on revealing Ragini’s truth to The family all these wouldn’t have happened..
That say she made a mental note that she would try her best to make Raglak one..

Present. Maheshwari mansion..

Swasan room

” sanskar .. after six years i have got information about ragini … pls.  Hame kuch bhi karke laksh ji mumbai bhejna hai.. “

” haa swara.  .. we actually have a meeting which is to be held in mumbai.  Ill ask papa to send Laksh.  “

” par mujhe bhi ragini se milne thi sanskaar.. “

” swara.. its not only you we all wanna meet ragini.. and also our heir.
But if we all go laksh will get a doubt..”

” achcha.  Now ill go inform this to the family.  “

Saying this swara goes to the hall were all the others are present..

Meanwhile in laksh’s room.

He was staring at ragini’s photo lying on his bed.  It was a holiday and alll were there home.. he didnt go out as he never really talks to anyone now..

He only talks to one .. that is raginis photo.
Eventhough she was not around him.. he always dreamt about her. About them being happy with their child.

” where are you ragini.. I hope you r safe. And our bacha.. i know you would take the best care of him or her.  Im so sorry ragini for not searching for you.. its Just that my guilt isn’t allowing me. .. But i really want you back Ragini … I want a life with you.. I wanna give you all the rights as my wife.  I wanna love you the same way you loved me.  I want our kids to see their parents love as their role model.. I wanna grow old with you Ragini… pls comeback to your Laksh.   He is incomplete without you.. He doesnt have anyone except you Ragini… ” he says looking at her photo..  tears were rolling down his cheeks.. He was guilty .  Sad .  Depressed.. lonely.. And everything a man would never want to become..

He closed his eyes reminding the time when Ragini took care of his needs .. She never let him feel any difficulty.  She was always there for him in his difficult times.. But he. He.. through her about and married another woman in front of her.  When she was carrying his child…thinking of this more and more tears were flowing down..

He felt a pair of soft hands wiping away his tears .. He slowly opened his eyes.. And there stood Ragini wearing a simple light pink sari with her cute smile..

” Ragini….” Laksh whispered.
” laksh..aap na Rote hue bilkul achcha nahin lagtha ” he immediately smiled..
“Haa.  But you wont leave me as always.  Promise me..  “

“Haa Laksh. I promise I wont leave you.. you know why ?”she asked . To which he nodded a no..
” because i stay here “she said pointing to the left side of his chest..

” and so whenever you are sad even im sad Laksh.  If you want your Ragini to be happyy always then you should be happy.. understand.. ”
To which he nodded

” good boy .. ” she cupped his face and gave a feathery kiss on his forehead..

He closed his eyes in a bliss..He was trying to capture the warmth of her lips on his skin..

But as soon as he opened his eyes there was no one.

” once again you were a dream Ragini.. ” he sighed and closed his eyes..

Back in mumbai..

Ragini was in her company .. even though it was a holiday she had some projects to be verified.
She was sitting on her cabin.  She wasn’t feeling good for some time.. She felt as if someone really wanted her.. someone was in need of her.
She didnt want sit depressed so she brushed off her thoughts and was about ho back to her work when her phone rang.

” ragu .. you are coming for my marriage na. Pls dont say you work and all those excuses.. Pls.. I swear I wont marry if you don’t come.  ” the person said.  It was non other than  diya mehta Ragini’s college friend.

She was getting married the next week.

” drama queen .. Ill come for sure.. u dont take tension and dont ditch ratan for me.  ” she laughed.  .

” acha.  Suno.. papa was telling me to take you with me when i gi for shopping today evening..  coming ?? Pls dont say no yaar.  “

” diya.  I have work.. aur.. that time even ragya and raksh would be coming back home from school.. “

” arrey yaar pls.. okay leave the kids with bhai na. You know how much they love each other “

” hmm.. “

” okay.. so meet you at evening six . “

” hmm. Ok.. see you byee.  “

Finally it was evening six..

Ragu dropped her kids to diya’s brother  yash’s house.
And went for shopping with diya.

Yash and the kids shared a special bond.. even ragu could easily trust yash in the matter of kids.

Ragini and diya.. had done plenty of shopping for diya…
They were sitting in a coffee shop..

It was diya who started talking.. .
” ragu.. of your dadi maa wasn’t this strict.. you wouldn’t have been in this condition now right.  “

Ragini stiffened a bit.. But then she thought..whatever diya was telling was the truth …

” Ragini you are just twenty six..  I mean now a days this is the age where usually people get married.
And you even have kids now.. “

” I know diya.. I was so naive back then.. that i never thought about what i want.. I just lived my life for others.”

” ragu what i wanted to tell you is.  You know at this age any woman would want a partner with whom you can share you mr feelings with..one whom you can live your life with.. why can’t you think of marrying again Ragini.. “

” diya.  ” Ragini was shocked.  That her friend came up with such a suggestion..

” Ragini relax.. im telling it for your betterment only..  you are young Ragini.. you have a long life ahead. You can’t waste your life because your first husband betrayed you…”
Ragini was feeling uneasy.  She could never think of anyone else in place of her laksh..
” diya please .. im not interested … “

” Ragini .. my brother likes you.. And he is even ready to accept your children as his.. ” diya said cutting Ragini in between ..

Ragini was shocked.. She had never thought of yash in such a way … He was always a really good friend of her.. And nothing more..

Back to maheshwari..

The telephone was ringing when ap took the phone..

” hello ..”

“Hello.. is this maheshwari mansion.. “

ji ha.  .. who is this.  “

“Ji I am mr mohan mehta.. I was dps childhood friend.. can i speak to him.  “

Oh yea sure.. Ill give him.. ” ap says and gives the phone to dp.. She tells him its his childhood friend..

” hello mohan “

” hello so.. how are you.. It has been so long since we have talked.. “

” im Fyn mohan.. whats going on there .. “

” ha.. its my daughters wedding next week.. And i want you to come along with your whole family.. btw its in mumbai.. xyz hotel “

yea sure..  we will be there.  “

” ji.. so see you next week.. “

” ap…we call everyin to the hall… I need to make an announcement.. And ha.. dint call Laksh until I tell you.  “

She nodded and went..

After sometime everyone were present in the hall except Laksh…

” Swara.. you were the one who told Ragini is in mumbai right.  And we all wanna sees her.  And now we have got an opportunity to go to mumbai .. its my friend mehta’s daughters wedding.. so.. we can actually gi there. For a week or something and search for Ragini.. ” dp declared..

The whole family was jumping with happiness..  aa they could meet their bahu after a long time.  They were also eager to meet their heir..

” ha.. hum sari arrangements kartey hai papa.. ” pari said ..

” hum bhi athe hai bhabhi.. “uthata and swara too joined..

” Aur ha… we will tell Laksh to come to mumbai there is a meeting “

Finally.. a week passed..

The whole maheshwari family reached mumbai.  They were staying in mr mehta ‘s guest house..

Laksh planned to stay in a hotel.. But the whole family forced him and made him stay in the guesthouse…

They had no idea how to start searching for raagini.  They knew she was a playback singer.  But dint know that she was on business.field too.
Since she never shared her personal info on tv they knew nothing about her ..
The marriage was after few days.
Both the families were sitting in the guest house.
Laksh was not at all interested.. so he was sitting in his room.. .But still he could hear the discussions happening ..

” yash beta.. you are elder to diya right. Why aren’t you getting married.. ” dp asked yash..

” wo kuch nahi uncle.. its just.  I couldn’t get the one im looking for.  “Yash replied..

Mohan immediately spoke up..
” dp… its not that. He actually likes a girl.. actually she is diyas friend.. bahuth sad story hai uski bechari..
She was married at the age of twenty aur husband ne dhoka diya.. ab she is twenty six and do bacho ki maa bhi hai.  “

The whole family including Laksh who heard the congo from his room was feeling wierd. A doubt of he is talking about their Ragini..

” and yash loved her from the first day he saw her. .. how could anyone not want her.. She is a gem.  I have been wanting her as my bahu since long.. But then we dont want her to feel bad or something… diya tried talking to her about it.. But she has been skipping away from it. ” mohan continued..

He dint reveal Ragini’s name because he knew she nevr liked anyone’s sympathy..

Her Laksh was getting a wierd feeling.. a happiness as if he is  gonna get something he lost..

” ha.. She is coming tomorrow for the marriage .. you all can meet her tmrw.. without her nothing happens in this house.  ” mehata said

Ap was about to ask the name but then suddenly mehta got a call and went.  Then they went for dinner.  .maheshwaris were hesitant to ask.. what if she is not Ragini.  They are gonna be facing a heart break then.. especially Laksh.  They did not want to give him hopes and break it.  As he had been suffering for the past six years.

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