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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 5)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with rohit and preeti

episode 5…

Shergill heared about the revenge of preeti and he is walking towards her in shocked state. preeti still talking on phone. now shergill is standing behind her and she does not know.

preeti: as you says to me dad to stay at hooda home….because india ‘s hotel rooms are not safe. crime is raising day by day.

hussain: and my child did you take your revenge?

preeti: not yet dad…buy i ‘ll not leave him. once i trap rohit. he throws tea on me and instead of saying sorry to me he just fight with me. i ‘ll take my revenge. i m not spare him.

hussain: hahaha darling i know you will not spare him. well where is Ayesha?

preeti: as usual in the cicle of boys. and …(she turns and sees shergill is standing behind her)

preeti: yes dad ok…i ‘ll talk to you later. sir do you need anything?

shergill: Aaaaaa…(confused) actually here i need towel.

he picks the towel.

Shergill: so beta what kind of revenge you take from hoodas?

preeti: no…not hoodas but rohit. he throws tea on me last night and we had a terrible fight. and today is the bad day for him.😊

Shergill: ohhh…. actually i m just shocked to hear your conversation with your father. i m thinking about your revenge😰. seriously you look a like child now darling.

Preeti: exactely…😌 my father is also says the same.

Ayesha: preetiiiii….(crying)

Preeti: ohhh she is calling me. i ‘ll go.

shergill: ☺ ok

preet goes from there.

shergill: thank god. hooda family is safe. she is soo innocent. thank god i m wrong.

preeti: why are you crying ayesha whats the matter?

kavya: preeti we have a plan. we play basketball now in ground. would you like to join us?

Preeti: sorry i have some work to do.

Rohit: leave it kavya may be she does not how to play.

Ayesha: ohhhh… but

Preeti: (intruppting her) Ayesha😑…

Herry: come on preeti come with us you can only watch how we play.

Ritik: don ‘t worry i will learn to you how to play come on lets go.

Preeti: (looking to Rohit angerly) ok.

They reach the ground and every body start play. Ritik teaches Preeti how to play.

Rohit watches her with so much attitude.

now preeti is also play. she hit Rohit with ball and says sorry to him. she again hits him and at last she played very well that every body is shocked. she played like a champion.
preeti gives the ball to Rohit.

Preeti: sorry as you say that i don ‘t know how to play thats why you got some hits by me.

she throws a ball on basket and leaves.

Dilwale background tune plays.

kavya: r you ok?

rohit: yes i m.

Ayesha: i m sorry guys. she is full on fire. actually she is the champion of basketball in Linkon inn ‘s college.

Ritik: What!!!!😱😱😱😱😱 (he faint).

Herry: ohhh ritik whats the matter get up.

Rohit: lets go guys. he comes himself. get up drama king(ritik).

everybody leaves.

At night.

Preeti is sleeping in her room with Ayesha. suddenly doors open itself and one man comes and sits on bed beside her. he is look like Rohit.The man says ” finaly you reaches your own home safely”. He kisses on her forehead and loves her. then screen shows Rohit is standing beneath her window with guitar.

who is the man who loves preeti. to know please stay to read next article.

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