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Prithvi Vallabh 31st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sindhu conspires, gets Mrinal and Prithvi arrested

Prithvi Vallabh 31st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rajmata sees Mrinal in Singhdant’s room and finds him stabbed. She calls him and asks him to get up. She slaps Mrinal and gets her arrested.

Prithvi and Kalari are coming back to Malwa, when the latter’s condition deteriorates. Prithvi makes him drink water. Malwa soldiers come and asks Prithvi to surrender before them. Prithvi says do you know with whom you are talking to? Soldier tells that we are asked to arrest you on Rajmata’s order for killing Singhdant. Prithvi gets shocked and says what happened to Pita ji. He cries. Kalari says it is a conspiracy. Prithvi hugs him and cries, says how can Maa doubt me. Maha Kay calls Sindhu and asks him to see. Sindhu sees soldiers arresting Prithvi. The soldiers arrest Prithvi and Kalari.

Guru Aditya asks Jakala who has attacked Tailap.

Jakala says there is no clue. Guru Aditya asks where are those women? Jakala says I haven’t seen them since that attacker attacked him. Guru Aditya says he will get them searched and tells that Mrinal is arrested after defeated in the war. He asks Soldiers to get ready for the war. Prithvi blames himself and recalls promising Singhdant. He blames self. Kalari says it is a conspiracy and asks him not to blame himself. He tells that Malwa needs king Prithvi vallabh. Sindhu comes there and blames Prithvi for killing Singhdant and asks him to wait for the death. He says Rasniti, his soldiers team and others associated with him will be given the death punishment. Prithvi tells him that it is a conspiracy not against him, but also against Malwa and him. Sindhu doesn’t listen to him and leaves.

Maharaj Singhdant’s body is kept for people to see him last time. Maha Kay (guilty of Singhdant’s murder) comes there and tells that you was a father figure, not only for Sindhu but for all of us, we all have become orphaned. He says this is not the right thing to happen with Malwa. We can’t let enemies get strong, we have to take some decisions for Malwa right now, I am helpless to alert you all. Sindhu’s wife asks what do you want to say. Maha Kay says Malwa needs a king and I think Sindhu is the best. Sindhu says what you are saying and tells that he shall be ashamed not to understand the conspiracy. He holds his feet and acts, cries. His wife gets doubtful. Maha Kay asks him to have patience and asks Rajmata’s suggestion. Rajmata asks him to declare Sindhu as Malwa king. Sindhu gets happy. Maha Kay says tomorrow last rites will be done. Later he tells Sindhu that they shall not involve the soldiers who supports Prithvi as they plan to attack Manyakheta. Sindhu asks him to get all soldiers arrested and asks him not to have sympathy against anyone. Maha Kay says Rasniti can be dangerous to us. Sindhu asks his soldiers. Soldier says I have understood.

Tailap gains consciousness. Jakala asks where is Kosha, if she is fine. Jakala gets angry. Kosha is in Jakala’s captivity. Jakala comes there and gives her necklace to Dasi and tells Kosha that if Dasi’s value will be same even if she wears her necklace. She tells Kosha that her life is in her hands now.

Rajmata sits near Singhdant’s body and says you wants to win hatred with love, and cries. Sindhu’s wife apologizes to Singhdant’s dead body and Rajmata. Rajmata says I have done a mistake. Sindhu’s wife asks what could be the last wish of a woman, to pray for a husband or to see her dead husband’s soul. Rajmata looks on.

Tailap recovers and misses Kosha. Lakshmi comes to him and says it seems you was waiting for someone else. She tells that Kosha and Mausi ran away, left you injured. Tailap says what do you mean? Lakshmi says Kosha and her mausi are missing since then, and our spy will find them. Kosha coughs. Mausi asks her to tell what happened and tries to give her water, but there is no water there. Kosha vomits. Mausi gets happy and shouts calling the soldier. She asks Soldier to tell Jakala that Kosha will soon deliver royal baby. Soldier is shocked. Rasniti comes to Rajmata and tells her that Prithvi is innocent and can’t think bad of singhdant. Sindhu is declared as the king of Malwa and is made to wear crown.

Guru Aditya comes to Tailap and tells that Mrinal got defeated in the war and was kidnapped from the palace where she was held captive. Tailap says I want to attack Malwa and says I hope soldiers are ready. Guru Aditya says are you ready to attack alone and says my suggestion is to take help from neighboring kings. Tailap agrees and asks him to send message to everyone, says he has less time, don’t know what is happening with Mrinal. Mrinal is presented in the Malwa’s court. Sindhu says welcome you Mrinal. Maha Kay says we get accustomed to welcome you. Sindhu asks until when you and your brother will be defeated by us and says even insects come timely. Mrinal shouts Sindhu raj and asks him to be in his limits. He says you was roaming with Prithvi in jungle and palace, and asks if she has still respect.

Mrinal says you are born in royal family, but couldn’t become king till now. Sindhu says today you will be bent down infront of me and this insult will end Chalukya empire. The soldiers drag Mrinal towards Sindhu. Mrinal says they are dragging your kaal towards you. She is asked to wash his feet with water, but she throws the jug. Sindhu announces that Mrinal has washed my feet. Mrinal swears to kill him and wash her hands with his blood. Sindhu gives death sentences to Mrinal and goes to attend Singhdant’s last rites. Kalari and Prithvi hears soldiers taking Singhdant for last rites. Prithvi shouts Pita ji and breaks the chain. Soldiers come there and try to attack Prithvi, but Bhoj comes there and kills soldiers to protect Prithvi.

Mrinal is taken to get hang punishment. Prithvi comes to Singhdant and cries. Mrinal is about to get hang and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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