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Nimki Mukhiya 31st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki enjoys time at Abhi’s house

Nimki Mukhiya 31st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aunt brings sweetdish for Nimki and Babbu. Aunt says Tinku made it, Babbu says Tinku? Nimki says its his name, Babbu laughs.

Sweety makes food, all are happy to eat it. Grandma says only Sweety can make food like this. Sweety asks Mai to eat something, Mai is pacing around waiting for Babbu. Tettar asks what happened to you now? Mai says show him the phone. Sweety says phone broke. Rekha says Nimki sent photo in which she was making Babbu eat from her hands. Mai says he was enjoying it, all laugh. Ritu says Babbu is doing what he has to do for one month.. I mean for elections.

Nimki talks to Aunt. Babbu sees Mai’s call and says we should leave. Ram, Mono and Mauha comes there. Nimki is happy to see them, Ram says we came to meet Nimki. Nimki hugs them. Aunt says lets

go inside. Nimki says Babbu lets sit for 5 minutes. Abhi says have tea from aunt’s hands. Babbu looks on.

Rekha thinks that Mai and Tettar are hiding something, I thinks Sweety knows it too. Dublo is talking on call and says I will repay your money. Rekha says end call, I want to talk, Dublo ends call and says what you want now? it was important, he was ready to give me 5 lacs. Rekha says ask Tettar to give you money, I feel something is going to happen in one month, they are planning something, you blackmail him for that. Dublo says stop thinking so much, learn from Nimki, she takes care of Babbu so much. Rekha glares at him and leaves.

Scene 2
Mai is waiting for Babbu and Nimki to return. Rekha comes there. Rekha says call Nimki, they must be together sitting in each others lap. Sweety says Babbu wont let her be close to him, he went with her because of Tettar. She asks Mai to eat something, Rekha says yes otherwise you will die. Mai says bring them back, call them.

Nimki makes tea for everyone, Babbu sees Sweety calling and looks on. Elena says Babbu loves Nimki a lot. Babbu says Mai is waiting, we have to go. Nimki says she can wait, you are not getting lost. Babbu says I have some work, I am leaving. He leaves. Abhi asks Nimki to leave with him. Elena asks when will you comeback? Nimki says come to my palace next time, Elena says okay. Nimki hugs everyone and leaves.

Babbu and Nimki are in car. Nimki says I enjoyed so much today, Nimki puts hand on Babbu’s hand but he jerks away. Nimki stands in jeep and enjoys. Nimki asks him to stop car, he does. Nimki starts dancing on road. She brings Babbu out of car and dances with him on rocket humare Sayyain. Nimki imagines him dancing with her and flirting. Babbu makes her sit in car and drives.

Mai is pacing around waiting for them. Sweety asks her to calm down. Rekha says Babbu is not a baby, they are alone, what if he falls down for her? she is a young girl, he can fall. Mai glares at her and says are you saying. Babbu and Nimki arrives home. Rekha asks why you got late? were you roaming with Nimki? Babbu says dont say rubbish, he leaves. Nimki says I sang with Babbu, we ate Pasta at Abhi’s house, Abhi called us for lunch, I thought to call them over for dinner too, I will arrange everything, they are coming on Sunday. Rekha says this is not your house, its your inlaws house. Mai says shut up, its not her inlaws house.

PRECAP- Dayya runs to Mai and says something happened to Babbu. Mai runs to Babbu’s room and is shocked to see something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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