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My Cupcake ❤ OS by Aditi

Hey everyone. Well ,I’m here with an OS . This is my first OS so I hope you enjoy reading.
Characters :
1. Aneri vajani
Aneri vajani
2. Mishkat varma
mishkat varma

So let’s start –
Aneri was sitting on a sofa in front of TV watching finale of her favourite reality show. She was sitting with popcorn in one of her hands and her pillow in another hand.

“Oh my god !!! I don’t know what’s going to happen … contestant no. 7 should better win this show , I voted for her 1220877679 times… but what if she loses.. NO…Noo.. this can’t happen… I’m sure she will win” . Aneri murmured biting her lips.

“Ohh Nooooo… why they do this .. why they had to take a break now 😠😠😠… they should have taken the break after announcing the winner na..😣 I can’t wait now” .She screamed jumping on the sofa in frustration .
She realises that her popcorn is finished.

“Mishkaaat , babyyyy can you bring me some snacks ? “She yells .

After a few seconds , Mishkat appears with snacks in his hands . He hands the snacks to Aneri. Aneri takes the snacks and then gets busy watching the show.

“Do you need something to drink ?” Mishkat asks Aneri.
“Hmmm” . Aneri answers totally lost in the TV.
“Should I bring you some….” Mishkat was about to ask something to Aneri but Aneri gets frustrated due to another Ad break and throws her pillow .

“Omgggggg .. why 10 mins later .. why can’t they announce it now… god damn I need to know the results now ” Aneri yells at the TV in frustration.

“You know what , talk to the TV only now because I’m not going to talk to ever again😡😡😡 here I’m asking something to you and you’re totally lost in TV😑😏😏.” Mishkat says making a face😏.

Aneri sighs and keeps the remote on table.

“Mishk..” she says.
“Go..” he says.

Aneri gets up and follows mishkat to the bedroom. He gives her a look .

“Go and watch your show baby” mishkat says.
” awww babe you are more important than that TV show “. Aneri says wrapping her hands around Mishkat from behind and kissing his cheeks.

“No 😏😏 you just go and yes now tell that TV only to make food for you .. you know what give our engagement ring to that that TV only ” . Mishkat says making a puppy face.

” I am not going to go anywhere “. She says walking towards Mishkat.

“Mishu , my teddy ,babe , I’m sorry na 🙁”. Aneri says holding her ears and making a cute face.

Mishkat tries to hide his smile which came on his face by seeing the child like innocence on Aneri’s face but He hides that smile and pretend to be angry though he is not angry anymore.

“Okay.. If You don’t want to talk to me then I’m going .. I’ll make my dinner myself .. I know that I don’t know how to make it but I’ will learn from Youtube 🙁 “. She says making a cute face again.

She walks out of the room.

“Aaaahhh…” Aneri screams

Mishkat hears Aneri screaming and runs to the kitchen worried.
He sees aneri standing in the kitchen.
“What happened ?? Did you burn yourself ” Mishkat asks worriedly.
Aneri laughs .
“No 😂😂 I just wanted you to forgive me that’s why I screamed ” . She said laughing.

“Are you crazy ? I thought you burnt yourself”. Mishkat says.

“So you’re not mad at me now ? “. Aneri asks looking in Mishkat’s eyes.

“No, I can’t stay mad at my Cupcake for more than a minute”. Mishkat says smiling.
Both share an eyelock and hug eachother.

“Now let’s go watch and your show together” . Mishkat says.

“Yeah.. hey listen ..I love you” . Aneri says kissing mishkat on his cheeks.

“I love you more my Cupcake”. Mishkat says.

Both hug and happily watch the show together. Both enjoy the show together 🙂


I hope you enjoyed reading.
Please like and comment if you liked it. I will be writing some more one shots so please suggest me the pairs.

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