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Meri Zindhagi (AvNeil – Naamkaran Fan Fiction) (Episode 10)

Hi friends.I hope you all liked the 9th episode . And yeah I can’t be regular so after the episode I’ll tell when will I update the next episode . As I’m currently in 11th grade and I have exams now so I can only post short episodes. I’ll try to give big episodes . From April 3rd I’ll try to give big episodes . if there’s any grammatical errors I’m sorry . Please bear with me as this is my first Fan Fiction . And I might be adding some AvNeil scenes from the serial but it will be a bit different. Hope you all will like it.

I’ll mainly focus only on AvNeil story .

If you have missed the 9th episode here’s the link

Episode 9 here
Enjoy the episode
Scene 1:
Mall – washroom and near food court

In the washroom

Aman tries to call umesh but umesh doesn’t pick up .

Aman : (to himself) what happened to him now ?

Suddenly he gets a call from unknown number

Aman : unknown number ? It might be umesh (picks the call) hello umesh ?

Person : (in call) it’s not umesh but me dushyant .

Aman : dushyant you ? What happened ? And where’s umesh ? I’m waiting for him in the mall ?

Dushyant : what ! You don’t know that ACP Neil Khanna’s  team caught him !

Aman gets shocked

Aman : What ! And how !

Dushyant : seems like police are trying to track us ! They might be following us too . They might be there on mall too . So be careful .

Aman cuts the call .

Aman : (thinks ) police here i mall ? I don’t want to get caught ! I need to leave this place as soon as possible .

Aman leaves the washroom .

Near the food court

Avni takes the ice cream cones in her right hand and lemonade in her left hand .

Avni starts walking but suddenly she collides with a person and the chocolate ice cream falls down .

Avni : oops !

Person : yikes !

The person turns out to be Neil . Neil and Avni get shocked seeing each other . They stare at each other .

Avni : (shocked seeing Neil ) You !

Neil : (shocked seeing Avni ) you again ? oh my god ! Why did I meet this crazy person again !

Avni : Now I can say that your definitely following me ! And don’t call me crazy !

Neil : I’m not following you but I feel like you do .

Avni : Have you ever seen your face ? You look like a monkey . And do you think I would ever follow a brainless person like you mr.crack?



Neil : This is a mall . Many people come here and for your kind information they’re not following you .

Avni : and yeah you can’t even drive properly and you can’t walk properly too . You are blind Mr.Crack !

Neil : Stop calling me that !

Avni : And yeah I wanted to ask you . what about my bag ?

Neil : Bag ? (Sees riya’s bag with Avni) you’re having it with you !

Avni : (rolls her eyes) god … not this one but the one Which I left in you car ? I need it right now !

Neil : Oh yeah that bag …. Actually I … (lies to Avni) I threw it !

Avni : (shouts at Neil) WHAT ! YOU THREW MY BAG !

Neil : yes ! I just said I threw it ! Didn’t you hear ? Are you deaf ?

Avni angrily stares at Neil . Crowd gathers and Neil’s team member DD, jaspreet and suketu come there and see Neil fighting with Avni .

DD : (thinks) Miss Avni ? Oh god Neil sir is again fighting with her !

Jaspreet : (to suketu) What ! Neil sir was searching for Aman Mehta and now he’s fighting with a girl ? What happened ?

Suketu : Let’s see .

Avni : I HATE YOU ! You threw my bag in which I had many anime series .

Neil : I’m not responsible for that you crazy girl ! You were careless !

Aman comes there and sees what’s happening and he sees Avni fighting with Neil .

Aman : (thinks) what is she doing now ?

Aman goes near Avni . Riya too comes there

Avni : (to neil) I’m not crazy ! Even I have a name . I’m Avni Mehta !

Neil : see whatever your name is Avni Mehta or something else I don’t care .

Aman : excuse me (to Avni ) Avni What are you doing ? Why are you fighting ?

Avni : Aman bhai see Na this guy is so annoying !

Neil : (to Aman) oh so you are her brother ah ? Please ask her to keep her mouth shut and take her away .

Aman confusingly stares at AvNeil

Avni : Aman bhai see Because of this crack I dropped my favourite ice cream .

Avni points at the ice cream cone which she dropped in the floor

Neil : So What ? That was an accident ! You have another one in your hand Na ?

Avni : that’s for my sister ! Because of you I dropped my favourite chocolate ice cream !

Neil rolls his eyes and takes the ice cream cone from the floor

Neil : (shows the ice cream cone to Avni) Here take your ice cream cone now eat it !

Avni angrily stares at Neil . She then takes the ice cream cone from Neil’s hand .

Avni spreads the chocolate and the raspberry ice cream on Neil’s face .

Neil coughs and He is furious .

DD , Jaspreet & Suketu : Oh My GOD !

Suketu : for the first time I’m seeing someone behaving like this with Neil sir .

Aman : Avni What the hell are you doing ! (Stops Avni)

Riya : (keeps her hands on her mouth)

Neil gets furious . DD , Jaspreet and suketu try to control their laughter seeing Neil’s face




Aman gets shocked when Neil says he’s police officer Neil khanna . He remembers dushyant saying police officers are following them .

Aman : (thinks ) oh god ! Police ! That too ACP Neil khanna ? I need to leave right now !

Avni : Mr.Neil Khanna …So What if you are a police officer ?

Riya : Avni leave it !

Aman starts acting weird

Aman : (to Avni) Avni .. lets go ..

Neil : yeah please . Take her .

Avni : you shut up !

Aman : Avni come … aren’t you getting late ? You need to go to work at the afternoon right ?

Neil : (thinks) now why’s her brother acting weird now ?

Avni : work ? Bhai today is Sunday !

Aman : Ugh … no but you said Vidyut called you and asked you to come to office right ?

Avni : eh ? Did Vidyut say anything like that ? And when did I say like …

Aman : (cuts Avni in between ) let’s go now

Aman takes avni’s hand and riya’s hand and they go out . The crowd too disperses .

nishant comes there and stands near DD, suketu and Jaspreet . They see Neil’s Face . Neil goes to washroom to wash his face

Nishant : (to Jaspreet and suketu) What happened to neil sir ?

Jaspreet : a girl and sir started fighting . She got angry and she did this to sir .

DD , nishant , Jaspreet and suketu start laughing .

Neil comes out the washroom .

Neil : I have never met a crazy girl like her !

Neil Sees His team laughing at him .

Neil : (to his team) WHAT !

DD,Jaspreet , suketu , nishant are unable to control their laughter

Neil : (rolls his eyes) guys you all know how that girl behaved with me ? You all are my team mates and my friends too . Even you all are laughing at me !

DD : what to do sir ? You were looking funny !

Neil : anyways let’s go from here !

Nishant : but sir …

Neil : (cuts nishant in between ) let’s go from here .

Neil thinks about Avni spreading chocolate ice cream on his face

Neil : (thinks) no one has behaved like this with me . Thank god her brother took her away and they left the mall . (To DD) And yeah where’s that guy Umesh Mehta ?

DD : he’s near the book shop . Kamal is with him .

Neil : say them that we’re leaving now and ask them to come outside .

DD : ok sir .

Neil : (Remebers Aman acting weird) but why was her brother acting very weird seeing me ?

Neil and his team leave the mall .

Scene 2 :

Aman is driving the vehicle . Riya and Avni take the sandwich , French fries and pizza from riya’s bag and they start eating .

Riya : Avni you got so many things .

Avni : I’m very hungry . Now let’s start eating .

Riya : me too .

They start eating .

Aman : don’t mess the car !

Riya & Avni : we know !

Aman : (takes one sandwich ) thank god ! We left that place

Avni : I hate that Neil Khanna ! He threw my bag !

Riya : Avni ! Just forget it . Let’s get a new bag .

Avni : but I had many manga and anime series DVD in that ! I lost everything .All because of that stupid crack ACP NEIL KHANNA!

Aman : I’ll get you a new one Avni . Now you both keep quite for sometime .

Aman , Riya and Avni reach home .

Scene 3 :
Khanna mansion – hall and Neil’s room

Neil and DD go to Khanna mansion .

Neil is still angry about what happened in the mall .

Shweta and Neeraj see Neil and DD entering .

Neeraj is seen eating ice cream

Neil enters home

DD : hi aunty , Neeraj

Neeraj : Hey DD .

Shweta : hey DD … and yeah finally my Tillu came home ..

Neeraj : bhai want some ice cream ?

Neil remembers Avni spreading ice cream on his face .


Neil angrily goes to his room .

Shweta : (sees neil upset and going inside his room ) what happened to him now ? Why is he always like this ?

Shweta goes to kitchen .

Neeraj : (eats the ice cream) What happened to neil bhai again ?

DD : he met that girl in the mall again and started fighting with her again

Neeraj : (confused) eh ? Which girl ?

DD : That girl.. what’s her name ? … yeah .. miss Avni .

Neeraj : the girl who took bhai to hospital and saved his life ?

DD : yeah .

Neeraj : he was not nice to her and he was behaving rudely with her in the hospital too . Now what happened?

DD narrates about what happened in the mall . He says about Neil acting rudely with Avni and Avni spreading ice cream on Neil’s face .

Neeraj : Wh… What ! She spread ice cream on Bhai’s face ! No one had the guts to argue with Neil bhai but she ! I can’t believe this ! Anyways . DD do you want ice cream ?

DD : of course !

Neeraj and DD start eating ice cream

In Neil’s room

Neil keeps thinking about Avni .

Neil : how dare that girl Avni Mehta can mess with me ? Thank god her brother took her away and left .

He remembers Aman acting weird seeing him .

Neil : why did that Avni mehta’s brother was acting weird when I said I’m a police officer ?

He then remembers Avni calling her brother Aman .

Neil : wait wait …. that Avni called her brother Aman ….. and … that avni’s sur name is Mehta . Let me recollect Avni called her brother Aman . And her sur name is Mehta . That means ….. Her brother is Aman Mehta !

Neil is shocked to know that avni’s brother is Aman Mehta .

Episode ends

Precap : Neil calls Avni . Neil interrogates Aman . Neil and Aman have a argument .

I’ll post the next episode only on April 3rd .

I hope you all liked the episode . And sorry for the late update . And I won’t drag it , I’ll try to end it soon And silent readers do leave your feedbacks .

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