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Sanchi woke up at 8:00 am. She had a habit of waking up early due to the college schedule. Her eyes were still red due to the less sleep and her body was also aching but she got her lazy self out of the bed and walked to the washroom. She was brushing when she remembered that Kabir was talking to her last night and she fell asleep. She was embarrassed of her behavior and she went out of the room searching Kabir after she was done brushing. She found him in a large room with his gym equipments. She was awe struck by his body. He was working out shirtless only to increase the temperature of the room. She gazed at him for some time and then lowered her eyes as she realized what she was doing. She cleared her throat to gain his attention. He turned around to see Sanchi in her night wear peeping around the room as she was uncomfortable. He quickly wore his sweat shirt and came near her.

K: you are up so early?

S: it’s a habit to get up early. I actually wanted to apologize for yesterday. I was very much tired so I could not resist sleep. I’m sorry for my behavior.

K: that’s okay. I understand. They were surrounded by awkward silence. They did not know what to talk with each other. Just then Kabir’s phone rang. He gestured Sanchi to continue as he got immersed in business talks.

Sanchi went to their room and unpacked her bag. She got busy in arranging her stuff in the cupboard. She placed everything neatly and took out a beautiful anarkali. She went to take a shower. Just as she was passing by the changing room, she saw Kabir’s side in a mess. All his clothes were jumbled and his drawers were also half open. She sighed and began to clean his shelf. She finished and headed to take a shower. She was looking very beautiful in the white anarkali. She went out of the room to explore the house. It was a very big house with all the facilities but what fascinated her was the temple that was built in one corner of the house. She went there and did her daily puja. She then went to the kitchen to prepare something for everyone. There she met Mrs.Kumar, the main house maid. She was an old lady in her fifties. She greeted her warmly and addressed her as ‘malkin’. Sanchi felt weird.

S: please don’t call me malkin. You are older. You can call me Sanchi only.

K: but I cannot call you by your name. You are this house’s bahu.

S: so what please call me by my name only and I will call you Bebe.

K: okay Sanchi. You are just like Kusum. Even she did not like my calling her malkin. They talked for some time and then Sanchi began to cook breakfast. She took the list from bebe about what everyone eats in the breakfast and she began to cook for everyone.

Kabir finished his call and went to the room to get ready. He grumbled while entering his room.

K: oh god! Now I have to find my files from the mess. What the hell yaar.

He opened his cupboard and surprise was written all over his face. All his shirts were neatly placed in a line. His suits were hung in an order and all his casuals were also placed in separate shelves. He opened his drawer and found all his files arranged neatly. They were placed alphabetically in proper order. He was pleasantly shocked by this. He took his pair of clothes and got ready for office. He knew that it was done by Sanchi as no one ever dared to clean the mess he created. He had to thank her for this help. He went out in search of Sanchi. He heard noises of laughter from the kitchen and he followed the track. There he found Sanchi cooking and chatting with bebe. She had her hairs tied up in a bun and some strands of hair that escaped the bun, were falling on her face. She was looking beautiful and he stood there leaning against the wall and watching her carefully as he took in her every small detail. He then suddenly spoke.

K: Sanchi.

Sanchi and bebe were startled by the sudden intervention. Bebe understood Kabir’s hesitance and went away making an excuse. She had known Kabir from childhood so she was very well aware about his every behavior. Kabir came to Sanchi after bebe was gone.

K: I wanted to thank you.

S: for what?

K: you helped me a lot by cleaning up the mess that I had created. So thank you.

S: that’s okay. I understand. She said imitating him. They smiled at each other.

K: you don’t need to cook. The chef is there for this work.

S: I know but I thought to prepare the breakfast at least. It’s almost done. I will bring it to the dining table. You proceed.

He nodded and left the kitchen. Sanchi brought the food to the dining table and served Kabir and Kailash as per their requirement. She helped herself with the food and sat down with them. The breakfast was as quiet as ever. They did not talk to each other nor did they look at each other. Sanchi was missing her family as there was always a lot of hustle-bustle during breakfast. Her eyes got moist as she remembered her moments with her family. The way Sunny and Sanchi would argue over small things and their parents would interfere in their argument which ended up as a fight between them. She was reminiscing all her moments when her phone buzzed. It was of Sunny. A broad smile broke on her face. She excused herself and went to talk to Sunny.

Su: Moti, did you have your breakfast?

S: No hi, no how are you, direct questions? So rude Sunny.

Su: I was missing you so I thought of calling you.

S: even I was missing you all. How is everyone? All are fine na? Papa is taking his medicines on time na? Yare taking care of mumma na? She is not crying much na?

Su: oh god di! At least breathe. Yes everyone is fine and we all were missing you so I called you. You know na that I can’t stay without having an argument with you.

S: how mean, you called me to have an argument. You will never change Sunny. Now don’t irritate me and concentrate on your studies. Okay bye. Give my regards to all.

Su: bye.

She ended the call and went to the dining table. Kabir and Kailash had left as they finished. She sighed and called out for bebe.

B: yes Sanchi, you want anything?

S: Bebe did you have your breakfast?

B: no why?

S: good now please sit with me and have your breakfast. I am feeling alone.

B: but I cannot sit with you here.

S: but why?

B: because we have our servant quarter for everything. We eat there only.

S: but please for today sit with me. I don’t have the habit of sitting alone while eating. Please.

Bebe agreed reluctantly. Sanchi and Bebe sat down to have their breakfast. Sanchi kept on talking about her life and family and their moments together. Bebe also shared about her life and family. They had hearty talks with each other. Just then Kabir returned to collect his phone from his room. He saw Sanchi and Bebe sitting together and chatting. He also heard Sanchi calling the house maid as Bebe. He smiled at the individuality of Sanchi and left for office without coming into notice of the ladies.

Sanchi passed her day with roaming around the house. She had a habit of skipping her meals and thus she did not eat anything in the afternoon. She ventured into the big house and stopped in front of a big library. She was happy to find some books of her type. She began to read the book and soon got engrossed in it. She did not realize the time. It was already 8:00 pm. She kept the book aside and walked to her room as she was waiting for Kabir to arrive. She wanted to finish the conversation that he started yesterday. As she was waiting, she got Pragya’s phone call.

S: Hi Pragya, how was your day?

P: It was tiring Sanchi. There was an emergency operation today which took five hours. You say how was your first day?

S: Nothing special. Just like a normal day. Actually I’m planning to resume the job. I get bored here. There is nothing to do.

P: You know that you don’t need to work anymore? Your husband earns well so just spend it. What else will you do.

S: Stop it Pragya. It is not the time of joking. I’m serious. I love my job and I want to do it. It’s nothing about the money I get by doing this job. It gives me satisfaction and more over this job helped me in my bad times and now that I’m married to a rich man does not mean that I will leave this job. I will send my rejoining letter to SDCH and hopefully join the college by Monday.

P: As you wish but make sure that you ask your husband and father-in-law about it. Well I don’t think that they will have any problem.

S: Even I think so. Well where is Isha?

P: She has a night shift so she is in the hospital. Now you take care and good bye.

S: Good bye.

Sanchi ended the call and turned around to find Kabir standing at the entrance.

S: Oh so you came. I was waiting for you. Actually I wanted to….

K: Please will you bring me a glass of water? He said cutting Sanchi. She nodded and poured a glass of water from the jug that was kept on the small teapoy in the room. She gave it to Kabir and he drank it in one go.

K: I don’t have any problem.

S: For what?

K: Your job. I don’t have any problem if you work. It’s totally up to you.

S: But how do you know?

K: Sorry that I heard your conversation. I did not mean to interfere….

S: Oh that’s okay. You must be hungry. I will let out the table for you. She said cutting him. He nodded and she went out of the room. They had their dinner in utmost silence. She intervened to ask once.

S: Where is Dad? He won’t come for dinner?

K: He is having a meeting so he will have dinner in the hotel only.

They completed and Sanchi helped Bebe and others in cleaning up. She then went to her room and saw Kabir engrossed in work. She went to the library and resumed her reading. She thought that it would not be correct to disturb him while working. She sat on the couch of the library and started reading the book. Soon sleep took over her and she slept on the couch as her body did not support her to walk till her room.

It was 10:00 pm. Kabir noticed the absence of Sanchi in the room. He kept his laptop aside and went out to search for her. He saw that all the staff had gone and the house was empty. He was passing by every room when he saw the light of library on. There he saw Sanchi sleeping on the couch with a book half open on her stomach. He shook his head and went near her. Just he rolled his sleeves of the shirt to lift Sanchi, she opened her eyes. She got up and stared at him with questioning eyes.

K: You can walk or I have to lift you?

He asked with sincerity as her eyes reflected deep sleep. Sanchi blushed at his question and nodded her head in a no. She kept the book at its place and began to move out of the room. Kabir waited for her as he was still not sure that she would be able to walk or not. Sanchi went out followed by Kabir. He was behind her to make sure that she did not stumble with anything on her way. They reached their room and Sanchi went to change. She wore her night dress and headed to bed. Sleep came to her as soon as she lay down on the bed. Kabir closed the side lamp of her side as he resumed work.
Sanchi woke up in the morning at her regular time. She was feeling fresh today. All her tiredness and pain had vanished. She stretched her arms as she threw a look around the place. She did not find Kabir anywhere. She was amazed by the capability of Kabir to take less sleep. He would sleep after her and wake up before her. She wondered at the health condition of Kabir as she got ready for the day. She had to send the rejoining letter to SDCH. She went to the breakfast table and found Kailash there.

S: Dad, I wanted to ask you something.

K: Yes continue.

S: I was thinking to resume my job. Actually I get bored here. There is nothing to do.

K: You are the daughter-in-law of Kapoor family. You don’t need to work. What will the media say about our reputation?

Sanchi was disappointed but she thought not to argue as she was not aware about the media issue and her values did not allow her to go against the will of the elders. Just as she was about to go, she heard Kabir coming down.

K: Sanchi I told you that I don’t have any problem with your working then you don’t need to ask anyone.

KK(Kailash Kapoor): She will not work.

K: Well I don’t see anything wrong in it. She will work if she wants to.

S: Please Kabir, its okay. If Dad does not want than I will not work.

K: No Sanchi. If you want to work than you will work. If I don’t have any problem then Mr.Kapoor should also not have any problem. Sanchi’s eyes widened with shock. She did not know that Kabir did not call his father, father.

KK: Kabir what about the media?

K: I think that they will be glad to know that the Kapoor allow their daughter-in-law to do what she wants. So no more discussion. Sanchi you will do your job and that’s final. She was dumbstruck with the way the conversation was going. She had never heard a father and a son conversing in this way. Kailas also agreed as he thought of the publicity that the company would get after the news would break in the media. Kabir headed to his room and Sanchi followed him.

S: Kabir, how were you talking to your dad?

K: Sanchi please stay away from this. You don’t know anything. She thought not to provoke him in the morning as his day would get spoiled.

S: Anyways, thank you for taking my side today.

K: Welcome.

He left for office and Sanchi wondered about the relationship between Kabir and his father.
I hope that I did not bore you. I still don’t know what I will do but I will post as the story proceeds in my mind.

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