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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 14


SWA: Hmm a romantic weather!

SAN: What?(shocked+ happy)

SWA: ah……. nothing. (In mind): Stupid swara control your self.

SAN: Swara! Woh….kavya didn’t do anything wrong and there is nothing between us except……..before sanskar could complete the sentence. Swara placed her rosy lips on his and started kissing him. Sanskar was totally shocked yet be came back to sense.He was trying not to react but soon he too lost his control. He pulled her more closer to him and reciprocated. After some time they parted away due to lack of oxygen.

SWA: U r only mine (hugged him) and                 I LOVE U!…..

Sanskar hearing those three magical words from her mouth he felt like flying in air in happiness.

SAN: hmmm swara come let’s go down.

SWA: hmmm(in mind) he didn’t even reply me how mean! If I  could have been in his place I could have definitely replied ah! Maybe he needs time I guess so swara don’t lose your hope try again and again.

They came out of their room in the mean time sanskar immediately took her in his arms and started walking.

SWA: What r u doing sanskar?. Though she asked outside she was extremely happy inside as she was is in his arms.

SAN: Because what if your anklets makes sound and disturbs others?

SWA: kind information MR. SANSKAR MAHESHWARI  I didn’t wear any anklets.

SAN: You did and I saw!

SWA: Today only I removed it.


They were now at the outside corridors of the house which is next to the garden. Suddenly it started raining heavily. Sanskar placed her down as he got an important call. He attended the call and was speaking as well as looking at his wife lovingly who was playing with the rain by wetting her hands. Suddenly thunder stormed and getting afraid swara immediately half hugged swara. Both her hands were cluching sanskar’s collars tightly and her eyes was also closed tightly. Sanskar smiled at her and he kept his hand around her. Swara opened her eyes and she too smiled as she felt his hand around her which made her felt protective. She again started to play but soon she closed her eyes feeling his cold touch on her warm waist. Sanskar disconnected the call and he pulled swara close to him. Her back and his front we’re together now. Sanskar sprinkled some water on her face to which she turned her face due to the coldness and pleasure. Swara who couldn’t bear his pleasure so she ran out to the garden. She was totally wet now and her saree was sticking to her body. Swara was playing in the rain. Sanskar was admiring her. Swara pulled him out and both were playing in the rain. Soon swasan went to their room and sanskar changed and swara too changed herself into a top and patiyala pant. Swara was shivering. Sanskar who saw this

San: Swara y r u shivering r u fine?

SWA: feeling very cold.

Sanskar made her lie on the bed and was about to leave but swara caught his wrist.

SWA: Don’t leave.

San: Wait!. Sanskar too lied next to her and swara immediately took a comfortable place in his embrace.

San: What r u doing?

SWA: I’m lieing on u can u see? Moreover it my rights Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari.

San: ok madam, as u wish.

Sanskar too hugged her and soon swara slept. Sanskar still didn’t sleep and was list in his own thoughts……


Today I just wanted to know whether swara likes me or not but today itself I got to know that she loves me and she said those three magical words I really felt like flying in the air and I too wanted to confess when she said but I will do it in a special way. Sorry swara for disappointing you but trust me I’ll make u feel special dat day and till that I should control myself POV ends.

He too slept after kissing her forehead.


PRECAP:  Sanskar pulled her towards him and she feel on him.

I’m back once again. So I really need comments for this chapter as this is my first try on writing something romantic 🙈 so please help me. Do comment and like if u like this chapter 😊


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