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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 13


Days passed swasan has become quite close. Sanskar had fallen completely for her but he really wants to know whether swara has fallen for him or not.

SWASAN ROOM: (Evening 6:00)

Swara was folding the clothes and her phone started to ring, she took the phone and seeing the I’d name a bright smile appeared in her lips. Obviously it’s sanskar. She attends the call.

San: Swara r u free?

SWA: yes! Y sanskar?

San: Actually I left my file at room itself, so driver will come to take u just give him, is that k?

SWA: hmm sure

San: bye!

SWA: bye!

Suddenly swara got an idea so she immediately changed her saree, took the file and left down. She informed everyone and left with the driver. Soon she arrived at the office and entered inside and went to the receptionist.

Rec: How may I help u mam?

SWA: I want to meet MR. SANSKAR

Rec: do have an appointment? And ur name mam?

SWA: No, and my name is Swara, SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.

Rec:woh….woh…..sorry mam!

SWA: it’s k! Where is he?

Rec: Sir is in the first floor in his cabin.

SWA: Thanks.

Swara went up and went towards his cabin. She opened the door and was shocked to see the scene. A girl was sitting in front of sanskar and was catching his hands and trying to flirt with him as usual but sanskar was not giving any head to them.

Hearing the door sound sanskar looked up and saw swara. The girl too looked at her.

San: Swara come in! I asked u to give the file to driver only na? It’s k come!

Swara came in with a fake smile.

Girl: Who’s this?

Before sanskar could answer.


kavya: Oh so u r his wife! Great!

Sanskar(in mind): Wait! Swara is jealous wow wow that means is she loving me?…… Offo sanskar wait and watch let’s make it very sure.

Kavya: If u don’t mind(stands up) can u please wait out.

SWA: (stands up): y?. Swara was burning inside.

Kavya: I want to speak personally with him.

Swara’s anger reached her peak and she slapped kavya hard. Sanskar was shocked.

SWA: This is for asking me to go out (slaps again) This is for catching my sanskar” hand.

Saying this she went near sanskar and caught his hand.

SWA: (looking at him): U r only mine and u (looks at kavya) don’ u dare to come here again if u come u will not know what will I do. Saying this swara took sanskar and stormed out of the office. Here sanskar was happy as well as shocked. He was happy seeing her love towards him and shocked as he never in his dreams also thought swara will react this much.

San(shocked): Swara, what was that?

SWA: How can she touch u…………………………….. After 5 minutes.

San: Arrey stop breath at least a little.

SWA: I’m leaving

San: Wait I’ll too come. Both left in the car and reached home, had dinner and went to their room. Swara was still in her saree and sanskar changed his dress. The weather was like it could give rain anytime now.

San: Swara r u alright?. He asked as swara was little angry when she was in the car.

SWA: y? (Asked normally).

San: Nothing (changing the topic) …..weather is nice na!

SWA: hmmm romantic whether!

San:(shocked + happy): what?


PRECAP: Confession of love but is it swara’s or sanskar’s?

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