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Love ka hai intzaar twinj shots by kiya episode 84

Episode 84..♥️🍺🎊

hi everyone I come here with a episode.
I write in hustle bustle don’t know how’s it. So maaf kardena.. let began the episode.
Episode start from morning..
twinkle wake up with a beautiful smile on her face.she looked at Ansh and Kunj who was sleeping..
Twinkle: (think) twinkle why you think so much this time you know how is your husband were excited like old days.
He didn’t remember about my birthday.
and moreover still one day is left.. Let’s see this Sadu remember or not.. after marriage my special day is become like normal days. I used to pamper so much on birthday my all family planning so much for me now no one😐😐…!She got up and went towards kunj side. Admiring his face.
Twinkle: while In sleeping he looks so innocent but when he wakes up his all devil anger come out 😂😝.She bends down comb his hair with her fingers.she gives pecked on his lips and smile itself.
She takes her clothes and went in
washroom.sometime later she come back from washroom after get freshen. She Smirked kept the towel aside.And went near kunj.Twinkle sprinkle her wet hairs on kunj face.Kunj making annoying face in sleep. While twinkle laugh at him slightly.
Kunj open his eyes and found twinkle sitting near his face Giggling too. Kunj smirked while twinkle don’t know about this kunj is wake up.she look at other side direction. Kunj pulled her and take her beneath him.twinkle was shocked this sudden action.. he come top of her..
Kunj: now you can laugh as much as you can.. she looks at Kunj and giving him confusing look..
twinkle: what is this kunj??
Kunj: acha what about you. Disturbing my sleep why???
Twinkle: no baba why I’ll..
Kunj: huhu lair. Kunj going towards her lips while twinkle cover his lips with her hand.
Twinkle: no kunj.. Kunj remover her hands. Rubbing his cheeks against hers..
twinkle: kunj leave me ansh will wake up.. what he’ll think about us..
Kunj: you should think this before disturbing my sleep siyappa queen..
Twinkle: acha baba now I’m sorry leave me.. Kunj get up from her twinkle too get up.
Kunj: next time I’ll not leave you twinkle.
Twinkle: huhu whatever.. she went towards dressing table and started getting ready kunj look at her..
Kunj: 2 and 3 layers applied more 😂😝😝.. It’s not enough for you..
Twinkle: now I’ll not give you kiss…
Kunj: okay..
twinkle: really.
Kunj: yes..😎😎😎…
she get ready and went downstairs. Later Kunj and Ansh too get ready they to went downstairs..!
Maya and twinkle arranging the dinning table maya continuously looking at twinkle face..
maya:(think) how dare she talk to me like this way.. I’ll see her later..
twinkle:Anjali di come sit. I’ll bring breakfast..
Anjali:Okay.twinkle went in kitchen bring all breakfast things and place on the table.Later all come for breakfast and sit.
Kunj was on phone chatting with Yuvi. While his breakfast still there. Twinkle see Manohar expressions.
Twinkle:(think)this kunj again he uses phone in front of Papa at breakfast time.
Twinkle gesturing to kunj through her eyes. Kunj see this he put the phone in side. Have his breakfast.While eating fast kunj choked..
Manohar:you can eat slowly can’t miss any meeting of yours.
Kunj: no.He drinks water. Again his phone beep. Kunj look at Manohar face even he too.
Kunj:(murmured)Yuvi marwayega kya..
Okay bye I’m done kunj get up take his bag and walk out from here.
Manohar: don’t know kya hoga iss ladke business bas..
twinkle: true papa ji.. slowly. Anjali heard and laugh.!
Kunj reached his office.He went in his cabin. Take his seat busy in work.. He was thinking something..
Kunj: now what I’ll do for twinkle on her bday babaji.I really don’t know about this all kind of things.What she likes. What I’ll do for her to make her bday special till now toh I always forgot her bday.. what girls like to do.. party.. no kunj do something unique for her. Okay one day I have to do something for her bas.. now I’ll do my all work later I’ll think asked Yuvi as well.Later Yuvi and Kunj sit together for coffee. Kunj looking tense this Yuvi can sense..
Yuvi: what happened bro..
Kunj: nothing happened till now toh Yuvi. But soon will happened..
Yuvi: what?? I’m not understanding..
Kunj: Yuvi you know tomorrow is twinkle bday..
Yuvi: hoo yeah. So what you plan for her.
Kunj: this toh I don’t know Yuvi what to do. I’m not good at these things you know me very well.
Yuvi: yes my poor soul😝😝. Pyaar me aadami kya karta hai Kunj now your turn.
You laugh at me very much when I used to planning something for Mahi bday 😜.
Kunj: Twinkle is enough for me to taunting now you too not.. 😐😐..
Yuvi: think Mr Sarna great business man. This time I to want to see what you will do.
Kunj: so you’ll not help me..
Yuvi: yes.. tu meri sautan ke planning kar raha hai and I’ll help you no no I’m not good 😂😂.. okay I’m going I have work to see. And even you too Go and check all files once afterwards don’t yelling at me.
Kunj: ha go don’t dare to forget that I’m Kunj Sarna..
Yuvi: yes. Baby. Bye give him flying kiss.
And left. Now Kunj sitting and thinking what to do.. nothing comes in his mind. Just than Sara comes there to call kunj. She thinks what happened to sir..
sara: sir..
Kunj: yes..
Sara: sir let’s check the files..
Kunj: sara must be known what girls like I’ll ask her she helped me(think).. Sara.
Sara: yes sir..
Kunj: sara you know what girls like actually on their bday you have any idea. This all questions from kunj mouth sound like very new😛😛..
sara: suddenly why you ask this sir..
Kunj: you tell me..
Sara: tell me first everything..
Kunj: I want to give surprise twinkle on her bday and I don’t know what to do for her. So you to girl you know what you girls likes most. Sara smile on kunj..
Sara: sir I didn’t see you this much confused for anything today just for man bday.. so cute..
Kunj: it’s not funny..
Sara: okay sir I’ll tell you.. you do something unique for mam.Girls like surprise very much. You can throw party for her.
Kunj: hmm good or..
sara: or kya sir.. you do whatever she likes.
Kunj: okay thanks now go fast.. they both left for work..
at Sarna [email protected]
Twinkle busy in her work.. while Usha and Anjali sitting and looking at maya and twinkle Both didn’t talk to each other they both notice this.
Usha: now again something happened.
Anjali: seemed like this only MAA.
Usha:god knows about them.
And you anjali beta did you take your medicines.
Anjali: yes MAA. Today I have appointment with doctor.
Usha: okay I’ll tell kunj he’ll take you..
Anjali: okay Meri pyaari maa.Whole day passed like this only. Kunj was hell confused what to do for twinkle.. later Usha call him that take Anjali to doctor. Kunj pick up her and they both brother sister went for doctor.. In car..
Kunj: aur di hows your pain now..
Anjali: it’s better but don’t know why my leg paining so much..
Kunj: don’t worry this doctor is very good.
You are so careless you not go for your therapy..
Anjali: bas mere bhai.. I have brother like you so why need to care of my self..
Kunj: and husband like om😛😛..
Anjali: yes.. I’ll call your jija ji..
Kunj: shhh di this word i don’t like jija ji🤨.
Anjali: acha ji.. what naman calls you..
Kunj: nothing we are best friends. Not jija and saala..
Anjali: uff now I understand why your kids like this it’s not their problem it’s
genetic.😝later they both reached hospital. They both come out of the car Kunj hold Anjali hands, and they went Inside.
Kunj: see you sit I’ll ask receptionist.
Kunj went towards reception. And asked to receptionist about docter.
Kunj: docter mittal is available I have appointment.
Receptionist: yes doctor is available and what patient name please..
Kunj: Anjali Ahuja..
Receptionist: I’ll check it..she check.
Okay sir you go upstairs first right..
Kunj: thank.. they both went in doctor cabin. And take their seats..
doctor: hi kunj..
Kunj: hi doctor.. you know my sister.
Doctor: yeah Anjali. What happened to you know..
Anjali: Doctor I have a pain in my leg slightly can’t walk properly..
doctor: okay let me check.come. She went and doctor check her leg.Slightly swelling comes on her leg. After they again sit.
Doctor: Anjali so much swelling comes on your leg. What is this.. Kunj look at her.
Kunj: diiii…
doctor:did you taking any other medicines.
Anjali: nope.. 😬😬..
doctor: okay fine I’ll prescribe you new medicines. And come have here for physiotherapy.
Kunj: didn’t worry doctor I’ll take her..
doctor: good kunj.. they both left from there.
Kunj: di What you did see.
Anjali: chote sorry..
Kunj: di I need your help..
Anjali: okay what?? Why?
Kunj: di kal twinkle ka bday hai..
Anjali: what 😍😍.
Kunj: and I don’t know what to do so you help this Yuvi kutta didn’t help me now you only the one.. please.
Anjali: okay.. I’ll.. Kunj turned the car and they both went some restaurants. Sit there Oder food. Kunj message Usha that they’ll come late..
Anjali: tell me what twinkle like.
Kunj: di if I know than no problem. You tell me what girls like..
Anjali: Hmm you know I’m very simple and talking about other girls. They loved rocking things.
Kunj: hmm siyappa queen loved siyappa only😃😃😂..
Anjali: Hmm. You make her feel like totally amazing chote.Till now she bears so much.
She changed herself lot. At least let her live one day like what she wants.
Kunj: means.
Anjali: I’ll tell.chote.On her bday no rules’ nothing at all.Just live her like twinkle Taneja not Mrs Sarna.
Kunj: superb di😍😍..
Anjali: family party not okay. You both enjoy bas..
Kunj: I don’t know about this because I never planned anything. Its first time I do.
Anjali:good do your best.. remember like forever.Soon they both have their dinner.
They left for home..
next Sarna Mansion all done with Their dinner. Went in their respective
[email protected]
Twinkle was standing in balcony talking to chinki on phone..
Chinki: so twinkle what you will do.
Twinkle: what I’ll do it chinki like always sit at home. Simply cut cake along my kids.
Chinki: shh.. you know before your marriage we used to do party lot on your bday.. had a great fun.
Twinkle:Yes chinki those days are the best days of my life.
Chinki: what about your pati dev??
Twinkle:as if he remembered my bday never chinki.. just than Kunj entered in room he search to twinkle he about went balcony and stop there see twinkle was on call..
twinkle:didn’t bother for me to do anything on my bday.see even now to he went hospital with Anjali Di didn’t inform me at all. Here I’m bearing his family.
Chinki: let’s do party..
Twinkle: no chinki you know kunj.leave it’s now I’m used too.Kunj heard this all he felt bad about that his family.
Kunj: (think) kunj Leave it.I don’t want to spoil her day already I did so much.I’ll do whatever she wants to do.What she likes
Whomever she likes I’ll call them only..
twinkle turned and see kunj.who just turned his face wiped his moist eyes.
Twinkle:Kunj.hope he didn’t listen anything.I’m just saying in normal way..
she went in room back.Kunj taking out his clothes and went in washroom.While twinkle adjusting bedsheet.Kunj come from washroom wiped his face with towel kept in side.Kunj already tell everyone doesn’t wish twinkle act like nobody knows about her bday he wants to give her
Twinkle: how’s your day kunj..
Kunj: awesome as always.What about you.
Twinkle: good.Twinkle lay down on the bed in sitting position. Kunj about to go down.
Twinkle: where are you going.
Kunj: Arey I’ll come let me see Anjali Di.
Twinkle: okay..come down.Kunj went in Anjali room. He went towards her sit beside her.
Om: good kunj you take her to doctor.
Kunj: hmm and di did you take your medicine I just come here to check you.
Anjali: uff babaji this Both mans.. my dear pati dev and bro I take my medicine.
Kunj: and applied that oil..
Om: I did kunj.
Kunj:good di.
Anjali: now you go and set with your twinkle. Now only some minutes are left in her bday..
Twinkle: see this kunj didn’t come till now. It’s 11:30. Huhu.why I had expectations from him. Huhu.She covered her face. And sleep. Kunj come in room. And see twinkle fully covering with blanket. He smiles on her.
Kunj: so bday girl sleep.Kunj went beside her. He was just checking the time.. after only 1 minute is left. Kunj removed blanket from twinkle face see her she actually slept.Kunj admiring her face.. Took her hands in his..
Kunj: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, and last happy bday twinkle I wish your all wishes comes true.You always be happy in your life.
Best bday to the most perfect woman in the world who chose to love an imperfect man like me.😛😛.Kunj kissed on her forehead.Whisper in her ear happy birthday Twinkle.. if is in my hands I’ll give you all happiness of this world twinkle and I’ll do my best to keep you happy forever never let your smile fade away from your lips. I know that I often don’t say this, but you are the most precious thing that exists in my life. I love you with every beat of my heart, and I am so proud that you are my woman for life, and I am your man for life. I will love, cherish and support you for as long as I live. Happy birthday.🎊🎁🎂
just twinkle snoring sound echo in whole room.
Kunj: see this sleeping beauty. Uff. But I love her babaji.. Give her what she wanted please her all pain and tears give to me and give her my happiness too. I LoVe you my jaan..Kunj cuddles her tightly and sleep.
Next day.. a beautiful morning..
A beautiful couple sleeping in each other embrace holding each other so protectively than on one can’t separate them from each other’s.Twinkle feeling cold she slightly moved but due to kunj grips she can’t.. she open her eyes and found herself under kunj embrace..
twinkle: look at this peacefully he sleeps. Seriously he didn’t remember my bday what type of husband he is.. Kunj was wake up he listen whatever twinkle saying.. But controlling his smile.. I thought and wish to that you wish me first this can’t happen in this life.huhu.making puppy face. She come out from his grip anyhow went in washroom. Kunj open his one eyes check whether she went or not..
Kunj: uff she went in washroom. Kunj smile
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA.Just wait and watch I’ll make your bday so special till now nobody makes for you.So get ready for your freedoms live your life fully.. today you are just twinkle not my wife..Kunj took twinkle photo frame from bed side table.He looks at photo.
Kunj:Meri pyaari Punjabi Pataka beauty with brain 😘. I loved to tease you twinkle lot.. sorry I have to do. When you see your surprise I want to see that smile on your face which you deserve from long back.
It’s your birthday Twinkle but I feel like it’s my day i feel so good. Uff babaji this girl Make me crazy totally behind her.. 😍😍.
♥ I wish I could attach my heart to this Birthday wish. That’s how much you mean to me. I wish you be always happy and I’ll do everything to make you so twinkle.
Whole day you’ll curse me I knew it.
Before she comes I’ll get ready still many things is left.Kunj kiss on the photo. He gets up take his clothes went in another
washroom.Twinkle come back after get freshen up.Her eyes went on the bed find its empty Kunj is not there.
Twinkle:where is kunj went now. Really he is dumb. 😩😩😩..she went towards dressing started getting ready.Just than Kunj entered in room.Twinkle look at with her narrow eyes.Kunj look down. Twinkle playing with her hairs.
Kunj: Twinkle please let me ready fast I have meeting so..
twinkle: why?? Let me first you will get ready afterwards..
Kunj: why?? What special day is it.. let me think twinkle get happy.
Twinkle:(think) it’s means he remembers say na kunj please..
Kunj: no special is today Twinkle.. if this siyappa queen will not let me get ready I’ll get late I have done so many works. (Think)..
Twinkle looking beautiful today.. You were going anywhere on some function.Twinkle kept the hair brush with a loud noise. Gritting her teeth. She tuned towards kunj side.
Twinkle: why if any function is there than now I have right to get ready kunj.. Kunj nodded his head in no. It’s my wish I’ll get ready anytime anywhere.
Kunj:yeah I’m just simply saying.Twinkle give him angry look. Went downstairs while Kunj laugh..
Kunj: uff this much anger she beat me today in anger babaji.. if she is like this only than in whole day she burned in her hot anger and become burned barrique hehe😛😛😜😜… that’s not fair 😛. But It would be best end of the day.. Kunj get ready went in balcony do some calls.
Twinkle went downstairs. Everyone is in hall they all look at twinkle face, and they give her smile..
twinkle: I know they all know about my bday.
Usha: Twinkle Puttar please go and check breakfast.. twinkle eyes pop out. Funny tune play in bg.
Twinkle: yes mummy ji.she went in kitchen. Other laugh at her..
Anjali: aww she must be thinking that we all wish but chote bhi na..
twinkle went in kitchen maya look at her.
Twinkle give her smile while maya didn’t.
She helps her in work. Later Kunj downstairs. Everyone was sitting having their breakfast..
Bebe: Kunj come have your breakfast.
Kunj: no Bebe I’m already get late, so I’m going I have a meeting out of the town.
So.. he said and left from there.All look at twinkle face.She didn’t have her breakfast fully as well. After sometime later.
Ansh and aayat come towards twinkle who cutting vegetables.They both sit beside twinkle.
Ansh: mamma.
Twinkle: you both go from there don’t tease me.
Aayat: why we will. Chachi we come here to say you that. Twinkle look at them..
Twinkle: what??
Ansh / Aayat together: happy birthday mamma by mistakenly Aayat to say mamma.
Aayat: I mean chachi.twinkle look at with wet eyes. She cupped her face.
Twinkle: it’s okay. You both remember my bday how?
Ansh: simply mamma the way you remember our bday. So we too na. Now we don’t have gifts for you.
Aayat: haa me too. Our hands are empty.
Twinkle: I don’t want nay gift your wishes is enough for me. She kissed on their cheeks cuddled them my baby.(think)
This bday is really special for me. First time to hear mamma from your mouth Aayat it’s very priceless for me.. You don’t know what you give me today. By mistakenly hi sahi..😍😍😍😍… see kunj should learn something from my kids they both remember my bday, but he was not. And other too.
Aayat: now give us return gifts.
Twinkle: acha ji. Okay I’ll give you both whatever you both want.nothing is more important than you both for me.. Anjali come there and see this.
Anjali: what’s going on.. bacha party.
Ansh: bua today is mamma bday. Anjali closed her eyes..
Anjali: (think) uff they both disclosed it now. Ohh bday happy birthday Twinkle.
Twinkle: thank di.. other all comes and wish her..
Anjali: I’ll tell to chote this. But I’ll not tell twinkle about her surprise. She went side call to kunj.. He received her call.
Kunj: yes di..
Anjali: chote we all wish twinkle.
Kunj: why??
Anjali: because your two babies wish her so.
Kunj: okay fine but don’t let her come to know about tonight surprise okay.
Anjali: okay.. they end their calls. After sometime. Anjali and Twinkle sitting in room.
Anjali: so what’s your plan today.
Twinkle: no plan di..
Anjali: so what chote gives you..
twinkle: your chote for give me gifts never firstly he didn’t remember my bday how can he wished me. Huhu.See di each and every one wishes me, but he was not. His wish is very important for me and special to. And he went for office.
Anjali: he let him and it’s very bad. You know om did so much on my bday.. she purposely said this all to increase twinkle anger more 😝😝..
Twinkle: so lucky di.ek mera sadu hai.
Twinkle shows Anjali her old picture of bday.
Other side kunj fully busy in bday preparations.
Kunj: I wanted everything is perfect.
Man: okay I’ll try. My best.
Kunj:not try I wanted best bas that’s it.
Sara you see this all I’ll go and check other work too. Kunj check his phone see twinkle miss-calls many.. he smiled.
Kunj: just wait my queen some hours.
It’s all set to make your day the best day..
Kunj standing under in sunlight fully drenched in sweat.. Chinki call to twinkle.
Twinkle: Yes chinki.
Chinki: Twinkle please you help me today.
Twinkle: what?
Chinki: I’m going out so you to please
come with me..
twinkle: but how can I chinki without kunj.
Anjali standing there only. She heard.
Anjali: Twinkle you can and moreover chote is not here he went out so you can I’ll manage kids. Twinkle looks at here.
Twinkle: still.
Anjali: it’s final. She takes the phone from chinki. Chink twinkle will go with you okay.
Chinki: okay di.. they end their call.. twinkle playing with her duppta in nervousness.
Twinkle: di you don’t know kunj.
Anjali: offo Twinkle I know him very well go and enjoy your day at least. Go and get ready.
Twinkle: okay. Anjali went downstairs. While twinkle went towards wardrobe she just confused what she wears.Just than Anjali comes there with a box in her hands. Twinkle turned and look at her.
Twinkle: Yes di..
Anjali: Twinkle someone sent this for you.
Twinkle: for me.. Who.? Twinkle take the box from Anjali hands. No name is here.
Anjali: you will get ready letter first come downstairs.She holds her hands take her downstairs. Everyone is standing in hall.
Twinkle and Anjali went towards. Twinkle eyes went on table place in middle. And moreover one cake is there. Twinkle read her name and smile with tears full.She looks at everyone’s. Who giving her smile back.
Twinkle: this all awww.
Usha: come beta and cut the cake.
Twinkle: hmm.
Sheetal: what type of bday is this no husband 😏😏😏…
Anjali: so what.. let’s cut the cake.. twinkle took knife in her hand along with ansh and Aayat. Twinkle blow the candles.all clap for her.. twinkle cut the cake feed her kids and each and everyone.
Twinkle: see all family members did so much fun. See kunj is not here for me.. huhu.
Anjali: go and get ready chinki will be come at anytime.
Twinkle: yeah ansh and Aayat applies cake on twinkle face.. they enjoyed lot.
Twinkle went in her room back. She open the box and find beautiful short back dress and with letter..!! Twinkle started reading the letter.
{I want to tell you that I need you here with me from now on. I live day to day thinking about you. I picture everything about you in my mind, as if you were really here beside me. When I fall asleep, I dream of you, and I can feel you near me.
My world is spinning and I can’t sleep. My throat closes whenever you speak. My heart bursts just being around you. I take note of your every word, your every movement. My eyes drop down whenever you look at me with that bashful smile Twinkle} and your secret admirer. Twinkle get confused who is he..
twinkle: offo babaji now who new person come in my life. Twinkle took the dress in her hands. It’s really a pretty and hot as well.Who send this to me.. may be that unknown number baba I’m in deep trouble. Anjali come in room.
Anjali: Twinkle still you not getting ready. Go fast. She went near her see the Dress in her hands.
Anjali: nice dress. Twinkle give her shocked and confused look.
Twinkle: di I don’t who send me this.
Anjali: maybe your some friends.
Twinkle: my friends never they can’t. Di.
Anjali: let it be na twinkle this dress is perfect you go and wear this..
twinkle: what (in shocking way). No di your chote will kill me on my bday.if he saw me in this type of clothes..
Anjali: Twinkle you toh wear it.. western dress.
Twinkle: I wear it before meet with kunj not now. I loved this type of dress. But now no.
Anjali: so what go and wear it even I to want to see my bhabhi how she look in this hot attire. Anjali winked at her while twinkle laugh..
twinkle: I’m just wearing because of you.
Anjali: okay ji. Go fast.. twinkle went in washroom later she come out of the washroom. She was hell nervous in this dress. Anjali heard door opening sound she sees twinkle and just surprised to see her.
Anjali: OMg Twinkle you looking really hot.
Twinkle: true di..
Anjali: yes I loved it..
twinkle: Kunj..
Anjali: no more kunj.Twinkle did light make up she look really gorgeous.
Other side kunj standing just then he feels dizzy about to fall but Sara helped him.
Sara: sir what happened.
Kunj: nothing I’m fine.
Sara:sir please sit you didn’t have anything this will be happened na only.
Kunj: stop Sara. Kunj check the time.
Sara: everything is done sir.You rest for sometimes. Kunj check the times. Uff time went so fast still work is remain.
Sara: I’ll see you go and get ready sir.
Kunj: thanks Sara.
Sara: my pleasure sir.. I’ll see twinkle gifts.
Kunj went from here.Twinkle come down anyhow nobody saw her. Chinki waiting for her in car already. Twinkle open the car door and set beside her.
Chinki: uff twinkle looking hot.
Twinkle: acha ji.First let’s go from here before anyone sees me in these clothes.
Chinki: okay.driver started the car.
Twinkle: well chinki where are you going where is baby.
Chinki: my baby with my mom. We just going out that’s it small treat for you.
Twinkle: what.. Chinki yaar.
Chinki: well don’t worry kunj is not here.
Twinkle: don’t take his name In front of me.Since from morning he didn’t call me. First he didn’t remember my bday. Everyone wishes me expect that him. Huhu.
My whole day wasted Chinki without him.
Chinki: forget it.Soon they reached some place its totally lonely place nobody is there.Twinkle and Chinki come out of the car. Well twinkle looking at place. It’s beach.
Twinkle: chinki yaar where you took me.
Chinki: just wait na twinkle yaar.
They moved further and see it’s all drank.
Just than a loud sound comes.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINKLE. She turned find so many people there.She gets surprised to see her all college friends. She doesn’t know how to react. Her friends group comes immediately and hugged.
All saying loudly as they can. Happy birthday Twinkle little star.. her happiness has no boundaries to see her old friends after so many years. Just one by one all lights on. It’s really a beautiful ambiance
Whole beach dress up with small lights. Colorful.Perfect set up for a perfect night.
Twinkle: what is this.. before she could speak more.Someone come from back and hugged her tightly. It’s non other than Yuvi.
Yuvi: hi bhabhi ji..😛😛.
Twinkle: Yuvi. Her eyes went on mahi and Asha and Naman Rishi and Sanaya as well.
Mahi: di happy birthday she hugged her. Naman to wish her.
Twinkle:thanks everyone.But I’m not getting anything. Other side. Kunj was getting ready he done finally. He looks at himself in mirror.
Kunj: uff Kunj looking killer 🤨😛. OFish I’m late let’s go then.He come out of the washroom and went where Sara standing just waiting for kunj only. Sara tuned and look at Kunj she gets surprised to see kunj.
Kunj: let’s go.
Sara: sir you look totally different Kunj raise his eyes brows in questioning way.
Kunj: means.
Sara: means sir you look like some college boy. 😘😘..
Kunj: he ruffled his hairs thanks. Even you too 😝.. they both went towards beach side.They see everyone is standing there.
Twinkle:please guys tell me who did this.
Yuvi: any guess..a voice comes. Kunj standings slightly far. He takes Mike.
Kunj: so hi Twinkle.Everyone finds from where this voice comes.I know you must be thinking what is this.It’s just a small gift for you from my side. I know when you know who did this you must be shocked because it’s unexpected to me. Well better late than never.Twinkle was hell confused now.
Twinkle: who are you??
Kunj: you know me very well. So here HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINKLE.Kunj coming near her. His face seeing blurry twinkle can’t see properly well.Other just smile.
Twinkle see kunj face and shocked. Kunj see her expression and laugh on her cuteness. Twinkle looking whole beach decorated by lights and candles. Small bulbs hanging on the tree.Cool breezes coming from sea. Twinkle look at Kunj.
Twinkle: kunnnjjj.
Kunj: yes it’s me.. kunj naam toh suna hi hoga 😛😛😋. So how was my surprise twinkle.
Twinkle: surprise it’s you who done this all.
Kunj nodded his head in yes.. twinkle went towards him. Happiness clearly seeing on her face. She still can’t believe it.
Kunj: why you so shocked twinkle.
Twinkle: you remember my bday kunj?
Kunj: yes I remember how can I forget your Bday yeah I did many times not now.
Twinkle: than why don’t you wish me I wanted you to wish me first.
Kunj: I was only the one who wish you first on perfect correct time.
Twinkle: hoo.. 😱.
Kunj: yes my dear wifey. But you sleep, so I wish you when you sleep. According to your wish I wished you first 🤩😘.
Twinkle: really kunj I can’t believe it. She hugged him tightly. I thought you forgot my bday but you remember uff babaji I’m so happy today. Why you not tell me. Whole day I tell you so kunj behind your back.
Kunj: ohh so bad.. 😓😓. Twinkle break the hug and look at Kunj just. Kunj cupped her face and kissed on her forehead.
Happy birthday again. Kunj took hers hands in his. ♥ It is difficult to buy a gift for you, sweetheart. Because I want to buy you the entire world for you. Wish you a very happy and sweet birthday.
I promise to make your day as special as you are to me, and I promise to make your year even more special.. other’s hooting for them. Twinkle was overwhelming with this all. She had tears in her eyes..
♥ Happy Birthday, my beautiful sweetheart. I wish you a very sweet and warm life, filled with love and laughter. ♥ On this special day, twinkle I can’t express what I feel today. I want to give you each and everything that makes you happy. I promised to you I’ll make your day every time special no one can’t make it. You are really special for me. ♥ I wish I could attach my heart to this Birthday wish. That’s how much you mean to me.I wish you always be happy and I’ll do everything to make you happy.
Twinkle: thanks kunj..
Yuvi:done guys lets began the party.
Twinkle:how you all guys comes.
Her all friends say just because of Kunj.
Sofi: yes twinkle Kunj invited us.
Chinki: and this all kunj plan to take you here.Twinkle looking at Kunj.
Rishi: you guys comes we go.. they all went. While Kunj and twinkle standing there.Twinkle was just freezes tears escape from her eyes. Kunj see this before her teardrops falls down kunj forward his hand and drop fall down on kunj hands.
Kunj: why this tears twinkle.
Twinkle: really kunj you call my all friends here and give me this surprise.
Kunj: yes I call. I did everything the way you like it. This beach night party your friends everything done like you want.
Twinkle: how you get to know about this all.
Kunj: I’m Kunj Sarna wifey I can do everything it’s not hard to get to know anything about you.. how’s my surprised.
Twinkle:superb Kunj infect I loved this all.
Twinkle look at Kunj and lost in his hotness.Hmm Kunj looking handsome.
Kunj:even you to not twinkle.Twinkle realized what she wore it.She afraid. Kunj see this in her eyes..
Kunj: don’t worry you looking gorgeous in this dress. I loved.
Twinkle: you don’t have any problem with this..?
Kunj: why would I. I only send this.
Twinkle: what this you send.
Kunj:yes my wifey now don’t be shocked more.
Twinkle:Kunj I really love you.
Kunj: even I too.Go twinkle live your day fully don’t think this you are twinkle Sarna just think you are old twinkle Taneja who live her on her teams and condition today no kunj rules you are trurly free I’m giving you all freedom enjoy your day with lots of fun and smiles.I already makes your bday worse not anymore.
Twinkle:don’t say this kunj without I’m nothing.I want to live my single second with kunj.I don’t have any complaints.
Still tell me na..
Kunj: Arey this all me and di and Sara did.
I thought to give you surprise party so. And I asked about your all friends to Leela Maa. So. Now let’s do everyone is waiting for my bday girl panjabi pataka beauty with less brain 😛😛.Twinkle smiled. She really happy. She tightly hugged him.
Twinkle:you know how much I miss you whole day.
Kunj: hmm. Let’s go twinkle Kunj hold her hand went towards everyone..
(twinkle dress link)

(Kunj dress link)

Twinkle eyes stuck on arrangement dj drink bar everything is perfect on their place..
Party arrangements links..

Asha: so let cut the cake than enjoy the night.
Kunj:superb.Rt and leela to comes. Twinkle ran towards them and cuddles her parents kunj admire her smile.
Twinkle: MAA Papa.
Rt: happy birthday beta..
Leela: yes twinkle happy birthday god bless you.
Twinkle: thanks MAA and Papa. Come let’s cut the cake.they all stand in circles.
Twinkle: Arey kunj where is everyone.
Kunj: everyone is here only twinkle.
Twinkle: I mean mummy ji and Papa other family members ours.
Yuvi: Twinkle your family members is here only well not kunj family members.
Twinkle: what do you mean.
Kunj:leave it twinkle it’s not family party so you don’t think about everyone.Let cut the cake.
Twinkle:still kunj.Kunj hold her hands gestures her cut the cake. Twinkle took the knife and along with kunj she cut the cake. It’s really beautiful cake in heart shape. All claps for twinkle and fire lights lit too.Twinkle took the cake piece and feed kunj first even Kunj to feed her. Applied on her cheeks. Like this she feed everyone they too.
Rt: you all kids enjoy party we will go.
Leela: okay bye. Enjoy.They left.Twinkle friends:twinkle let’s dance haa.
Kunj:yes go ahead. Music on in full swing.
Her friends went towards dance floor they started dancing on the music beats.Kunj and his friends sit in other side.
Rishi: so formal Friends 😝😝😝.They should learn something from us..
Yuvi: true.
Naman: haa this twinkle friends and Mahi too same. 😝😝..
Kunj: what about you..
Yuvi: by the way kunj how you did this all.
Kunj: itself I don’t have useless pa like you😝. See.
Yuvi: chup saale..
Naman: let’s drink.
Kunj: hmmm.They all went towards bar side Oder drink started drinking.
Yuvi: tonight just lost in the drink 😛.Kunj see twinkle dancing with her friends fully. She really happy from bottom of her heart.Her hairs flying in air.Kunj clicked her pictures.
Kunj: just happy like this twinkle. Twinkle laughing with her friends on their jokes Mahi sitting in side due to her baby bumped. 😂😂..
Yuvi: so secret photographer ji..
Kunj: Saale what did you say in front of her ha.
Yuvi: Arey what I said wrong kunj.
Kunj: shut up I want she just happy I don’t want anyone spoilt her mood. So. Twinkle see kunj she stops the dance and went towards him.
Twinkle: Kunj let’s come and dance na..
Kunj: yeah.anything for you.Kunj get up went towards her dance floor. They both dancing along with everyone. Many songs play in bg mashups songs..
Twinkle: thanks kunj.
Kunj: bas.twinkle cheeks on his cheeks.
After they tried with dance. Again went towards bar.. twinkle take butterscotch beer 🍺 glass( it’s not a alcohol) and drink it.
Yuvi: cool twinkle. Rishi pours whole jar of drink on Naman.
Kunj: good😂😂😂..
Rishi: twinkle used to do party like this..
twinkle: yes not now.
Yuvi: but this Naman never give us treats.
Rishi: you know when we are in 12 std he just give us pizza party 😝😝saale chindi.
Sofi: so you guys never do party..😝😝
Yuvi: party we did numbers of can’t count. 😂..
Kunj: yup..
Yuvi: bro don’t drink too much last time you drink went in icu😂😂😂..
Kunj: very lame.after they all sit down on the cold sand. Have their dinner. Just than Anjali call come to kunj.
Kunj: hi di.
Anjali: what’s going on.. twinkle loved it.
Kunj: yes di she loved it.. thanks..
Anjali: not say thanks to me Chote okay you enjoying. Bye..
Kunj: bye di. Twinkle asked to Kunj.
Twinkle: kesh ka call ta??
Kunj: Anjali Di..
Twinkle: I don’t understand why you didn’t call everyone ha and even not Anjali Di..
Kunj: KYa twinkle. I don’t want anyone spoils your day so.Now you don’t think about everyone.So kunj where is twinkle gift.
Twinkle: ha where is my gift. 😝.
Kunj: yeah I’ll give you. Kunj take out one heart pendal love written on that. Kunj make her wear it. Twinkle touch the pendal.

Twinkle: aww kunj it’s so pretty 😍😍❤.
Kunj: not more than you.
Rishi: let’s play games.they all started play games.
Sofi: twinkle what you want that kunj did for you special now..
twinkle:hmmm. Me I wanted that.
Kunj: tell.?
Twinkle: you sing for everyone I want even me for me too now please.
Sofi: awesome kunnjjjjjj. All hooting.
Kunj:okay I’ll. ohh O ohhh
Baby, Come, stand by my side
Come n be my guide in life
O i will be what you want me to be
I will give all my love in whole of my life.
He went towards twinkle take her hands.
He sit on his knees in front of her..
SOniyo O soniyo
Tumhein Dekhta hoon to sochta hoon bas yehi
Tum jo mera saath do
Sare gum bhola ke
Jee lu muskuraake zindagi..
(twinkle get up Kunj twirling her.)
Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath
(Kunj kissed on her hands give her flowers. Twinkle just smiling and others too. )Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath
I get this feeling now
I cannot wait no longer
I know your love will keep me happy
Will keep me stronger
I get this feeling now
I cannot live without uou
I know your love’s the only one so true
Rahoon mein tanha hoon saath le chal yun
Sang tere safar poora karu
Rahoon mein tanha hoon saath le chal yun
I get this I get this
Sang tere safar poora karu
Kya kahun aye zindagi
Tu hai meri saans
Rehna tu paas har ghadi
Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Tu bas de de mera saath
Tu bas De de mera saath…
(Kunj dancing with twinkle )
Twinkle:Tujhko jo paaya to hai yeh lagta kyun Baahon mein bas teri mehfooz hoon
( twinkle cupped his face caress his face)
Tujhko jo paaya to hai yeh lagta kyun
Baahon mein bas teri mehfooz hoon
( she rest her head on his shoulder.)
Kunj: Tum bano saaya mera zindagi mein aao.. ( Kunj lifted her ) twirling her)
Zindagi Bitaao bas yehi
Tu dede mera saath tham le haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat
Later they all stand up and went in sea playing with water.: Tu bas de de mera saath Tu bas de de mera saath
Baby, Come, stand by my side
Come n be my guide in life
O i’ll be what you want me to be
I’ll give all my love in whole of my life
Baby come n be my guide in life
( Kunj cuddles twinkle tightly) song end. All clap for Kunj.
Asha: amazing kunj.
Sofi: yeah twinkle you are really lucky to have husband like kunj..
twinkle:true.side hugged him. After sometime later everyone started going back to their homes. All get hell tried after so much fun spending gala time.
Twinkle: Kunj this bday is best bday of my.
Kunj: glad you like it twinkle.
Twinkle:what I like infected I loved how can you manage this all.. party was amazing let’s go home.
Kunj: yeah. They both sit in their car left for home. Soon they reached Sarna Mansion. Kunj and twinkle come out of the car.
Kunj: twinkle you go I’ll come.
Twinkle: okay fast.. twinkle went upstairs goes in her room. Twinkle open the door she went inside the room and find lights was off. Twinkle on the lights find many gifts place on bed..

twinkle: aww kunj again.So many gifts.
Twinkle started open the gifts. She finds one Burberry hand bag.And Gucci perfumes all her favourite brands things..
twinkle: everything is best.she kissed on gifts. She smirked and went in washroom. Later Kunj come in room find nobody is in room.
Kunj:twinkle where are you. Kunj eyes went in side see twinkle standing in corner. Kunj shocked to see her. His eyes travel down on her bare legs. She just covering herself till her thighs. Kunj started rubbing his eyes. That he didn’t see any dreams..
Kunj: did I drink so much. Twinkle heard this and laugh. She moved towards him. Kunj going backwards. Stop due to door. Twinkle locked the door. And winked at Kunj.

Twinkle: why so shocked.
Kunj: what is this twinkle.
Twinkle: went near his ears. Small return gift for you 😝😝she blushing at the same time.Twinkle wearing whit shirt.
Kunj: means.
Twinkle:understand na.. Kunj pulled her toward himself..
Kunj: tu samja na..before kunj speak more twinkle sealed his lips with hers.. Kunj don’t get time to reacted.. twinkle kissing him. Later Kunj too they both started kissing each other’s passionately.both showering their love on each other’ much they loved each other’s.later they break the kiss due to oxygen.twinkle didn’t look at Kunj and get shy and went in side. She removed her shirt while closing her eyes.Twinkle wearing black lingerie looking hell hot in this. Kunj eyes pop out to see her.kunj starred sweating to see twinkle in this bold look. He looks at her with love desire.. went near her give her back hugged..
Kunj: what is this.. twinkle was hell nervous..
Twinkle: you want to see me in this so..
flash back.. Kunj went for shopping with Yuvi. They both went in victoria secret shop.Kunj see this lingerie and buy for twinkle.. Kunj come home and give to twinkle. She open the box and find lingerie and look at Kunj.
Twinkle: what is this..
Kunj: you know very well what is this I want to see you in this please wear it for me tonight.
Twinkle: in blushing I can’t kunj I feel shy.
Kunj: no one is in room (expected) than me twinkle please.
Twinkle: nope.. flash back end..
twinkle: that’s why I wear it..
Kunj: why so suddenly that day toh you can’t.. how??
Twinkle: you fulfilled my all wishes so even I too yours . Kunj touch twinkle her body cold like ice cubes..
Kunj: then why you so nervous. Look at me.Twinkle turned her towards himself. Twinkle closing her eyes. Kunj smiled too see her shyness..
Kunj: open your eyes you look hell hot twinkle. You’ll not escape from me.😂😍😝.. you make me sweat god
Twinkle: who wanted escape from you.,
Kunj: acha ji.Kunj turned her hairs perfect body you have twinkle.. This cheeks Ufff. Kunj kissed on her cheeks bite them too. Twinkle clutch Kunj Tshirt.Kunj see his effect on her.Kunj moving his finger on her body sensually twinkle taking hot breath..
Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck hook. Started kissing her wildly.twinkle enjoying his sweet torture. Moaning his name just. Kunj lifted her in his arms take her towards bed and place her on the bed come top of her.Twinkle look at him. Kunj kissed on his forehead Kunj see the time.
Kunj:again happy birthday.sealed her lips with his.Twinkle rubbing kunj hairs smoothly.Both nibbling each other lips.
Kunj hands traveling on twinkle body. Kunj cupped twinkle face.
Kunj: I don’t know my siyappa Queen is so bold😂😂😝😝😜.teasing her.
Twinkle:you are so bad.Twinkle bite his cheeks.Kunj too bite her earlobe’s.soon they both are undress.Kunj started showering his love on her.They entangled their legs and hold each other hands.Kunj dig his face in her neck making her moan his name kunj teasing her on her lips. Playing with her lips.Twinkle garb his lips bite him hard.. Kunj too.Kunj didn’t leave single place on her body.Both become wild 😜.give each other love bites Soon room filled with pleasurable and moans and groans.Both get busy in each other’s. Again become two body one soul. Scene freezes on their face..
END Episode…
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