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Living Together (RagSan SS) shot-15

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5days passed..neighter sanskar cme office nor he try to meet ragini…ragini sat in her room nd watching her ring which sanskar made her wear…
She thinks y im thinking about sanskar ,tomorrow my marriage with sravan..i have to move on not for my sake for my parents nd their happiness…it was good sanskar stood on his promise…enough ragini..dont feel wk…she took deep breath…She removed the ring wiping tear drop on her cheek nd throws it away…

@Nxt Day
Groom sat in mandap ,janki makes ragini sit beside him..pandit ji begins to chant mantras…they took 7pheras..he filled her hairline with sindhur nd tied mangalsutra on her neck..ragini looks at her parents who looks so happy ,she wiped her tears nd says to herself my parents are happy that enough for me…but she only knw how much pain she was going through..
Pandit declared they are husband nd wife now nd asked them to take blessings from elders…ragini jst stood beside him lifeless where sravan stood unmoved..pandit again askd go nd take blessings..ragini looks at her parents nd steps forward but still he stood unmoved..ragini looks at him, He removed his sehra nd all shocked to see sanskar instead of sravan(expected right😀😀 i dont knw how many times i do marriages like this ..sorry for that😊😊 )
Sanskar looks at her determined..
Ragini was in mixed emotion she was angry bcz he married her cheating all..she was in pain as again sanskar brk her trust breaking his promise nd he again became the reason for her parents unhappiness ,who are till then happy…
Shekhar(shouts):what the hell u did..where is sravan..
He supposed to go towards Sanskar..
Ragini:wait dad…i will talk to him..u no need to take any tension..i wont accept this marriage..
Shekhar stood there giving a nod ro ragini.
Ragini(she looks at sanskar who was looking at her):what u said to me nd what u did sanskar..u again brk my trust sanskar..again..really shame on u ..

Sanskar:i tried ragini..i tried myself..But i couldn’t ragini i couldn’t able to stop loving u..i couldn’t able to forget u..i couldnt avle to live without u..i really need u in my life ragini…(he said expressing his all emotions through his tears)
Ragini:so u married me like this…do u know the meaning of marriage sanskar..u took 7pheras with me ,do u knw what does it meant..u agreed for everything for what pandit ji askd,do u knw what that means…that meas u have to promise me nd my parents that u would make me happy lifelong..u have to be with me in every situation whether it is good or bad..mainly u have to keep trust on me..But u knw, u are not worth of those promises..bcz u only knw how to break promises,dont knw how to stand on promices..
Sanskar:I really dont knw when i took pheras nd those mantras meaning..But now i promising ragini..i promise to u nd ur parents..i will keep u happy lifelong ,i will be with u in everyone situation..nd i have trust on u ragini…i will never ever hurt u ragini…
Ragini:u said easily but u cant do that sanskar..u cant..
Sanskar:give me once chance ragini..
Ragini:no sanskar..
Saying she about to wipe her sundhur but stopped hearing sravan voice who askd her to wait..
All turns at sravan..
Sravan:give him one chance ragini..
Ragini shocked to hearing sravan..
Sravan moves towards shekhar nd janki..
Shekhar:what u r saying sravan beta..
Sravan:u have trust on my words naa uncle..
Shekhar nodded..
Sravan:he loves her unconditionally uncle…nd ragini too..did u observe ragini from last 5days ,she was smiling but not from her heart ,she was jst staying with us but heart fully..
Ragini:but sravan
Sravan (stops her):no need to tell anything ragini..and this sanskar ,first i was also angry by his behaviour ,but later i realized his passion towards her..i met him yesterday in his house.. It was filled with ragini memories..give him a chance to proove his love uncle..
Shekhar:but i dont have trust on him sravan beta…what if he again hurt her..what if he again brks his relation with her..
Sravan:if anything happend luke that ,i will be with her uncle..

Shekhar looks at him surprised..
Sravan:haan uncle..i love her i want her happiness only..trust me..i hope sanskar wont brk his promise this time…
Sanskar nodded giving thankful smile to sravan..
Shekhar:ok beta..i want to give him a chance..
Ragini looks at him shock..
Sanskar:thank u so much uncle..
Ragini:but papa
Sravan:u agreed to marriage with me for ur dad onl naa.now he only gives a chance to sanakar ,cant u give chance to him..
Ragini looks at sanskar who looks at her with so much of love….
Sravan:now leave all..take blessings…sanskar hugs sravan nd thanked him..sravan smiles ns goes to his parents to convince them who srood over there for understanding anything…
Ragsan took blessings from shek janki..they didnt say anything to sanskar ,they jst looks at him with stern face..janki kissed her forehead..shekhar caresses her face nd asks her to take care..but still they are scares to sent her with sanskar ,ragini can understand this…
Sanskar:i will take care of her uncle no need ro worry .
Shekhar:if u again hurt her..then i dont knw what will i do..
Sanskar:i wont give that chance to ne uncle..thanks for giving me a chance..
Later ragini bidai got over…
Ragsan wr in car…both kept silent..sanskar was very happy…ragini was not sure whether he able to keep his promises or not…
They reached sanskar home..
She doesn’t say anything..
Sanskar:dont u talk to me..
Without giving any reply she goes to washroom..sanskar stood helpless..

NIVE:ha ha im really big lazy bug😂😂😜..

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