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Kidnapped… Swasan ts part-2 by Secret

Hey friends… Sorry for late update. Here is the next part of this ts…
Precap- Sanskar is kidnapped from his wedding with Sonali.

In the house where Sanskar is captivated…
Sanskar came in his sense and started to struggle to get free from the ropes which were used to tie him with chair. He were shouting for help but no one came there to help him. Soon he heard a door opening sound. He kept quite and listen the foot steps coming towards him. Soon the black cloth which was covering Sanskar’s eyes got removed by someone. The light was dim in hall, Sanskar didn’t face any problem in adjusting his eye sight. As soon as his vision was clear, he saw a person standing in front of him. He was wearing a black mask on his face.

Person – are you okay?
San- who are you? Why had you brought me here?
Person – you are asking typical questions people asked after getting kidnapped. And i am not gonna answer them like a typical kidnapper. Hehehe…
San- are you mad or what? Leave me okay. You don’t know who i am.
Person – i know you are Sanskar Maheshwari whom we have kidnapped from his mansion that too on his wedding day. Huff.. It was fun btw.
San- oh stop it. Tell me what do you want.
Person – sorry I am not allowed to talk with you much. My boss will handle you. Now let me inform my boss.

Saying this he came near to sanskar and tied that black cloth on his eyes again. Sanskar tried to fight back but he was tied. After covering his eyes, that person started to bound his ropes tightly again which were loosed by Sanskar struggle. When Sanskar felt that person’s head is near his head, he smashed his head on that person’s head in order to hurt him. That person’s nose get hurted in this process. He slapped sanskar head on his head and went out cursing him under his breath.
In mm….

Swara went in where Sonali’s wedding was going on with Rahul. RagLak had informed all mf and gf that swara also knew about sanskar’s missing now. All family members could see tension on swara’s face. Swara came near to dp who was trying to look happy and normal to guests.
Swara- bade papa. I need to talk with you.

Dp excused himself from guests and came with swara.
Swara- what’s going on here bade papa. I know Sanskar is not here. Plzz do something about it.
Dp- what can i do beta. We don’t even know why he went away like this on his wedding day.
Meanwhile Sujata came from behind.
Suj- i know. This girl is behind Sanskar’s missing…

Swara’s face got all pale on this statement. She looked complete shocked.
Swa- what are you saying mom. How can i be behind it.
Suj- i know he had ran away because he still love you. Even after your divorce with him, he still loves you.

Dp- he would have never divorced swara if he had left feelings for her in his heart. He himself made the decision of divorcing her and marry sonali.

Swara’s heart fall in pit of her stomach as again she heard the reality of her life. Her husband whom she love like her life, didn’t love her and wanted to marry another girl.
Swa- this is not the situation to discuss about it. We have to find Sanskar.

Suj- yes. What if he is in any danger.
Dp- your right. If we will not get any clue about him till morning, we will go to police.
Meanwhile a random guest came there asking if everything was okay. They all noded in yes went back to join the guests.

Soon the marriage was done. RagLak took Sonali and Rahul in Sanskar’s room. Guest started vanishing slowly from the function.

In Sanskar’s room…
RagLak had went down while leaving sonali and Rahul alone. Sonali was sitting on bad all tired. Rahul came near her and hugged her tightly. He tried to kiss her when she pushed him away slowly.
Rahul- what’s this sweetheart. We are married now. Still you are pushing me away from you.
Sonali- everything is so messed up and your thinking about romance. You duffer…
Rahul- hey don’t call me that okay. My one plan have solved all our problems and your calling me duffer.

Sonali- oh hello. Don’t praise yourself. It’s SANSKAR’s plan which have solved all of our problems in one move.
Rahul- ya your right. I have to accept that your friend is intelligent.
Flash back….

Two months ago Everything was running okay in mm, for them at least. RagLak were together but SwaSan were not together. Their divorce case was in court. All family members have tried their level best to make sanskar understand not to divorce swara. He didn’t listen to anyone. RagLak had tried to bring SwaSan close but they failed too. Sanskar wanted to punish swara and he chosen this way. It was hurting him too but he was too much anger to feel anything. Till morning most of the guest had went but the tension in mm had grown up more. Meanwhile Prateek’s alliance was came for uttara and mf accepted it. When uttata’s would be mil sushma, saw the money of maheshwaries. She was blind folded by greed. According to her, Prateek’s life was going to get set after his marriage with uttara and she wanted her daughter’s life to get set too. In some meetings, Uttara and Prateek fall hard for each other.

When Sushma came to know about it, she took it as a chance and put a demand of Sanskar’s marriage with her daughter sonali even after knowing that her daughter loved someone else. At first Sanskar and Maheshwari family refused it. Even Uttara decided not to marry prateek if it caused his brother’s pain. Sanskar knew about her sister’s pain but he didn’t wanted to marry anyone. One day he received a call from sushma, who told her to meet her daughter for once and think about his decision again. Sanskar got ready to meet her daughter.

Next day Sanskar went in a hotel to meet Sushma’s daughter where he got to know that Sushma’s daughter sonali was none other then her one of the close old friend Sonali whom he love a lot. Sonali was not alone there. Her boyfriend Rahul was with her too whom she loved a lot and wanted to get married with him. She told all the things to Sanskar that how her mother was pressurising her to get married with Sanskar just for money.

She even told her that if she will marry Rahul without her family’s permission, they will do something very bad with them. Here a plan came in Sanskar’s mind. Sanskar, Sonali and Rahul trio made a plan by which they can end all the problems in one go. The plan was that first Sanskar will say yes for his marriage with sonali then they both will pretend to be in close in front of all so sushma will think that they really want to get married. Somehow they will convence their Families for sonali, Sanskar and uttara, prateek’s marriage on the same-day. On the marriage day, they will create some trouble by which both marriages couldn’t be done on the same time. Sonali will ask Uttara and prateek to get married first.

Meanwhile Sanskar will run away from mm. When everyone will came to know about his missing, they will certainly do something to save their image. Now the problem was that who give the idea to make rahul sit in mandap on Sanskar’s place. SO they took Rp, Somehow they convinced him for helping them. Sanskar will comeback after some days and will say that someone had kidnapped him and he had ran away with difficulty. Finally they had a plan by which everyone will be happy at the end. Uttara and prateek’s will be married happily and Sonali and Prateek’s marriage will be done with everyone’s wish.

They all started behaving as their plan….
Fb end…

Rahul- huff… This all time was so tough yrr. I knew that you and sanskar were just acting to be close with each other but still i used to feel bad.
Sonali- oh come on love. It was just drama. I love you and you only. Btw you know sometimes i feel so bad for swara.
Rahul- swara, Sanskar’s ex-wife. Right??
Sonali- yes. I think she still love Sanskar. I have seen pain in her eyes whenever she saw me and Sanskar together.
Rahul- may be but why would she have divorced him so easily when she love him.
Sonali- i don’t know. I just pray to God to give all happiness to Sanskar what he wish for. After all he has done a lot for us.

Some hours later..
All the guest had went away. Even Gadodia Family had left before some hours. They asked Swara to come with them but She refused to go with them as she wanted to be here with mf to know about Sanskar. Whole maheshwari family was sitting in hall with tension and confusion. Sushma is continuesly blabbering that how Sanskar ditched her daughter and leave her in mandap. Swara was pissed off by her actions but she was somehow controlling herself. Dp broke his silence and said that he was going to talk with police about Sanskar. He didn’t wanted to waste more time. Ram and Rahul got a bit shocked when they heard about police. They even tried to stop dp but he was not ready to listen anyone. Even sujata, Ragini, lakshya ap all were in his favor. Suddenly landline phone ranged and ap went to receive that.

On the other side the same person who was with Sanskar spoke…
Person – hello. Is this maheshwari mansion?
Ap- yes…

Person – oh I want to inform you that we have kidnapped your son Sanskar Maheshwari.
“what? Kidnappe” ap shouted loud. All other members including swara came near her. Lakshya on the loud speaker while the person from other side repeated his talks…
Person – yes. We have Kidnapped your Sanskar and he is in super danger. If any of you will try to contact with police, we will.. We… Yeah we will beat the sh#t out of him. Okay, bye.
Saying this he cut the call leaving everyone shocked.

Now everyone was in tension and even ram and Rahul was a little tensed but they ignored it, as they thought that Sanskar had asked someone for this fake call. An idea popped up in Lakshya mind and he asked everyone to check the cctv footage as they had put cctv camera around the mm cause the security reasons during marriage. Swara who was worried after the call supported him. Soon he brought cctv footage. When they saw the footage, they found two people taking fainted sankar out of mm from back door. One of them was looking fit and another was short in height and thin. their faces were covered with black masks. Everyone got more shocked by this. Now everyone was sure that Sanskar was kidnapped from mm by someone but the question was that why they took risk to kidnappe him from his own home that too on his marriage day. And one more thing was weird that kidnapper didn’t put any demand in front of them for his release.

Now Rahul and Rp was also confused that it’s just sanskar’s plan or someone had kidnapped him in real. Rahul went to sonali and asked her if sanskar had discussed this all as plan with her. She answered in no to him. Then they inquired in hotel where sanskar was going to stay for some days before coming back. They told them that sanskar had not even checked in there. After all this drama, Rahul, sonali and Ram were also confirmed like others that Sanskar was really kidnapped by someone but the question remained the same, “who is the kidnapper??”

Precap- revealing of real boss of sankar’s kidnapping….
Hey guys. I know it was boring. I have not thought anything while writing and have wrote whatever came in my mind according to story. Plzz vote and comment if you liked it and even if you don’t, that will help me write something good in next part. And yes, can anyone guess who is the real kidnapper???😜😜😜

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