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Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara kidnaps Niku and asks Arohi to marry Deep

Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roma brings Deeps barat. Virat stops a sikh and says you are Arohi, He says my name is jatindar singh. Roma says stop it what are you doing. Please forgive us. Chawani updates his friends. The sikh man goes. Virat says something to Deep. Niku is scared because of the fireworks. He sits under the bed. Chawani’s friend says please go from here someone will see us. He tries to tell them that he is scared of the fireworks. Deep says to Virat arohi will look for another way to come in.

Wedding starts. Deep sits in mandap.
Pandit ji starts his pooja. Virat comes to Niku’s room. He isn’t there. Virat looks everywhere. Pandit says bring the bride. Roma says I will. Chawani says you stay here I will bring her.

VIrat and Prithvi alert their security.

Chawni comes to room and sees Arohi disguised as pandit. Chawani says even I couldn’t recognize you. Arohi says where is Tara? Roma knocks on the door and says Tara hurry up. Arohi says I am coming mom. She calls Virat and says Tara is in her room. she will come in a while. Chawani calls Tara. Her phone is off. Arohi says where is Tara. She looks for Niku adn Tara.
Arohi comes to store. She sees Chawni’s friends and asks them where is niku? They tell her he was scared and ran. We ran after him but he ran somewhere. Arohi says Deep and VIrat have done this. She gets a call from Tara. Tara says its me your death. She has Niku tied. Tara says Niku is with me. She gives phone to Niku. Niku says bua… Arohi says Niku. She says don’t worry Niku I will come. She says Tara listen. Tara says now I will speak and you will listen. You thought I was an idiot. Niku is just under my knife. Arohi says don’t do anything. Do some mercy on the kid. I will come where you are. Kill me but not Niku. Tara says i don’t wanna kill you, I wanna give you pain. ARohi says what do you want? Tara says can’t you find yourself. Arohi says you want me to tell everyone truth. Tara says if I wanted to tell everyone about you I would have. But if they get to know they will kill you.
I don’t wanna give you easy death. If virat or deep kill you it will not be fun. SHe says there is bride’s dress in the bag. Go and get ready as a bride and sit in the mandap. Arohi says what?
Tara says I know you wanted me to sit in the mandap because you didn’t want to marry deep. It will be fun when deep marries you. He will marry you like he did before and that will kill you inside. Congratulates madam. Get ready before I kill Niku.

No precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

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