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Ikyawann 31st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Dada ji disapproves Susheel

Ikyawann 31st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Susheel and her family coming home. Dada ji asks Susheel what was the problem. He stops her at the door and gets a bowl to pour water. He asks her to step into it and have grahpravesh in Maayka forever. He says she has done wrong and scolded Satya, you all pampered her. Mehul says she did the right thing. Susheel says Dada ji you still think I m wrong, I made a mistake by getting married.

Dada ji asks her to shut up, she broke Shivam’s marriage and her own marriage too, Satya said right, she doesn’t know how to behave like a girl. Susheel says I did everything for Satya’s happiness, what did he do, did you see what he did, I could have ignored all his mistakes, I can’t encourage him by ignoring this mistake. He says he did right, you didn’t care for him, you don’t

know how a wife should look after her husband. Everyone stops him. Dada ji says Mehul’s daughter is wrong, she always failed, she did the same today by breaking relation, if a man seeks love out of marriage, his wife will be blamed, she has to live with this now, you will keep covering her mistakes, people will just point fingers at her. Mehul says we all will manage them and shield her, now let her in. Susheel cries and goes. They see Susheel gone and worry.

Leela stops Kali from making a call to Susheel. She says what shall I do, Susheel has broken the relation, she went like this, what’s Soumya’s fault, Satya had done wrong, Susheel shouldn’t have left home, you don’t try to pacify her. She asks Jhanno to call Satya and Soumya. Sejal says we have to call back Susheel. Leela says fine, ask Satya first, does he want Susheel back, by what right will she stay here. Satya and Soumya come. Leela asks him to tell everyone, was his intimacy with Soumya a mistake or his like. Kali says he did a mistake. Satya says yes, it was a mistake, but I don’t regret for it, I wasn’t happy with Susheel, I wanted a girl like Soumya, I hope everything is clear now. He holds Soumya’s hand. Sejal asks are you mad, you said you love Susheel. Satya says I had a bet to win and break her heart, that was my only mistake.

Sejal says marriage is not a game, you can’t hurt her feelings, are you happy now. Satya says I said what I had to say, I have the right to live happily in my life with Soumya. Sejal says you won’t be able to forget her memories. Satya gets the pics and dumps down. Vishu asks him to stop it, did he go mad. Satya burns the albums and pics. Vishu asks are you mad. Satya says I have burnt her memories. Leela and Soumya look on and smile. Vishu pours water and blows off the fire. Kali and Sejal cry. Leela says Kali, your son’s happiness should matter the most to you. Kali says he isn’t my son and goes.

Leela asks Satya is he happy. He goes. Soumya and Leela thank each other. Soumya asks for a gift. Leela asks what do you want. Susheel walks on road and thinks of Satya and Dada ji’s words. A girl runs and collides. Susheel falls. The girl says please help me. A guy comes and asks how far will you run, this is between me and my GF. Susheel says I will call police. The girl says Jatin, let me go, I can’t marry you. Susheel calls police. Jatin tries to throw acid. Susheel asks the girl to run. She falls down.

Satya asks Kaka to take Susheel’s belongings from the room. Soumya comes and cries. She says sorry Satya, your marriage broke because of me. He says Susheel and I were not made for each other, I was forced to marry her, its good you came in my life and helped me to take right decision. She hugs him and says no one has ever done this for me like you did, thanks. He says I will always be with you. Jhanno comes to them and knocks door. She signs them. Soumya says you erased some memories and should have some new too. The girl worries for Susheel and says someone call for an ambulance, please. Jatin laughs. Susheel gets up. Jatin says you got saved and this girl too, next time she can’t escape, this was just a trailer, I will show you what I can do, no wrestler will come to save you next time. He laughs. Susheel gets angry. She beats him. Jatin tries to run. Susheel slaps him a lot. People doesn’t let him run. Susheel says do you think you are a guy and can insult a girl. A man asks why did this girl come out of her house at night. Susheel asks why don’t you guys stay at home at night, why are just men right always, why can’t a girl do what she wants. She kicks Jatin down. She goes. Everyone claps.

Police comes to arrest Susheel. Inspector then arrests Jatin. Susheel says I just saved that girl’s life. Dada ji scolds her. Susheel says sorry that I came back. She locks the family and leaves. They cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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