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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu regrets to pass electricity bill

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Khoji telling about Vidyut Singh cutting the power. Chaitu likes the officer and praises him. Puttan doesn’t like the idea. Chaitu says this will be beneficial for us. Puttan says it will be big loss. Janta bumps into Puttan and asks him to save him from electricity bills. Puttan asks how did you get such a big bill, do you know much AC. Janta says no way, save me, how can bill come like this. Puttan asks him to run to electricity department and know the matter.

A letter comes. Imli doesn’t check it and says its not good to check someone’s letter. Chaitu comes home and asks them to switch on AC. He feels hot. Imli says let electricity bill, govt. will pay it. Khoji gives the news. Officers come to cut power line in Genda’s house. Genda opposes.

Khoji covers the news. Genda gets angry when they take the meters off. She says this is conspiracy of opposition, Chaitu is taking revenge. Janta goes to talk to electricity officer. He says I have no money to pay. The man says we have EMI for electricity thieves. Janta gets troubled. Chaitu says if minister also gets troubled, public’s anger will calm down. Pahelwan calls Chaitu and complains about the powercut in his house. Chaitu doesn’t help. Party workers sell power from Chaitu’s house. They say no one can cut this power line. Vidyut Singh comes there to cut the power line and take meter. Imli asks them to call Chaitu. Vidyut Singh asks them what do they do of so much electricity. Imli asks him not to touch the meter, else Malai will stop them, she is wrestling champion. He refuses to leave. Chaitu learns they are removing meter from their house.

Chaitu asks what’s happening. Vidyut says we are following your order, law should be same for everyone, this is my order. Vidyut says fine, give me order in written form, I just follow that. He removes the meter. Malai argues and gets electrocuted. They all get electrocuted while trying to save them. Ghotali gets a wooden stick and saves them. Khoji says Chaitu’s house had the power line cut, Vidyut Singh has got the meter from Chaitu’s house. He takes Vidyut’s interview.

Vidyut says Chaitu is an innocent minister, he has asked us to remove what we want, and we got this meter, this is just beginning, I warn all the electricity bills, else we will make their life slip in darkness. Janta gets a lamp and says my house can have powercut, we people can’t live present being worried for future. The man asks him to be thankful that he has power at home. Chaitu comes home and sees his family in darkness. Imli and everyone get candles. Imli starts scolding Chaitu.

Chaitu says I didn’t know they will take our power line. Ghotali says they had sent notice and mum didn’t check. Imli says I thought its not good to check someone’s letter. Chaitu asks about the bill amount. Ghotali says 40 lakhs. He asks how can this happen, even if someone is stealing power, where is Puttan. Puttan comes home. Chaitu says they have cut the power line. Puttan gifts them hand fans. Imli thanks him. Malai asks him to get electricity. Puttan says I have called Vidyut, he will come back and fix it. Chaitu refuses to meet farmers. Vidyut comes. Chaitu and Puttan say we want meter and power line back. Vidyut says we got meter, pay the bill. Puttan scolds him. Jha explains Chaitu’s name will get spoiled if he passes new order. Puttan says he has fallen in our eyes. Vidyut says sorry, we can’t do anything, we are honest officers, call us if you want to pay the bill. He goes. Chaitu says he refused to me, to CM. Jha says pay the bill else you will become tandoori.

Genda says tell the media that Chaitu is trying to kill me. Puttan says they will make you pay all the bills, your political career will be ruined.

Update Credit to: Amena

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