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Chandrashekhar 31st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra hides his friends

Chandrashekhar 31st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandra getting water for policemen. He says my mum has sent water for you all. They praise him and say we are doing this for security. Chandra asks from whom. They say from Sindhal, he is a big dacoit, maybe he comes here to loot the fields. Jagrani asks Chandra to come back. Chandra goes to her. She says if policemen see your friends, your dad will come in big trouble. He asks where will they go, there is no one in their village. She says it won’t be good to keep them here.

He says I will take them to Shambunath’s field, its safe place. She agrees. She asks Chandra to take the kids. Sitaram comes home shouting and asks for Chandra. Chandra hides his friends. Jagrani asks what happened. Sitaram says bheel kids are missing, I m scared he can go to Bheel village again,

where is he. She stops him and says you don’t go in, have water and then ask him. He says I won’t get peace till I ask him, britishers feel Sindhal is involved, but I know Chandra did this, he would have got shot. She asks him not to say this, she will ask him. He calls out Chandra and asks where did he go. Sitaram sees Chandra coming home. Jagrani asks how did he go. He shows the back door. She asks where are kids. He says don’t worry, I have hidden the kids. She says Sitaram got to know bheel kids are missing, he has a doubt on you. She asks Sitaram to see, Chandra was playing outside and came home.

Watson says find the weak kid who will speak. Sitaram scolds Chandra for doing wrong, even if he showed bravery. He says what will you do when you grow up, don’t go near the railway line, I m your father, remember. He goes. Jagrani asks Chandra to have food. He cries. He eats less to leave food for her. She blesses him. She gives food for his friends. She asks him to come soon. Gomes says we have found the weak kid and got to know about the kids, we can find them in village. Watson says why will Sindhal keep them in a village, okay dig them out. Chandra meets his friends and gives them food. Chandra thinks I will stay hungry, but not let them stay hungry. He lies that he has plenty of food. He asks them to eat. Police checks all the village house to find bheel kids. Chandra asks the kids to sleep and not be scared. Chandra leaves. Patwari’s house is also checked. Chandra comes home. Jagrani asks him to come, Sitaram has slept. Policemen come to them and ask them to open the door fast.

Watson comes to inaugurate the railway line. Sitaram scolds Chandra. Sindhal wants Chandra. Sitaram asks Chandra to leave from his house, he will never change. Chandra goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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