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Chandrakanta (Colors) 31st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandrakantha makes Veer Realize His Powers

Chandrakanta (Colors) 31st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Iravathi ties Gehna to a pole and says she knew it is her and asks to tell how did she do this. Gehna pleads she did not do anything and just wanted to escape. Chandrakantha brings Veer to their hideout. Tej and Umang asks what happened. Chandrakantha says she read in book that Veer’s condition is because Hirnasur’s blood entered Veer’s body. Umang panics that Veer tried to kill villagers, he may harm even us, let us tie him with chains. Chandrakantha asks him to calm down as Veer is not a bad energy just like when she learnt magic, she made a lot of trial and errors. Tej says that is fine, Veer tried to kill her. Veer wakes up and asks if he tried to harm her, his child is unsafe from himself. Chandrakantha says nothing like that. Veer says he killed horse and tried to kill

villagers and her, he has become a beast. Chandrakantha says nothing like that happened. Veer runs away asking not to come near him. Chandrakantha, Tej and Umang run behind him. Veer runs into jungle towards village turning into Narsimha. Tej says his body is changing, if he reaches village, he will destroy everything. Chandrakantha runs and hugs Veer tightly.

Iravathi tells Swayam that Gehna is the other rakshas. Swayam laughs and says let him test her and torturing Gehna asks where she was. Iravathi stops him thinking another powerful rakshas will wake up and will create havoc. She stops Swayam. Swayam asks Gehna again where she had gone. Gehna says he was tired of this palace and Chandrakantha’s drama, so she tries to go away. Iraavathi says that is why she befriended Chandrakantha like Bhadramaa. Gehna says no. Swayam says Gehna cannot be beast, she could not tolerate his torture. Iravathi says only Bhadramaa will tell howmuch powers Gehna has got and orders guards to bring Bhadramaa. Vaidya/doctor comes and says Bhadramaa was tortured so much that she collapsed and will need time to wake up. Iravathi says soon they will who Gehna is and if she is culprit, she will be cut into pieces and thrown into jungle.

Veer warns Chandrakantha to stay away from him, else he will kill her. Chandrakantha hugs him again and says she came to be with him. Veer continues he will kill. She says he can, she is just alive because of his love. He calms down and collapses turning back to human. Chandrakantha takes him to Vishnuji temple. He wakes up and says he is a rakshas and should not be in temple. She touché his feet and it glows. He asks what is this. She says he got immense power which he should use to kill Hirnasur as without Hirnasur, Iravathi’s powers will be less, then they can kill Iravathi easily. She asks will he help protect humanity from Iravathi. He says yes. She holds his hand and says climate is changing. Iravathi sees climate changing and says some other power is around, who has come. Chandrakantha says only Veer has got powers to kill Hirnasur. Tej says they will help Veer to end evil. Chandrakantha does Vishnuji’s pooja. Villagers walk into temple and pray with them. Tej tells people Vishnuji came as Krisnaji on earth to kill evil, once he came as Narsimha to kill evil, even now he has come as Narsimha in someone. Villagers look at Chandrakantha. Chandrakantha says it is not her, it is Veer. Villagers chant Veer’s name. Tej asks if they will support us. Chandrakantha says they should not back off at any cost.

Bhadramaa wakes up and finds herself in jail and thinks how did she come here, she is feeling different power as if a special power is around her, who must it be, let her see. She chants mantra closing eyes and sees Narsimha. She thinks Hiranya Kashyap will also come then to kill evil, this cannot happen. Guards come and drag her to Iravathi. Iravathi continues questioning Gehna and asks which Vishnuji’s boon she go. Bhadramaa says Gehna is Narsimha and she will make Gehna herself confess. She questions Gehna and makes her confess by trick.

Veer, Chandrakantha, Umang, and Tej see Drhuv’s soul who reminds how he was killed and asked Chandrakantha to live and destroy Iravathi’s evil rule. Out of flashback, he says Chandrakantha has to fight and get him also justice. They return to their hide. Umang says he is very hungry. Chandrakantha says she will get him something. Umang says he is very tired and hopes Iravathi dies soon. Chandrakantha says just like fairy tale stories, Iravathi will die and Swayam will take her place, then someone else. Umang asks w hat they should do. Chandrakantha says they should pray Narsimha ji who will get new ray of light in their life. He asks what they will do tomorrow. She says they will kill Swayam tomorrow by calling him to our place. He asks how. She cuts her finger while cutting vegetable and says she found a way to call him here, but before that they have to do what Vishnuji did in Krishna’s avatar, they also have to take their people away from here to a safe place. Umang asks how will she do this.

Precap: Chandrakantha says one shank was blown during maharabharath war and evil was killed, one more will be blown today to end evil. She blows shank. Bhadramaa says beginning has started. Veer as Narsimha runs. Swayam picks stone boulder to throw on Chandrakantha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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