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Nayi Soch Of Star Plus !!

I once used to watch yrkkh. And should I mention that I was one of those viewers who watched the kaira track from the beginning. I loved mohsin and shivangi as a couple and cherished there bonding. It was a wonderful track with ups and downs and most importantly they taught us that you could be wrong in judging someone so never be too judgmental. (naira, akshara conflict). Moreover, the young and cute love story was actually adorable. But after the marriage track I left watching the show. Ask WHY? As they made naira and kartikh the same thing I always neglect. That the leads are shown as the supernatural humans OPPSS I should say aliens who never go wrong. They are always right in doing each and every thing. For me the leads too are humans. Who too commits mistake but the thing is that they LEARN from their mistake. That’s the thing which is needed to be shown in every story. Not the perfect characters who never go wrong yet the imperfectly perfect characters who are wrong at times but they UNDERSTAND the wronged things. And CORRECT them and LEARNT from them. Then It becomes moralizing or lessoning or what they call it #THE NAYISOCH . After leaving yrkkh I started watching DIL BOLEY OBEROI. And I must say it would always remain in my heart as one of the uniquely carried serials of tellywood. A different and amazing theme. The power of friendship, the strength of a women, even if you are illiterate you can do wonders, don’t let your self esteem down were some of the thoughts wonderfully portrayed by it. The leads were fantastic in acting and most importantly they were shown as HUMANS. Not the aliens with super natural powers that they could never be wrong and they are always right in doing EACH and EVERYTHING.  If anyone else had watched the show he’d know that how the lead character Omkara was shown misjudging the lead actress by what he had seen. And his hatred towards her. Well that’s what the behavior of most of the society nowadays . We judge too quickly. And never give the others the chice of explaining themselves. Everyone has a reason behind doing every thing. But after its merger in IB the couple lacked the screen space. I don’t understand whether the writer doe sent knew how to equally gave all a good story with equal space or the producer gul khan was too obsessed with ShIVIKA. Even when the show was of an hour slot still,our couple didn’t had the exact screen space it deserved. Rarely, there were some SEQUENCES , and when I said sequence it didn’t mean a proper story. It just mean a sequence of an episode or so J And the worst part was when the rikara fans demanded a proper storyline they were bashed by shivika fans being called as the screen space stealers and much more. LIKE SERIOUSLY ? They are all the fandoms of two couples from the ver same show and still they were lacking the unity. Each fandom just wanted there own cople just to share the screem. Here I would feel proud to appreciate the rikara fandom for there humbleness. As excluding a few out of them the whole fandom waited for there scenes patiently. Calmly demanded for there screen space, and never expressed any disrespect to shivika. NOT BECAUSE I WAS FROM THAT FANDOM FOR SAKE. But because that was whats truth…!! But there was a summing up track where om expressed his love and then it all ended as if. JUST micro or nano scenes and no story. Even during the family vanvas track shivika had there own story going on but nothing for rikara or ruvya. :/ So I quit that sow too….. WHY ? as I started watching the show for rikara only if they were not getting the screen space they deserve why the hell should I watch the serial then. Its defiantly not okay with the rikara scenes they sould have  a proper story. And if not why should I give them the damn trp when they are not willing to give us what we want. That’s truly the reason behind ib’s trp drop. No rikara, no ruvya, no obros moments and just shivika= less trp.

I thought not to watch anything fuher. But then I came across naamkaran….. At first I thought just to watch a few episodes and to quit. But slowly and gradually it got me so much engrossed in it that I felt like not able to escape. Here I wanna appreciate the show for what makes it special……


As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been a part of yrkkh fandom and ib fandom. And anyone who becomes the art of those fandoms could clearly observe even in a week that the whole focus is tottaly on the leads. That’s the reason why kanchi singh (gayu) and rohan mehra (old naksh) left the show and ridiculously EVEN the old lead hina khan (akshara ) left the show for the same reason as she felt like there is nothing more left to be extracted out from akshara character and the whole focus is on kaira so she left the show. And here in ib the whole emphasis is on shivika. NO rikara NO ruvya. SHIVIKA SHIVIKA AND SHIVIKA…… whereas in naamkaran even the side characters are given the screen space. Be it shweta, ali, neela, riya or vidyut. All the charecters are loved because they are seen , oberserved and liked by the fans . Its not like if avni is the main lead she would the the only strong lady and will have the whole intelligence. Or  neil would not the only one with style and action an one whose plan never ot failed and the bestest example of friendship. Neela too is shown as a strong and powerful character; vidyut as a smart and cunning planner and ali and dd are true friends.


I never would say that anyone from any show doesn’t know how to act. Everyone is perfect in its own way. But when it comes about the scene its not just the acting of the charecters that is observed . The song selection, background lights, and editing matters too. Everyone from the ishqbaaz fandom  know that very well that how they faill a number of times in editing. For instance the shivaay’s car blas sequence , when anika felt like shivaay has arrived she ran towards the door.She was bare foot when she ran from her room, she reached the stair case her chappals arrived all of a sudden and disappeared again as she approached shivaay. And not to forget that scene where shivaay threw anika out of the house. They were in hall which was just after the main door. He could have dragged her from there and thown her out but he instead took her to a corridor and the to other and then to oher and after a long running dragging game he FINALLY reached the door. Where hall wwas clearly seen from behind. LIKE SERIOUSLY ? whats the need of all that long route. Instead in nk every minor point is carefully layed out. They never start a track and leave it in mid as in ishqbaaz.


As I mentioned before in other serials the leads are shown as supernatural charecters who never ever fail. But here in naamkaran its not like that. Avni too failed in her plans either it be breaking riya’s marriage (it was neela ‘s plan to stop it avni tried her level best but didn’t succeed), leaving india, jil break or anything. Neil to committed mistakes like trusting on juhi, not thinking before accepting mihsti as his child. YES they are intelligent, YES they are courageous, YES they are daring enough. But success is gained by walking on a path full of failures. Its not earned in one go. And that is shown in every aspect either it be catching pandit for her women tracking business, catching vidyut, proving avni’s innocence, catching dayawanti Mehta, or even neil leaning the truth of ananyas’s identity.


Well that’s something ill respect the nk team always. The way they portrayed the meaning of an ideal relationship. Its not neil or avni being super humans but being sensible humans. Actually being a true MAN. “A true man is that who respects his women before loving her” and that’s what an ideal man or husband should be. In ib I hated the fact when shivaay called anika characterless just because his friends told him that anika slept with him. I ask them a question. Shivaaay loved anika right ? ISHQBAAZ..!! Why didn’t he slap him right in his face? Why he questioned annika ? The same applies wih omkara. He had a phone call. He went for clearifiation and found gauri and arjun’s name in the 3rd class hotel’s room. Didn’t he thought for once that there could be any other girl too. Is that the name of his wife only in the whole world. Both were ishqbaaz but both didn’t trust instead called their wives pr*stitutes nearly. To be honest at that time I was an ishqbaazian and still I felt disgusted. If I were gauri or anika I never in my life would forgive for calling me such . How dare he ? How dare he question my purity ? And that too without any solid proof. If that is what love is I would prefer to f**k it off. Whereas in NK neil saw avni with ali still he stood by his side. He loved her but firstly he trusted her, he respected her. He knew she would never betray till she is his wife. She went against the whole family for his wife. Isnt that what you call love ?


I am basically a reader. Not a viewer. The dramas am watching is just to learn the culture of different countries. Like I watch Korean and trukish and Chinese dramas too. For me a story, an actuall story either it’s a story of a drama or a book is one that delivers a message, that teaches us something . Without these two things I don’t consider it as a true story. And sadly nowadays one out of three dramas are only expressing the true story. And in the whole world wither it be Korean dramas, Turkish dramas, Pakistani dramas, Indian dramas or any other. For Indian dramas I found NK the one of the ongoing serials which truly have a story…… It tells us not just the importance of relationships but how to maintain the relationships and even if your dear ones do something wrong how o handle with it. How every problem has a solution. How to overcome your fears. How to win someone’s trust (not by typical love saga, not every one can love you yar, ) and some self defence techniques ( ill use them if needed :P) and most importantly never be too quick in giving a response. There always is a way…….

If anyone find me bashing the yrkkh or ib fandom then I’d like to clear that ONCE I was to a part of it. Its not like I have hatred for them now its just a criticism that I wanted to do for heaven’s sake that I wanted to raise my voice as I still wanted them to be the same shows they were once used to be. Please CVS don’t spoil the shows. I know u care for it even more then when do but still the thing is sometimes being too muh obsessed drowns you. And mostly I wanted to appreciate the NK cast and creatives and most importantly Mahesh bhat fo their excellent performance and the excellent show….. 😉

Haters please stay away…..!!

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