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Do you like Meri Durga’s current track?

Star Plus’ Meri Durga has got a much needed dramatic track. Sanjay and Durga’s love story got a boost when he started believing in her. Sanjay has always been blindly falling in his parents’ words. He has done much injustice with Durga and her family. He never imagined Durga could be right on her stand. He refused to believe all the evidences shown by Durga to him in the past. Sanjay has now realized his love for Durga. His belief and respect for Durga got revived after their confrontation. He starts doubting on the sting operation’s truth. He wants to verify if Durga has really played a game with his parents, or was she the victim in that case.

Sanjay gets spying on his mother. He learns Gayatri’s past. He unravels the mystery after knowing Gayatri is the famous athlete Jassi. Sanjay decides to reach to the roots of the matter. He visits the sports academy where Jassi was once a champion. He goes through some old records to know the reason behind Jassi’s career going abrupt. Durga doesn’t want Sanjay to know about Jassi’s shameful act. She promises Gayatri that she will not let Sanjay lose belief in his mother. Durga will try to stop Sanjay from learning the entire truth. The track will get interesting with more revelations. Do you like Meri Durga’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

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