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You are only mine- ragsan- part 8

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Let’s start.

@xyz company

It was 12 nun. Both karsan were having coffee taking a break.

San: it’s 12 Karan.

Kar: so?

San: few hours over from 48.

Kar: remaining hrs also will pass like this. Don’t wry.

San: hmmmm. Hope so.

After an hr sanskar’s sir calls him. He went to his cabin.

San: may I come in sir?

Sir: come sanskar. I’ve to Tel u something.

San: yes sir.

Sir: actually sanskar. Rite now we r facing some problems regarding fresher. yesterday only our one team got less popularity in its work. if it happens we won’t b able to grow our company.

San: (confused) I didn’t understand sir.

Sir: rite now we can’t give job for ur bro. So no need of training also. Sry sanskar. M helpless.

San: gets sad.: It’s ok sir. No prob.

Sanskar comes outside. Just then he heard he’s sir talking in phone with someone.

Sir: I did as u said. Plz don’t cancel our deal.

Sanskar gets angry. He understood that it’s all done by Ragini. He left to Sinha company from there.

@sinha company

Sanskar enters Ragini cabin where she was sitting holding some file.

San: so this was ur trick. U can’t win over me. U think ull snatch my bro job and I’ll come to u. U r wrong. I’ll get best job for him.

He leaves and Naina enters. She sees sanskar going.

Nai: wat was that Ragu? Wat u did?

Rag: nothing. This is Just a simple one.

Nai: enough now. Tel wat u did and wat u r going to do?

Rag: leave it naina.

Nai: if u don’t Tel I’ll never talk to u. She said in serious tone.

Ragini luks at her for few seconds. She bends her head down. Naina goes near her sees her face. Her eyes were little teary.

Nai: m so sry Ragu. I.. I really dint mean it. M concerned about u. Plz forgive me.

Rag: (first time with little smooth voice) naina. U very well knew that u, mom and dad r my world. Then also?

Nai: I didn’t mean it Ragini. Now a days u r doing such things that make me scared. I don’t want u to take any wrong step. Atleast u can share with me.

Ragini dint reply.

Nai: ok. I know that u love sanskar. And u want to marry him. M happy abt that. But u shud tell whatever u’ll do? Ok?

Rag: ok.

Nai: now tell wat u did?

Ragini tells her everything.

Rag: not only this. I still did many things.

Nai: like?

Rag: (muted)

Nai: wat? Call now and fix it correct whatever u did.

Rag: it’s already late. Everything is executed. I’ll never hurt sanskar. How can I think of hurting him. Only these few hrs. Just let him come to me. Plz Naina

Nai: after a little pause. Ok. But..

Rag: pls just let him come to me once. Plz.

Nai: ok.

Nai in mind: Ragini first time after these many days I saw little softness in u. Reason for this is sanskar. These hrs I’ll not stop u. After this I’ll not let u take any wrong step. But once sanskar enters ur life, m sure that he’ll change u. Sanskar pls bear whatever will happen for sake of Ragu.


Sanskar comes with full anger. Seeing him Karan asks

Kar: wat happened sanskar? Y u went suddenly like that. I tried to stop but u went.

San: tells everything. I didn’t even think that she’ll use my bro. Coz she knows that she can’t do anything on me.

Kar: calm down. This is not single company in whole world. Then y u worried.

San: ya. U r rite. But just yesterday only I told him abt his job. He’s so happy. How can I tell him?

Kar: don’t wry. M with u. Come let’s go home. I’ll come with u only.


They reached home. They direct went to laksh room. There they saw him crying.

Sanskar ran to him: lucky wat happened? Y r u crying? Is everything ok?

Laksh hugs him and cries.

San: tell lucky. Stop crying.

Lak: Bhai, vo, swara…

San: swara ? Wat happened to her?

Lak: u know na Bhai that we love eachother very much. I don’t know wat happened to her. She called me at nun and told that she doesn’t love me and she’ll marry with someone next week. I can’t live without her Bhai. Plz do something.

San: ok . Ok. I’ll talk with her. She loves u only and she’ll marry u only. Don’t wry I’ll talk with her.

Karsan made him sleep and comes out.
San: wat happened to swara Karan. She was never like this before. I need to talk with her.

He called swara but she dint receive.

San: Karan let’s go and talk to her. She’s not receiving call. I can’t see lucky like this. Swara is his life.

Kar: ok. Come.


@swara home

They enter home calling swara.
She comes from her room.

Swa: y r u shouting?

San: swara y din’t u receive my call? And wat happened between u and lucky?

Swa: nothing. We broke up.

San: wat? R u in sense? Wat r u saying? U both love eachother. U can’t sleep without saying gn to him. Now wat happened suddenly?

Swa: nothing happened. I told na it’s over. Means over. Nw don’t disturb me.

San: with whom u r going to marry?

Swa: it’s my life, my wish.

San: u trapped a rich u left my lucky. U r so che..

Swara was abt slap. Karan holds her hand. Karan sees her eyes. They’re seems like she had cried a lot.

Kar: swara. I know u r lying. There’s something which is bothering u. Tell wat?

Swa: trying to hide. Nothing.

San: please, for Lucky’s sake.

Swa: she started crying. Actually at morning I got a call. I don’t know who was that. He threatens me that if I will b with lucky, then he’ll harm lucky.

San: how can u take such call serious? It may be a prank.

Swa: I too thought that only. But when I and lucky were going to coffee shop, lucky went to parking place. There someone attacked him. Thankgod nothing happened to him. Now u only tell, hw can I harm my lucky. He’s my life. I can stay away for him if it’s for his good.

San: now stop crying. Don’t b like kid. We will find out who’s he.


Karsan were thinking deeply, who’s the enemy of swalak. But they’re not getting clue.

Kar: it’s 8pm. Let’s go home.

San: u stay with me only Karan.

Kar: don’t wry. Till matter get solved I’ll stay with u only.

They started to go. But suddenly sanskar stopped.

Kar: wat happened?

San: I think I know who’s behind this.

Kar: who?


Done with this part. How’s this? Frns, as I said Ragini will not remain same. There are some twists and turns in thier life.

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