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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudha learns a lesson

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raman saying thanks inspector. Ishita says thanks, I respect you more. Inspectir says very few men respect women in this world, this is my duty, I m just a call away. He goes. Raman salutes Ishita and says you did great work, the way you supported our daughters, people think daughters are a burden, they can become saviors too. Ishita asks Rohan and Karan to do the work, wash the utensils again, your mom isn’t coming to work, go fast.

Mihika asks whose bags are these, pick these, there is no place to keep things. Rohan and Karan say its our bags, we need our stuff. They get the bags. Raman and Ishita ask them to show what did they get. Raman says Simmi, its really bad clothes. Karan says its designer stuff. Rohan says its my suit. Simmi calls watchman. Watchman

says clothes look costly. Karan says yes. Rohan says this is my fav. raman says take all the clothes away. Rohan asks what will we wear. Raman says we got designer clothes for you. Simmi says surprise. Raman says close your eyes. Simmi throws clothes on them and says don’t fight, keep what you like. Ruhi and Aaliya laugh. Rohan says this pyjama and vest. Simmi says it will be comfortable when you work. Simmi says I have decided the work for you two. Raman asks them to get out.

Mr. Bhalla reads news. Simmi says Bhalla family have kept two servants without salary. They laugh and shout Rohan… Rohan comes. They give him much work. Rohan asks anything else. He goes. They laugh. Rohan works in kitchen. Sudha and Kaushalya come. Karan sees them and says mom.. Sudha says who is this dirty guy, signing towards me. He says mom, its me. Sudha says Karan… He says stay away, I m smelling bad. Sudha pities him.

Kaushalya asks where is Rohan. Simmi asks Rohan to wash utensils again. She gets joking. Driver gets gifts from Sudha’s side for her sons. Simmi says I will see how good is your tea. Rohan says its really good, try it. Mihika asks where is Karan. Rohan says he is washing the cars. Mihika says go out and clean the hall. Sudha comes. Rohan hugs her and says save us please, they make us do all the work, take us home. Sudha says shut up, Raman, Ishita, how dare you do this with my sons. Ishita says its their Sasural, not Maayka. Sudha asks have you brought them here to make them work. Ishita asks what’s the big deal, does anyone ask this to girls. Sudha says don’t you cross your limits.

Raman says its their Sasural, your misbehavior will be bad for them, I think you should go. Kaushalya says come with me. Sudha gets hiccups. Karan gets water. Ishita stops Karan and asks Aaliya to put water in the flower pot. She asks Sudha to go, she has met her sons well. Sudha turns to go. Ishita says take the gifts back, we don’t accept dowry. Simmi asks Sudha to take gifts and go. Sudha and Kaushalya go. Simmi stops Rohan and Karan, and asks them to work. Kaushalya says I told you, they won’t take gifts, I didn’t imagine Ishita would do this, poor kids, I think they learnt this from you, they are doing the same now. Sudha says shut up, you decide on whose side are you, Raman and Ishita can’t do anything, what they are doing with my sons, I will not forget, I will make sure that they pay for their mistakes, I still own 51% percent shares, I will torture Raman as my sons are tortured, and then Ishita will understand. She calls someone and asks him to do some work. She says its time for payback Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says my geyser isn’t working, call the electrician. Simmi says Rohan and Karan will arrange hot water for you. Ruhi asks Karan to keep hot water in Mrs. Bhalla’s bathroom. He asks why, is there no geyser. Ruhi says just do what you are told. Karan goes. They laugh. Amma comes and says you forgot we have to go to Pammi’s house. Aaliya says you can go to Kirtan later, you won’t have this fun later. Mihika says just join the fun. Ishita says Sudha can do anything, I m trying to call lawyer. Raman says we are more than prepared to tackle her. She says she is evil, she is planning something, if she harms you… we should be prepared. He says enough, till we are together, Sudha can’t do anything, she can’t even get to me. She says I will file a restraining order against her. He says she would also worry for her sons, if she does something, we will see her, you ruin my confidence, stop it now. He gets some call. He says right now, fine, I m coming. She asks what happened. He says Sudha has called some people for the meeting. She says you won’t go. He says I will be fine. She asks him to be careful.

Rohan says Sudha has planned revenge on Raman and Ishita. Ishita says she has put allegations on you. Sudha asks don’t you know about the worker’s death, if labor union knows about it, your company will be locked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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