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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir fools Roop and Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rupesh and Kanchan coming to Shamsher’s house. Kamla gets happy and welcome them. She asks about Rupesh’s health. Kanchan says he is better now. Kanchan says we should have come before to do this rasam and apologizes. Rupesh says we are samdhi and should have done this rasam before. Bua asks whose Samdhi. Roop and Ishika come to a picnic spot. Ishika says this place is beautiful. Roop says less than you. Ishika smiles and asks if rose idea was of the doctor. Roop says yes. Ishika says we will have pani puri first and then will go for outing. Ishika asks Roop to have it. Roop asks her to eat. Ranvir comes behind them. Roop turns, but doesn’t see him. Ishika says it is spicy. Roop says I will bring water. Ishika asks him to go. She sees echo point. Ranvir

thinks it will be fun.

Bua tells them that Shamsher didn’t accept Ishika as his bahu, and tells that he kicked Roop out of the house along with Ishika. Kamla tries to stop Bua, but Bua tells that Shamsher asks Roop and Ishika not to step inside his house again. Kanchan and Rupesh are shocked. Bua says Roop got married to his brother’s would be wife, but Shamsher taught them a good lesson. Rupesh says we must have done some good deeds that we got son in law like Roop. He asks can’t we start afresh? Shamsher comes and throws the gifts brought by them. He asks them not to have any hopes of relation between them. He asks Kinjal to give water to them. Kanchan and Rupesh fold their hand. Shamsher says it is good and takes Rupesh’s wheel chair out. Kamla says they came for the first time after marriage. Shamsher asks them to go. He asks Kamla if she called them and warns her.

Ishika coming to the echo point near the lake and says it is beautiful. She shouts Ishika to hear her name getting echoed. Just then Ranvir also shouts Ishika. Ishika is shocked and looks around her. Ranvir hides from her. Then he comes near her and is about to keep hand on her shoulder, just then Roop makes Ranvir falls down by pulling him by rope. Ishika turns. Roop ties Ranvir to the tree. Ishika asks him to shout.

A fb is shown, Roop tells Ishika that Ranvir came following them and troubling her secretly. He makes a plan. He tells Ranvir that he got doubtful when hotel staff told him about Mrs. Wagela. He beats him with hand and asks when you will leave this. Ranvir tells that he came for honeymoon with his wife today itself and asks them to check the hotel room. Palak calls Roop, but his phone was off. Hardik takes call from her hand and says uncle told me everything. He asks her to stop calling Roop and says he is on his honeymoon. Palak says how to forget him. Hardik says you have to move on in your life. Palak asks I always loved him and asks what to do. Hardik asks her to concentrate on her studies and college. Palak cries.

Kanchan tells Rupesh that they went to take Shamsher’s hel, but. She says Ishika also haven’t told us. Rupesh says we was unaware of Shamsher’s anger and tells that they have to face the trouble. He calls everyone and says I want to talk to you. He says I want to give my property to you in my will and will leave the house once the will is made. Kanchan asks what are you saying? Rupesh says this is right and there is no other way. Haren Patel asks how did your heart changed suddenly. Kanchan asks what are you doing? Rupesh says I will do this and tells that he has to go to hospital today. Haren Patel asks Dhawal to take him to hospital and do paper work after coming back. Vaishnavi gets upset.

Ishika tells Roop that Ranvir fooled us and left. Ranvir brings Purvi there and asks Ishika to trust him a bit. He thanks them for inviting Purvi and him, and tells that she was feeling home sick and booked a cab. He asks did you get confuse because of this. Roop asks Purvi about injury on her hand. Purvi makes an excuse. Roop is still doubtful. Ranvir says lets have food. Roop serves food to Ishika. Ranvir tells Roop that they have imagined same situation even in childhood. He says he feels that his wife is his property and he rules on her. He tells that Shamsher teaches her this. Roop says I don’t want to be a typical husband like Papa and says even today I feel that woman is not a property and is better at work than men. He says woman shall get freedom to choose what she wants and says life is changed and she has the right to decide with whom she wants to live her life with and shall get equal rights like her husband. He says men and women are both equal. Purvi smiles. Ishika is surprised. Everyone claps for Roop in the restaurant. Ranvir shouts at the waiter. Ishika tells Roop that she doesn’t want to have food and asks Roop to come. Ranvir asks Purvi to stop them. Purvi asks Ishika to have food. Ranvir says lets have lunch like a family.

Roop asks Ishika if she is disturbed because of lunch. Ishika asks if he mean his words. She asks why she didn’t get freedom to choose. Roop says my intentions were never wrong. Ishika says she didn’t understand this. Ranvir laughs and thinks I thought they love each other, Ishika is upset with him..

Ranvir tells Roop that they shall go home altogether. Bua sees Rupesh tearing his reports. Ranvir thinks why did he tear the report.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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